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Musings on the Moon (Everyday Feeling)

I love writing love songs because there are so many aspects of love that could be expressed in song! Unfortunately, in a lot of songs that I hear nowadays, you only hear about how boy meets girl, how girl entices boy, how they fall in love or why they breakup. But I wanted to write a song that touched upon the everyday details of a relationship, things that two people can take for granted because they are lucky enough to be with the one they love everyday. So a few years ago, I wrote what would be fragments of “Everyday Feeling” (Note: For all you songwriters out there, never throw away lyrics, you never know when they will create a hit song!). In early 2009, I was working with a producer called Brom Cognito (for Control Tracks productions) and interested in working with singers, he suggested that I take a listen to some songs that he produced a while back. I agreed, and when the music came on, I instantly fell in love. Some songs just call for lyrical sweetness, and this was no exception; I just had to figure out what I would write. So I took the track home and looked through my many lyric books, sheets, and scrap papers for something that could be arranged easily over the melody. I finally found this: “Hello love, its 6:45 in the morning The day is dawning And I’m still in bed And while quietly you sleep You look just like a king Sun like a crown on your head”

“Oh I love the way your lips part when you breathe Body at ease, your unaware Of the way that you move when you dream I fall deeper in love as I stare”

“When your sleep in the morning I feel myself falling You’re constantly calling my name You lay beside me so peaceful So deep how I love you I feel like this everyday” In these words, I wanted to tell the story of the love that’s felt when your laying next to your partner, and you wake from peaceful dreams to see the one you love is still exploring distant lands. You watch the excitement behind their closed eyelids, the curl in their lips, the way the mouth may be opened or closed, their arm helplessly laid to the side, fingers splayed far apart or clutching the sheets underneath. You yearn for them to awaken so that you can see the excitement in their eyes as they realize the morning, and the pleasure they feel when they see your face. You want to hear that familiar voice comfort you as it says “Good Morning”, that warm hand caress your side and pull you closer. But you don’t wake them. You quietly watch the beauty of their breathing, listening to the dull moan of sleep as your partner unknowingly reminds you that the Divine certainly exists… “Hello love, I’m not eager for those waking moments What a surprise Cause I Imagine how you live your life Behind those beautiful closed eyes”

“Oh I love how you move very close to me You reach over to see if I’m there Your smile lets me know that you love me I fall deeper in love as I stare”

“Love It’s an everyday feeling”

Musings on the Moon (#2 Committed To Sin) Part 2

"Your lies were disguised In the reflection I thought was my own The depth of my desire is deep I do what you will me to If you told me to praise you I’ll get down on my knees” I stayed in love through very depressing times, but I was afraid to leave because I didn’t want to be on the other side of love without him. Was he abusive? No. Was all the trouble in our relationship his fault? Of course not. I wanted him, the way that I wanted him, when I wanted him, and I wanted him to feel the same. And half of the time he did. The other half was a struggle, a fight between his individuality and freedom and his loyalty to me. Make no mistake, this relationship was life-changing for us both, and we had to make sacrifices to indulge the other. I believe our relationship was a soulful one, meaning we were meant to be connected to love and learn from each other. He came into the relationship already knowing his worth, and I left knowing the same. He came into the relationship with a hurting heart, and was left with a thoughtful one. I came into the relationship with an open-heart, and came out of it with a wise one. Though I’m still young, if you asked me about that relationship now, I already know: it was one of the greatest loves I ever experienced. Ever!

“Your power is magnificent To love a man who made the light bend to his whim Who made the silence speak when it suited him? Made me believe you are supreme So I was baptized within the fire So inspired to become your woman I’m made weak from the flame And blinded by love I committed to the condition That forever I am your slave”

Musings on the Moon (#2 Committed To Sin)

When it comes to a lot of my songs, some of my most inspired and creative lyrics were written on the spot at open-mics, which is fitting I think! A few years ago, Tiffany Bacon was hosting an open-mic at Barrett Charles restaurant in Germantown, and this happened to be my first there. I remember it clearly because a few of my friends/fave artists were there: Chad Anthony, Ronin Ali (who was the feature that night),Traycee, Lynn, as well as Rahnda Rize. Now, Rahnda Rize, being the incredible talent that she is, performed an original piece over improvised music played by the House band. And it was awesome! So awesome that I started writing, and kept writing until I felt like my song was done. When I was finally called, I asked the band to play something sensual and soulful, and before I sang, I alerted the audience that this was a new piece that I was trying out, (as I love writing and singing new songs on the spot). I sang about a woman being committed to a lover and a relationship that not only praised her lover as if he were a god, but about the obsessive ways in which women can be committed to someone while disregarding their own emotional health and stability. Afterwards, I received applause and sat back down to enjoy the rest of the acts. But that song stuck with me, and apparently Traycee Lynn, who after the open-mic was over, came up to me and told me that she thought my song was great, and who still just a few months ago, still refers to that song!

“The code of lust burns in my palms With his tongue he traced his scriptures across the lines Kissed the center heavy with psalms I lift my hands and recite”

I was in love…Soul-changing, enlightening, disappointing and devastating at times, but overall, one of the most transformative experiences of my life, this love was remarkable. From the first time I saw him, I knew he was special, but in ways unknown to me at that time. An artist to the nth degree, this man had changed my perspective on music, love, relationships, religion, poetry, art, you name it, his word became a special law that only I was blessed to understand. And when I didn’t understand it, I tried my best TO understand it. F-it, this nigga had me gone!

