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At The Starting Line...


Eric & I have pretty much finished the 'pre-production' part & we have begun working on my full-length album. I know folks have heard a lot of drum & bass (Oblique with Sabre, Stray & Halogenix , Magic In You Eyes with Bladetone) & house (Love Evolution with Nathan G, I Don't Want Love with Yse [AKA Ant Plate of Rhythm Plate fame!]) music from me recently. But this album is going to deal basically with my first true love: Soul. At least I think so. I like so much different stuff & I've written so much different stuff that part me knows to say "Ok...let's see what happens!" LOL!!! I really geeked. The plan is to have quite few of my talented friends on this. Some family, too! Nov? B? Can you hear me? LOL!!! I'm thinking between Loveshadow, Lasswell, DJ Lang, Pedro (Novie One) Nova, Ludaize, Rhythm Plate, Sabre, Halogenix, DJ 'Geli and plenty of folks that don't come to mind right now, we should come up with something really good! Fingers & toes are crossed! Stay tuned.... :)

Say Wha---?

Had an...er...interesting conversation at the Church in NJ last Sunday.

Me & my boy, Sam were waiting for Priest Vasalle to make the rounds after the service so we could head home. We were all tired and amped and excited and sleepy: simultaneously.

We finally found a place to chill out and took a seat. We had just finished performing and we were getting kudos from many of the great folks that attended the service. I've learned how to take compliments better than I used to but it can be awkward at times. I am getting better at being gracious and whatnot.

One of the folks who was profuse with praise was this friendly asian woman. She going about how were really good and she felt like she was listening to a bunch of professionals. I joked that with all the work we put in, I think we're all professions in this group. We laughed and then she went on the say something that I'm still scratching my head about.

She said, "Frank, you sound SSSOOO much like...well I'm sure you already know..." I said, "I have an idea but please, who do you think I sound like?"

Now, I've heard folks compare me to Sam Cooke, Luther, Eddie Levert, TTD and quite a few other singers that I hold in high esteem. She said (I sh*t you not), "You sound like Kenny Rogers! In his prime, of course."


How do you respond to THAT?

So Much To Do, So Little Time...

Well, this is my first posting on my Reverbnation blog. I'm brand new with this so pppllleeeaassseee be gentle with me. Still learning, still wanting to learn.

Woke up this morning basically with no voice. No need to go to my day job today since it pretty much consists of me talking on the phone. So I'm using today to be quiet, do some cleaning and try to get some of this internet stuff going on.

Good news! I'm a member of the Gospel Choir at the Rosedale Branch of the New Apostolic Church. Just found out that the gentleman who runs the NAC music department for all of the U.S. was blown away by our singing and wants us to prepare 3 songs for a new NAC CD that will be Gospel oriented. This is huge news for our group! I'm very pround of these guys and gals and it's a testament to the time and hardwork we've put into this. I feel validated in so many ways. Apostolic WHAT??? LOL! Don't mind me - inside joke...

Speaking of which, I'm trying to put together, on my own, a 4 song EP more in the R&B vein. Got people working on the cover design and trying to get my pennies together to fund this. Got more than a few people wanting my music so I'm pretending I'm an O'Jay and giving the people what they want! (Damn, that was lame...LOL!) Hopefully, I'll get this done before the year is out! I accept all spirtual currency wishing me well!

I've also been fortunate to be working with Rhythm Plate and Yse over at the deep house label, Lost My Dog Records. They are a great bunch of folks I had the chance to meet in my travelling down to Miami for the 2010 WMC. Very professional, very gracious and very much fun!! I met Nags and Pete DeFeet: 2 of the 3 folks who run the label over in the UK. The first release is something we put together called 'Guessing Games. I gotta find out where they're selling it. Found it! (http://tinyurl.com/y7ba846) You can also head over to LMD's website to check out the tune on a Dogcast (http://tinyurl.com/yefbwsa)! LOL!!!

What else? Hmmmm...Oh Yeah!

My friend, Kevin Perry & I, are putting a band together to do gigs and see where it takes us. Mostly covers at this point but there will be a few originals in the mix. Definitely gonna be posting upcoming gigs so I'll try my best to keep y'all in the proverbial mix.

Like the title says, yall - like the title says...