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whats up every body. its been a while since i reached out and i want to thank you all for sticking around. i really appreciate it. i have a new video coming up called million pictures and also the version of million pictures on my page isnt the studio version. trust me the studio version sounds way better! lol. but i just wanted to reach out and let you guys know i appreciate you sticking around and ill be having new music for you guys to enjoy! thanks again.


good morning! first i would like to say thank you for supporting me still. today i need your vote and you can vote every day to win the "Rock The Bells Concert" with 93.9 click the link to vote once per day if you can. i would appreciate it http://kysdc.upickem.net/engine/Welcome.aspx?contestid=102172

Hey Every One!!!

Thank You for being a fan. I just want you to know that you are appreciated. I am still working on new music and i have some shows coming up. So make sure you stay tuned. if you havent liked my fan page yet i welcome you to do so. http://www.facebook.com/smifforiginal. you can also follow me on twitter @smiffdiddy and instagram: smiffapproved . if you have some music and you want feedback shoot me an email smiffapproved@gmail.com or if you just want to show some love you can write me a email as well. much love and blessings and once again i appreciate you for sticking with me and also showin me love :)

Its the summer

man oh man the heat has been quite ridiculous but that means u just gotta match mother nature up! metaphorically speaking... you next move has to benefit your future, not your next day. so use your mind... what do you want out of life and how are you going to get it... how many hustles do you have... how heavy is your grind? no days off, but dont over kill.... work hard, play hard... then work harder to play even harder then before... get up and get it


today, to me, is a day to relax. even if your working. let your self enjoy the day. Dont let anything get you upset or make you feel overwhelmed. Today and everyday is your day, so make it as great as you want it!


so ive been up since 3am workin on music on twitter reverbnation so on and so fourth. i remembered i got a couple of free beats from madeloud.com. so im scrollin thru and this futuristic beat comes on... and like yall its 3am im loopy so i get the singin... she hot over and over and then added a ooo mama... and there was the birth of "She's Hot (Oooo MaMa)... u can find this song on soundcloud.com/smiffapproved also im on musicfast.com/smiff . there you can find other tracks. im doing a couple of new songs today. uploading a couple of new and old songs. so add me as a friend to stay posted!

Good morning every one

well im at school thinking of new things i can do with my music. i didnt notice at first until some one asked me, "hey, you dont do shows in dc any more?" (i do but not at often). I'm grateful for that because ive been wanting to move my music. if your out va and you wanna see me perform check my events for the address and come through. if you cant come through you can follow me on twitter for live update @smiffapproved or join my fan page on facebook under S.M.i..F.F.

*Your support, anyway received, is all I need -SMiFF