“I am your faithful disciple Honored to be your vessel Filled to the brim with your blues I swallowed my last regret Cause you were promised as benefit Oh how I coveted you”

“You are the sin I keep committing Practicing this religion of hurt and pain (I’m on my knees praying everyday) You are the sin I keep committing Think I’m gonna sin again”

I fell in love, even when I knew his laws conflicted and challenged internal doctrines and values that I tried hard to uphold, beliefs that the adults in my life, my previous relationships, friends, almost 20 yrs. of Catholic school , and of course myself, worked hard to instill. His perspective, his life, was an exciting adventure for me, and I wanted to show him that not only was I willing to be his partner and lover, but I was willing to be his devoted student as well. It’s amazing, I didn’t think of him as a god, but he certainly came close.

Part 2 continued on the next blog!

Musings on the Moon (#1-Selene The Goddess of the Moon)

I wanted to start a blog explaining the inspiration behind my songs and lyrics, and with Selene being my first major hit (and I believe, some of my most interesting lyrics) I thought it would be cool to start with this song...Enjoy!: I've been writing songs for a long time now, and as I got older I noticed that my concepts and arrangements have naturally expanded as well (though I still enjoy writing about love)!.. Selene started off as a poem, essentially my ode to moon. For a couple of years, I turned my eyes skyward, magnetized by the moon, and because I started reading about anything goddess-related I could get my hands on, I learned more about the personification of the moon in relation to women, and through keeping abreast of the different phases, also tracked my first full moon as well!! In early 2008, I recieved a series of House tracks from this awesome producer named Damon Bennett (for StealVybe productions), and one of the tracks was this smooth, I like to say, celestial sounding mix of music (this became what is known as the original or celestial mix on my myspace page)...I was at my friend Adrian's house and it turned into one of those rare moments, when you know that two aspects are coming together to blend flawlessly (in this case the poem and the music), so this poem turned into the first verse of the song. When I finally found the right rhythm, I took the song home and completed the second verse. A few days later, when I initially recorded the song, I noticed in the studio that it still sounded empty to me, so then I wrote and recorded the harmonies to the backing chorus that same day: When day turns into night I know she's coming soon and now Im hypnotized Selene the Goddess of the moon Later still, when listening to it at home, I then came up with what I call the chanting part of the song: I know that she's coming her energies running throughout me and I see myself come undone rpt. till last line and change lyric my own reflection. Selene, the first in line of many soulful house songs I plan to record, will always be an incredible song to me because I challenged myself to express lyrically what I believe about aspects of nature and spirituality. I'm heavily into Goddess culture/history, however, when thinking of the direction the song would take, I focused moreso on the moon and its connection to women, intuition and behavior. Interestingly enough, I was reading a book on godessess at the time, and just happened to be reading a section on Greek goddesses, particularly, Artemis, Hecate and Selene (the trinity aspects of the moon in Greek mythology)..I chose Selene because I needed a title, and it sounded better melodically (imagine singing the other two names in the song)!! Selene (or rather the song) represents my love and attraction to the night, of always being the last one to sleep at night as a child, of always waiting for the full moon, of being a sexy vixen/party girl and most importantly, celebrating my feminity!!! Alexis GoldenLover Simmons 3/22/10

This Is For You

Damn, sometimes I still cant believe that this is happening! Now some of you may wonder, what the hell is going on, but as an artist, the accomplishment of an album is a major achievement, and Im so proud of the work that took alot of thought, late nights and water/crackers/any chocolate snack to complete! And you know what: your still not done, its never over, its an ongoing process that you hope people continue to be drawn to for years to come.... Right now, I'm working on some new music, so make sure to stop by regularly to check the new hits!! I've met some great people, artist of all kinds, who have shown me what having a creative lifestyle is all about!! If you think you can add something to my life's experience, whether its a creative opportunity, a friendship or just laughter, please feel free to send me a message!!: I just want to take this time to thank everyone who has been supportive of me and who has shown me and my baby (my music)a lot of love! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Alexis GoldenLover Simmons


GoldenLover Thursday @ Cafe Nola

A Night of Elegance, Style and Grace

Set to Live Music

Join three of the most powerful female solo artists in Philadelphia as they come together for one overwhelming vocal experience! Alexis GoldenLover and Rahnda Rize have made a powerful impression in many performances over the years on their own, and recently joined together for GoldenLover Thursdays, which made its introduction as a SoulFire event in September 2009 at the Raven Lounge in Center City. Alexis Joi, arriving in Philadelphia from L.A. just months ago, quickly became a sensation in the Philly soul scene. Now, these three have conspired to create an exclusive invitation only night of live music, Harlem Renaissance style. On Thursday April 15, Cafe Nola will be transformed into The Cotton Club, 2010, as classic favorites and the best songs of the day will combine with the grace and sophistication of a bygone era for a night that fifty select Philadelphians will never forget. This is the night to dress to impress. This is the night to let your hair down. This is the night to be GOLDEN!