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Peace Love And Joy To All This Christmas and New Years

To all of our family, friends and fans_ May the joy of this Holiday Season bring you the warmth within your heart to find peace within and lend peace throughout your day in solidarity with the common love humankind pursues upon this wondrous earth every day__ 

Tom MacLear World Wide Web Interview June 5th, 5pmEST

So! THIS FRIDAY!!!!! Another Interview and more chances to talk with you guys!! Love Ya!!!!!!! June 5 Tom MacLear on Pop Roxx Radio 5pm est, 4cst, 3mst, 2PST Call in @ 347-850-8598 Episode URL: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/tom-maclear-country-singer-s…

TOM MACLEAR will be promoting his concert at• THE MINT • 1 Concert Set Only • June 7th • 8:30pm

Tom MacLear has won THE NEW MUSIC WEEKLY AWARD for BEST NEW COUNTRY BAND 2015, THE HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARD for BEST COUNTRY SONG via his MEG RECORDS duo MACLEAR & WATERS with their 2014 Nation wide release of 'SOMEDAY' which found Two #1 Slots and Six Top 10 Rankings in STS Radio Spin reports worldwide by Loggins Promotions and Backstage Entertainment Nashville.

Tom MacLear is a living legacy of the Southern California Country Rock boom of the 70's & 80's. MacLear was one of those gifted writers, performers and session artists who toured or recorded for such legendary colleagues: ‘The Flying Burrito Brothers’, ‘The Hot Band’, Vince Gill’s & Byron Berline’s ‘Sundance’, Rusty Young and ‘Poco’, ‘The Dirt Band’ and numerous others.

Since those early days, MacLear proceeded to have one of those prolific, quiet careers that very few true musicians have – not the guys on the marquee, but the ones who write the songs, write out the set lists, mentor the stars on the marquee, play the hooks’ and licks that people whistle in the shower or on a street corner, and occasionally venture out with a record or project of his or her own.

If you have not heard of MacLear, you have almost certain ‘heard or seen’ MacLear. Aside from his Country roots, MacLear has written for or played for numerous Rock & Pop greats such as Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox and Concrete Blonde and has enjoyed a career within a career as the front man for the band MacLear during the Celtic-Rock boom.

New Single 'IF I AIN'T BROKE' Is on The Air & A NASHVILLE GIG to Boot!

A SPECIAL CONCERT SET SHOWCASE for the U.S. COUNTRY RADIO SEMINAR in NASHVILLE at the Infamous 'CROSSROADS on Broadway downtown Nashville ___ Tom MacLear returns to the city where he kicked off his New/Nashville Project in 2010 and since then has earned multiple Country Music Awards, Nominations and Top 10 Radio Chart awards with songs like: 'SWEET SUMMER DAYS', 'SOMEDAY' and 'ALL THAT YOU DREAM', 'BETTER THAN YOU'- from his duo's MACLEAR & QUINN and MACLEAR & WATERS__ and now he's on stage with his band to bring you more Nashville hits! February 26th________ LIVE CONCERT SET at 'CROSSROADS on Broadway downtown Nashville ___A special Industry Showcase Set that 'YOU' can attend: Other events Tom MacLear will be appearing at___ Feb 23rd:_____ 'COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO SEMINAR' in Nashville Feb 22nd-27th:_____ Promote his new Nashville Single 'IF I AIN'T BROKE' by 'TOM MACLEAR & FRIENDS' with Radio Interviews & Live Radio performances @ ROCKit 99 Nolenville, WKKRfm Smyrna, WKKQfm Knoxsville, WBXEfm Cookesville, WLLXfm Larwrenceburg and WKXDfm Kicks106fm Nashville__ www.megrecords.net Would love to meet you and have a fun Country/Music time together!!!

TOM MACLEAR & The Hollywood Music In Media Awards November 4th

TOM MACLEAR @ THE HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARDS! November 4th Meg Records / Nashville Press Release ___ Tom MacLear is once again nominated by THE HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARDS for BEST COUNTRY SONG via his MEG RECORDS duo MACLEAR & WATERS with their 2014 Nation wide release of 'SOMEDAY' which found Two #1 Slots and Six Top 10 Rankings in STS Radio Spin reports worldwide by Loggins Promotions and Backstage Entertainment Nashville ___ Tom MacLear will mix with media, publlic and fans after the HMMA Red Carpet ceremonies as he will be making his last Los Angeles public appearance for 2014. www.megrecords.net www.maclear.net/Music_html Join in the festivities!

MACLEAR & WATERS Hit Nashville and U.S. Country Charts with a BANG!

MacLear & Waters – Self Titled CD Hits Nashville and U.S. Country Charts With A Bang! Posted on July 30, 2014 by Chuck Dauphin maclear-waters-cdThere are a ton of talented new acts out there, which kind of makes it frustrating because you know there’s not a slot for everybody. That being said, I would definitely clear a place at the table for this very talented duo comprised of Tom MacLear and Heather Waters. They possess a harmony blend that definitely has a little bit of a Pop / Rock edge, but make no mistake, this is definitely Contemporary Country, as evidenced by the free-wheeling sound of the kiss-off tune “Better Than You,” which gives Waters a chance to strut her stuff vocally. She does the same on the bopping “All That You Dream,” where she exudes confidence. But, where they really shine the brightest are on the ballads – such as “The Harder It Falls” and “Believe Again.” On both cuts, the vocalizing is strong and crisp, and the harmonies are tight and pristine. Each is a strong showcase for that this duo can do – and do exceedingly well. MacLear and Waters are a duet with a lot going for them, talent, songs, and charisma together. Give this one a shot. You’ll be glad you did! For more or to purchase the CD, visit the following links: www.maclear.net

Tom MacLear climbs Radio Charts and receives great Book Reivews

TOM MACLEAR continues to impress book critics with his new release of 'INSIDE A STRING' receiving notable nods from 'Book Of the Week on BOOKDAILY.com' , and 'EDITORS CHOICE on Fluidwriter.com_ 'INSIDE A STRING' has sold out it's first pressing via 'Amazon and Barnes & Nobel in it's first month of release. Tom MacLear also enjoys a steady rise on the U.S. Radio Charts with 'SOMEDAY' by MacLear & Waters and continues to enjoy top 20 status with 'ONLY ONE FOR ME' by MacLear & Quinn after 25 weeks on the Indie and Internet Charts of the U.S. George Williams A&R/PR Meg Records/Nashville

'SOMEDAY' NOW ON 8 MORE Country Radio Stations!

