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Sacred Bones

The ep is already out now so our attention turns across the pond - to Brooklyn infact home of the bohemian, left of centre, you know all those who're much like ourselves. Perhaps Brooklyn is a twin to the centre of culture and arts that is Doncaster...errr I doubt it. Well at the heart of this (Brooklyn not Doncaster- do keep up) is a label giving voice to the kind of bands who'd give Simon Cowell et al a heart attack if they were so inclined to give him seconds of their time- which they certainly aren't. So if your interested- do follow the link and peruse their ouvré, you will be delighted or dismayed. http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com But why am I bleating on about them anyway? Oh it's obvious I'm afraid- it's all about me as usual- we have our first album re-released soon and guess what- yep it's Sacred bones who're doing the business. No selfless acts here without self promotion involved no infact that's our motto if you didn't know..