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Building and building

We are so so excited about this year and the opportunities that have been building for us! Nose to the grindstone, we are on a war path with our passions and goals in hand taking advantage of every chance to one day be what we want... astrornauts... I'm just playin! but definately the next best thing!


First off thanks to Dialin Watts for hooking us up with a sweet show at The Blue Lounge. Kansas was a load of fun! It was nice to have a whole band in one place for that long. We practice and play shows together a lot, but we don't get as much time to hang out and bullshit as we used to.

We ran into many technical problems out of our control on the trip. But we still put on the best damn show we could. Kings of Leon walk off stage the other day because it was too hot. I refuse to believe it was any hotter at their show than ours in Kansas. We are proud to say we will never wuss out on a show, whether it be due to power failures taking out a guitar for two songs or from things running a little late. We love to play music and we love the people that get off their ass to come watch us rock out. The van aka the "mother-ship" kicked ass. We drove it 1000 miles in two days. Hope to be out on the road again soon!

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Song Writing/Album Cycle

The new album "Post Stress" has been approved by the printing company and should make it to us in plenty of time for the CD release! We are well aware that this album took us way to long to put out. It's been two years since "We're Waiting" was released, but It's been a busy couple of years. We are just now figuring out how to function well as a band - when to write, practice, record, and how to do them all efficiently.

"Post Stress" comes out July 15th, but we are already working on the third album. We have three songs for it pretty much done already. We hope to come up with three more and maybe re-release one or two old songs from "We're Waiting". Recording will start in late October this year, which should put us on track to release the third project in May 2012.

Deciding whether or not to change to a four piece band has been the main debate; it seems like a solid plan. It would streamline the writing process and help us stay focused. We would still track two guitars on the album at times and might have friends play with us live to fill it out. We are running with this plan but who knows if it will work. It could end up sounding empty or not have a variety of ideas. It's something we will find out in time.

It's crazy to be thinking of a new album right now. We are all so proud of "Post Stress." It came out sounding amazing and the songs flow together way better than we ever thought they would. It's our best work so far and we hope to continue growing as a band and improving.


Starting a Blog!

Inelements is starting a blog! We'll be posting here to keep everyone updated on practices, shows, and band experiences!