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My Music on Deuce Radio Show 216

A big shout out to the folks at Deuce radio show, thanking them for their continued support of my music!

My Music on Deuce Radio Show

I'm excited to announce that my music has been included on the 205th Deuce Radio Show which can be listened to by visiting www.deucemp.com/deuce_show.html

The show is being broadcast on KWSS in the USA, which attracts 18,000+ listeners, Spain's Heart FM in Spain, UWS FM Radio in Scotland, Radio Andra which is FM broadcasted over Gothenburg, Sweden, along with a large number of other, Digital and Internet stations around the world. It is also podcast in order to get the largest number of listeners possible! If you would like to listen to the show, please go to http://deuceshow.podomatic.com/ This link will take you directly there! You can also follow the Deuce Show on Twitter at www.twitter.com/deuceradioshow

Hello 2013!

I can't believe we're halfway through January already! So far it's been a wonderful 2013 here in White Bluff, TN. I'm getting the opportunity to pursue my musical dreams, and success is coming daily. Since signing as an artist to the Creative and Dreams Music Network label last September, my music has launched on AirPlay Direct. I am getting airplay on radio stations worldwide, including Krystal Radio in London, UK; Mount Barker and Broomehill Connection in Western Australia, BBS Radio in Paradise, CA, and other stations in Essex, UK; Ulfborg, Denmark; Hechtel-Ecksel, Belgium; Bristol, CT and Moyock, NY! The list continues to grow daily, and I cannot put into words just how humbled and grateful I am for the opportunities that are coming my way. :) On one last note, I have recently added some merchandise to my Reverbnation store. I have kept the prices set very low, in the hope that you all will consider purchasing something to help promote me. I am most tickled with the "Make me ssssSizzle" aprons that are available... I plan to get a couple for my own use! Thank you again for being a fan, and I will be blogging again soon to update you on all the goings on!