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EMAK's Debut

The members of Every Man A King have been around the music block a time or two, and the life block as well.

I'm Mac, the lead singer/rhythm guitar player/songwriter, and my wife April died in August of 2009 from breast cancer. I don't have to tell you that a tragedy like that can really knock you on your ass and keep you there.

Fortunately, I've made some great friends through music, and a few of them rallied around me and formed a band with me - EMAK.

I wasn't really up for gigging at first, so we just practiced and got tight. Then I still wasn't up to it, so we recorded a debut album that we could sell at gigs when I decided I *was* ready.

Now the tracks are all recorded and we're getting the initial mixes back from the studio (we're recording at Shed 55 Studio in Knoxville - AWESOME place!).

I have to say, being in a tight band with good songs and a strong debut album is a very sweet place to be in if you're looking for gigs!

More on gigs later. For now, I'll conclude with an invitation to pre-order our debut album. You can grab our promo deal at drop.io/everymanaking. It lets you hear the mixes as they evolve for placement on the album, and you get an exclusive invitation to our free private CD release concert at one of Knoxville's finest venues.

I've uploaded an early mix of "Encore" to give you a taste for what we're doing. More to come!