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I tried to record Rusty Wier on the song "Makes My Living" a few years ago. It didn't work out very well. The battery went dead on my lap top just when we were trying to capture his vocal and I did not have the power supply with me. We were at Puffabellys doing a Wednesday show. The other day I was going through some hard drives and found two wav files. I clicked on them not knowing what they were, and to my surprise, it was Rusty singing to me! I mixed him with me today and finally got the duet I wanted back in 2006. I miss ol' Rusty, but hearing him laugh today on my song was just awesome!

Tommy Alverson
Tommy Alverson  (about 8 years ago)

Yes sir, it is awesome to hear our buddy singin with ya! Great job D! TA

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Let's have a great week!