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Misrepresenting Music! Its happening and it needs to stop!

How do you feel about someone who presents a cd all over the world as being the one preforming and as an artist when they actually were not the one singing or playing on any of that cd? How would you feel if that same person presents themselves as an artist and is featured as an artist of the week or month ect. on many internet websites and radio stations? How would you feel about some one being charted on Reverb Nation and other places as an artist/preformer when they had nothing to do with the vocals or preformace of an album or cd? If someone wants to present a work of songs written to others to "Shop" those songs to others that is one thing but to Misrepresent yourself falsely and accept the credit for the preformance is wrong and an insult and injury to all honest artist/and true preformers! When you work hard at your craft not only as a songwriter and also as a preformer or using your true talent as a musician and vocalist then give credit where credit is due !! However to allow someone to be played on radio or anywhere else as something they are not should not be acceptable to any honest person in the music business!!!

Music Reen Style !

Its so very wonderful to have people from all over the world connect with me and enjoy my music! What an awesome time we live in! Reen

Featured Artist! MyCountrySpace

I am the featured artist this week on MyCountrySpace.com! Thanks so very much! Hugs from Oklahoma! Reen

Featured Artist!!

I was just informed that I will be a featured Artist on IMRadio. Thanks for the support of my music and Indie Artists! Ears up hit me up! Reen

My Songs

I have reloaded 4 songs to my playlist and player. I am proud of these songs and want you to hear them!