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Stats and Reviews: The Real World

In reviewing Stats for our song Miracle Mile I had to laugh and I had an amusing thought. Recently Reverbnations stats say this: 5.8 for the song. On N1M this same song hit #1 twice! It seems musicians reviewing musicians work doesn't reflect the reality of the real world; when talking to real fans the result is diff. Conclusion: stats are like critics reviews in print media and may not reflect the real world now or ever. Our songs have been streaming and playing on radio worldwide for years now. So don't count yourself out because the polls look low or oddly in the middle. James, Bristol Kids

Music is Life

Music is Life and Life is Worth Living. A little history in the USA.... Introduction to Ragtime Piano: 5 Iconic Pieces to Learn Today By James Walsh Origins In 1891, Ernie Hogan (a.k.a. Ernest Crowders) walked out of New Orleans as an innovative musician, who mixed African rhythms with American March Band Music, and to a small degree Jazz Piano style. Hogan coined the phrase “Ragtime” to describe what he was doing. Later this was incredibly important as it set people free to dance, which became modernized 1920’s party music. He created the “Ragged Piano.” This also gave birth to “Stride Piano” later known simply as Ragtime in St. Louis, New Orleans, and across the USA. source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ragtime Epic use of Folk Music, Banjo Music and March Band blended and evolved to include Ragtime Piano Style that was created by genius musician Scott Joplin, writing the Hit breakout song, “Maple Leaf Rag”. This was important for two reasons: the syncopation of the music was infectious enough to fill bars, and sell sheet music to every American and Canadian household with a piano. In today’s world, this means that sheet music with Maple Leaf Rag, and other hits like The Entertainer that sold in the 1920's, is the equivalent of the mp3 downloads today on iTunes. This translates into millions of dollars in publishing revenue. The Entertainer seems to beg to tell a story- as if the piano is talking. It is worth exploring. An On-Going Concern Ragtime Music had its fair share of piano players who were fans of Scott Joplin, and other early proponents of the popular style. Indeed throughout the hungry 30’s and wartime 1940’s it was kept alive in New Orleans and throughout the country – including, but not limited to, Colorado’s Max Morath and Eubie Blake of the “Dixie Duo” in Vaudeville Theatre in New York. Ragtime made it possible to have more styles of music that were exciting changes to come in modern popular American Music. As each decade provided changes the music kept pace; and this is why it was so groundbreaking to begin with. Later in the 1950’s and 1960’s,Max Morath pushed the style forward and created the preamble for Marvin Hamlisch’s fantastic rendition of the Scott Joplin Catalog used in 1974’s hit film The Sting, starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman. It is a fact that the music is more popular than ever due to this one Film, which stands the test of time because of the music. The music soundtrack won an Academy Award and so did the film! Not bad for a style invented in 1891 and made big by Scott Joplin’s piano playing. It is worth learning this style as it timeless. Iconic Ragtime Songs You Must Know 1. Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin: We are lucky this even exists. It is from a pianola roll played by Scott Joplin himself, found by chance years ago in the wrong box! With this song everyone stopped what they were doing and a craze for the piano style was born. Like boogie woogie piano that appeared years later in the 1950’s Ragtime Piano Playing inspired American people to dance, have fun and tell jokes and entertain each other. The emotional impact is unstoppable, and was strong enough that leisure time activities now included Ragtime Piano. If you played this style in the 1970’s revival you were the Rock Star of the Day. Its melody and rhythm are infectious and timeless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMAtL7n_-rc 2. The Entertainer – Complete Works of Scott Joplin as played by Richard Zimmerman: A treasure trove of Joplin goodies. If you listen only to the first 3 bars of this song you’re hooked for life on the style. It is so inviting…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks2OnCIhBts 3. Top Liner Rag by Joeseph Lamb: This delightful little ditty from 1916 should charm anyone young and/or old. The 2/4 timing is drawing us in. It makes us want to play it faster and move around the room. A surefire hit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H7CXIWBof Go to takelessons.com for more

Music to Play Live

Nothing beats live music. It's as simple as that. Songwriting is everything cool. Let it rock,and have fun.


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Music is Life

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