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Well here we are, a few month into 2010. This will be a different year for the band.

In 2009, we tried to play as much as possible, and we really cemented some of the things that we do well, to the point where we "own" grooves, jams and transitions that we do with our songs. I think that there is no practice for playing live- you just have to put in the hours.

So this year, we are being a bit more selective of where we play, and are going for more interesting shows and festivals. Having our new CD "Left For Dead" is starting to be a big help in that direction. It has been submitted to a bunch of blues radio shows and reviewers, so we will be hearing some feedback pretty soon.

I did an interview on the Northwest Convergence Zone, a music blog by some excellent peeps down in Tacoma, and we are getting some spins from Jon Stomberg's show on KSER (90.7 FM). I also have submitted the CD to the All Blues show on KPLU (88.5 Seattle)- so hit them up with a request every now and then!

I have a feeling that 2010 will present some interesting opportunities for us, so please stay tuned!