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Getting Ready for New 2016 Album Release

In rehearsals now for The next album , The songs are sounding great ! We are excited to go into the studio, We are waiting for our producer , (Very Busy Big Name) to have time in his schedule , then we will go in and knock it out. I'm Excited to see the end result . I know its going to sound great . I learned a lot doing the first Album and expect this one to be a lot of fun . stay tuned

Opening for ZZ Top Jan 17 and 18- 2015

Myself and the band used to joke about opening for ZZ Top , Turns out the joke is on me!! Got a Phone call Tuesday from The Majestic Theater in San Antonio TX wanting to know if I could do a 20 min solo opening set on Sat Jan 17 & Sun Jan 18 for The ZZ Top show , I said yes, no problem I would love to ! So this Weekend Me and My Guitar will be warming up the Audience for ZZ Top ! All I can say is Wow! I ended up having my drummer Raul G Garcia play Cajon with me , We had a great time and performed very well. Raul really kicked butt on Cajon , He sounded like a full drum set! On the 2nd night , Billy F. Gibbons heard us and liked us enough to invite us back stage after the show . He loved the 2 piece sound and said that we needed to be heard . We passed my guitar back and forth a couple times ( he wanted to show me a few finger picking notes ) I wasn't even nervous , I was having too much fun to be nervous, He invited us to have lunch the next day where we talked guitars , Mexican food , women and life. What a great weekend!

Thankful for my Fans and my Talent

Working in the Studio and Pretty happy with My Sound , that was 'nt always the case ,Ups and downs thru the years , but feeling blessed with my life and music , its a Good Feeling ,, Peace everyone,,,