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Old Friend AVA BROWN

This is a very old friend of mine-doesn't really do much justice-but, he dated a friend of our family's for a while. His sister, Jenny was in my class at school and his other sister Josee pierced my ears when I was 13. They were a great family and still are all, I am sure, the same, great people. He was a special person to me, and I have thought of him many times, and wished I could have found him when I was active in the music business. He played the guitar and sang at our house before he went into the military and then when he came back again during the 1970's after the war was over. He wrote one of these songs before and the rest beginning after his tour. My mom and I would sit and listen to him for hours and he wrote constantly. He had a beautiful guitar, I think a Hummingbird. He would play covers, The Beatles, Bread, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills & Nash, so many more-we wore him out! And he would throw in his own songs, which were as expertly crafted at 19-21 as they are now. You couldn't tell the difference between his and those others. That was his voice, and it is still his voice now. He has a vast treasure of songs now, a complicated life and experiences to which we all can relate, and a unique perspective, his own distinct voice-a true entertainer, but just as innocent and guileless today as he was way back when. He is very gifted-always has been! He loaned me his records to play, whole collections of Beatles, Moody Blues, etc., and from this I learned to appreciate music more and deeply. I hope you all like John Baker. My favorites are Son+, It Looks Like Its Over+, She Sheds A Tear, Reflection+, Little Black Car+, The Girl+, Lady+, The River, and more!!!He has only recorded a few (trust me!), and he is in need of some fine production skills and recording techniques. Many of these pieces could be performed by other artists (if John is willing)-so, if anyone has any ideas, please get back to me....

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