'SOMEDAY' IS NOW ON 8 MORE Country Radio Stations in the U.S.A! MEG RECORDS & TOM MACLEAR would like to thank: WMOA AM (West Virginia-Ohio), WORG FM (Orangeburg South Carolina), ANRN Internet Country (Mebane, North Carolina), Hot Country 102 (Eastover South Carolina), KHXI FM Country (Cowlington Oklahoma & Ft Smith Arkansas), W&C Internet Country (Pittsburg, PA), WDMU FM (Allentown, PA), Fantasy Country Internet (Glendale, Arizona)___ _____for their spins and support! We Love Ya!

Country Single 'SOMEDAY' and Book 'INSIDE A STRING' Receive 5 Star Reviews

Tom MacLears' country single 'SOMEDAY' and New Book 'INSIDE A STRING' receive 5 star reviews! http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/986150329?book_show_action=true&page=1 Jill Lapin Zell's review Jul 04, 14 5 of 5 stars Inside A String: A collection of poems, essays, lyrics and prose by Tom MacLear As a huge fan of the beats (Kerouac and Ginsberg are among my favorites), I felt very much at home in the pages of Tom MacLear’s book. It was like wrapping myself in a cozy, warm blanket. The reader travels with Tom MacLear from the smoky coffee houses of NYC’s Greenwich Village to the boxcars that inspired Woody Guthrie to Steinbeck’s beloved Cannery Row, each very much a part of those artists who shaped America’s culture. Along the way, we realize that we are “Inside A String” that ties them all together. This “string” wraps around one of the central themes of MacLear’s musings, that of the delicate balance between the spiritual and the scientific in all aspects of our lives. He shows us that “the ultimate destiny of our existence is to comprehend the ‘meaning of ourselves’ “ and since this existence is one “which we have only borrowed/For a very short time”, there is an urgency in his message to us. In his opening remarks, Tom MacLear states that “The works contained within are simply one man’s mirror of life as life unfolded before him.” While that may be true, there is nothing “simple” about Tom’s work. It is complex, moving and undeniably profound. In the first section, “The Village”, MacLear captures the pulse of what was the stomping grounds for the beat poets. It was “A place all its own…Where the eccentricities made sense_where I made sense”. Indeed, reading theses poems, we can see that he “never left”. MacLear evokes the spirit of Bob Dylan, who also realized the “subterranean pulse of a new culture”. In “Cannery Row”, we revisit the nostalgic undertones which resonated with John Steinbeck and his passion for it. Through the camaraderie that he knew was among its inhabitants, we see how the human spirit can overcome superficialities. The poet “live[s] what was/for that will never change here”. This sense of nostalgia is what we hear “calling for the days that remind us of what we had felt then”. “Let me stay here as I come home to the place I had never left” He reminds us that “All that is in our past/Is everything we are today”. Finally, Tom MacLear hopes that each artist creates what he or she does “In the hopes and belief/That some good may come from/What they have stirred inside another”. He can rest assured that he has done so with this collection, and brilliantly.

'SOMEDAY' by MacLear & Waters now Nationwide!

AC/HOT AC U.S. Radio Channels carrying ‘SOMEDAY’ by MACLEAR & WATERS KDEL FM Little Rock, AR KEHK FM Eugene, OR KGWL FM Grand Junction, CO KIXR FM Wichita, KS KKRB FM Medford, OR KRVG FM Grand Junction CO KWYO AM Sheridan / Billings WY / MT KZWY FM Sheridan / Billings WY / MT WJTW FM Marietta, OH WKKQ FM Knoxsville, TN WMOA AM Marietta, OH WORG FM Columbia, SC AC/HOT AC Internet Channels carrying ‘SOMEDAY’ by MACLEAR & WATERS LEXPOP Lexington, KY QYK98 Prattville, AL COUNTRY U.S. Radio Channels carrying ‘SOMEDAY’ by MACLEAR & WATERS KALH FM El Paso, TX KAYW FM Grand Junction, CO KCGW FM Lincoln NE KKYN FM Lubbock, TX KXAX FM Livingston/Houston/Galveston, TX KZKS FM Grand Junction, CO WFLE FM Lexington, KY WISK FM Albany, GA WKFC FM Knoxsville, TN WKUL FM Hunstville, AL WOCO AM Green Bay, WI WYTI AM Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA COUNTRY U.S. Internet Channels carrying ‘SOMEDAY’ by MACLEAR & WATERS APN Washington, NC BWR Harrison, AR CountryWeb Washington, NC EMM Central Point, OR iRADIO Covina, CA LexCountry Dayton, OH LightningCountry Dayton, OH MPAK Gilbert, AZ MusicCorner SoundMachine Moyock, NC TCS Gretna, FL TexasCountry Livingston, TX WideMusicCountry Cropseyville, NY TOP 40 U.S. Internet Channels carrying ‘SOMEDAY’ by MACLEAR & WATERS SoundMachine Moyock, NC SUAMixtape Texarkana, TX

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