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Swamp Rock

John Fogerty from Credence described the style saying, "Swamp [Rock] is an essence, an underlying ingredient of rock n' roll. If I was to paint a picture of rock n' roll I'd say: "You've got the R&B or black side of music, like what came out of Chicago, mostly Chess Records, Bo Diddley, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, and then you've got the Sun Records sound, which is white rockabilly - Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Elvis. You put those two things together and you've got rock n' roll as far as I'm concerned."

A "Must Hear" Record

The Joshua Cain Band will kick down your door and demand your attention. This is a must hear and see band in the coming year. Their songs and sound make me feel something in my soul. Call me to deeper things. Make me want to get off my ass and live. Dylan/Petty/Bruce will be calling them for an opening slot on their tours . I like the sound of the record a lot. Jason Ott delivers again both in sonics and production. Very very good band. i cannot wait to see them live. Spiro www.aaronspiro.com