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New Year

TM had an amazing 2010. Hoping that we will have an even better 2011! Going to be in the studio starting next week to lay down a few tracks. Hopefully, this will push us in the right direction!!! Lots of Luv to yall our fans! WE thank you so much! See you on the road this year. Ready to get more TM fans! xoxoxo A

First Entry

Ok...so here I go with this blog. I assume it's possible that I may be the only person who reads this blog..but what the hell I'll write it anyway! I can promise you that I will not use spell ck and that I will never use correct grammar.As long as that's ok with u..keep reading. lol This yr we (Typhoid Mary) really want to change things up. Sick of the same old songs blah blah.We are adding some great new dance stuff for the people! SO DANCE DAMN IT!! Focus is on original music. It's hard trying to find YOUR SOUND. Love rock and roll, country, and the blues so I'm hoping we can creatively mix them all togher to make a great sound. OUR ORIGINAL SOUND!!!!! Not to bad for a first entry! Be back soon. Ashley TM