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What's it like to be the rodeo terrorists?

Ok so we messed around when we were younger, but that isn't necessarily a lifestyle we would choose, but our music is still pretty tuned into a higher state of consciousness.

There are a few things that built the rodeo terrorists, being fair and open minded, LSD booze and herb. We have left all but the booze behind, but we know what shit goes down with the other two....

Likewise there is no better experience than life itself, so how ever you go and do it, push the envelope, make a move, make it happen

Super Massive compo!

Right folks its Super Massive competition time! We are going to give away some exclusive items from the Super Massive video! http://youtu.be/pbpS4Ua-8A0 First prize is the amazing LED sound to light Headphones T-shirt + Lego roman soldier & the 2 runners up will each win a soldier! To win tweet #rodeoterrorists @rwbthatisme & the answer to: What is the name of famous French singer who features in the video?

Super Massive is out on the 12th of August!

Super Massive - How Do We Do It?

Ok we sometimes we gloss over the process of writing our music, that very often its Friday night and we do enjoy a beer or two! But we do have a method to our madness, push Garageband to the limit (& beyond!), have a party & unwind, just to get that distinct Rodeo Terrorist sound.

So firstly why do we use Garageband? One reason, its fantastic! We do actually have Logic Pro, but Logic is just way way to complicated and fiddly for us. We're rather old school, where a four track recorder & bouncing tracks was pretty well the limit to our recording ability. We used to have a Sony MDMx4 (mini disc) Multitrack and quite frankly that had us in knots! We still have mini-disc, we are audiophile geeks!

The second reason we use Garageband is you can just throw stuff together, be it, loops, synths, filters or effects. If it sounds cool it goes! Did we mention Garageband is simple?

So what synths do we use? Well we quite often hook up ideas on the iPad using or Korg iMS20 synth http://www.korg.com/ims20 or with Garageband on the iPad. But our tool of choice its the LinPlug Morphox http://www.linplug.com/morphox.html followed closely by the Lennar Digital Sylenth 1 http://www.lennardigital.com/modules/sylenth1/

But synths can only do so much and we love to crunch around with the effects! Our favourite bar none (currently) is the Strobe filter by SineVibes, its dead simple, love it loads!

Lastly vocals, we're a bit rubbish at vocals but what we do like is the really monotone robotic sounds of a voice synthesiser, & heck its so much easier than having to coach a real life human idiot for the 32nd time on how to intimate a phrase or lyric. So we often keep https://acapela-box.com handy, type in what you want to say and bingo!

Anyway we hope this gives you a bit more insight into how we do it.... There's probably loads more to tell but, we can't remember right now. Super Massive is out on the 12th August....

Take time to sit and think for a while

Its often easy in this world these days to be swept along with all the hustle and bustle of modern life, with no time to just take a moment to stop and just take it all in. But we want to take this moment and allow things to come into focus, so take time & sit.

Last Man Standing - Whats It All About?

We have a new album Last Man Standing out on Saturday 10th November 2012, but rather than put the album out with no explanation we thought it might be useful to give a bit of background to the album.

As ever Last Man Standing was recorded and mixed using Apple's GarageBand, nothing complicated or fancy, in many ways the tracks just happened accidentally once they sounded about right, they where done! If we played something wrong, we generally leave it the way it is, electronic music often lends to perfection, but we prefer that the rough edges.

Last Man Standing is our musical journey into the exploration of sounds, building layers of synths & effects together. We've tried to shape the tunes more carefully giving each its own individual space and sound. We don't attribute much meaning to the lyrics or song titles, but we will leave that interpretation to the listener.

In someways some of the seminal musical moments this year have shaped Last Man Standing, we met & saw Orbital at the BBC 6 Music 10th anniversary play their new album Wonky, we watched the amazing Olympic opening & closing ceremonies with Underworld & Fat Boy Slim. Likewise our move from the gritty north of England to the leafy suburbs of London created a whole set of musical ideas.

Lastly we have been hugely encouraged (to whom we owe a big thank you) by our fans around the world, we enjoyed making it and hope you do to.

Chill Rex 04:17 Harder 04:56 One Nation 05:22 Madagascar 03:37 Infinite Union Infinite Space 04:57 Tonight We Fly 03:55 Zombie Apocalypse 04:04 Fairlight 04:41 Move Two 05:11 The Best Of Times 04:24 Marap 05:36 Nandos 05:40 Adele 07:12

Off to the home of House!

Yeah we've worked all year mashing up tunes and generally noodling and burning life at both ends. So the time has come again for our anual pilgrimage to the USA to watch a bit of NASCAR and this year it happens to be in Chicago, the home of House Music!

Back in 1987 when we where still a bit fresh round the ears, we where knocked off our feet by Steve Silk Hurley & Felix 'da Housecat', the music just blew the cobwebs away from the power rock madness of the late 80's and opened up the world to a whole new dance scene.

We're going to try and swing by Trax records and pay hommage to some of the truely inspirational electronic dance music the label has created over the years.

What is it with Brazil?

Ok as you may know we don't just put our tunes up on Reverb Nation but also put some select juicy cuts up on the cloud of sound. Anyway in April 2011 we threw a track together called 'Adele' perhaps not the most obvious title (but if you know us by no we don't care for what its called, only that it sounds good). But Adele is beating every things hands down in listening stats, all from Brazil, and we ask why?

Take a listen and get what the Brazilians are getting!

BBC 6Music + Rodeo Terrorists = Happyness!

Normally Monday mornings are a bit shit, but this week its just that little bit special (and not so rubbish) as we got played on BBC 6 Music, Tom Robinsons Monday Mix Tape show. Amazingly Harder has made it onto national radio, we are spitting cornflakes in celebration! A huge thanks to Tom & all the BBC 6Music crew, what they where doing up at 2am playing our records we'll never know!

You can listen to Harder out (along with loads of other great tunes) at http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/tomrobinson/2012/07/introducing-mixtape-monday-160.shtml we're 24mins in (if you want to skip). Or download it right here.

Anyway we're currently recording the title track to 'Last Man Standing' (its all to do with zombies for some reason).

Cheerio & Lots Of Love

Rodeo Terrorists

Spotify - Rodeo Terrorist Playlist

Ok folks we finally got round to sorting out Spotify and if you want to keep up with what we're grooving out to follow this link: http://open.spotify.com/user/1128674921/playlist/08ppebGUUUlQBisOHfjteX we'll be adding our favorite tracks from Lucky #13 & Head Space Variations as well as loads of other classic tunes... Enjoy!

When is your Rodeo Terrorist video not a Rodeo Terrorist video?

When its on YouTube!

Why am I asking this? Well the folks at YouTube sent me an email a few weeks ago saying I could 'monetize' the videos on our YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/rwbthatisme). So ever the opportunist I thought the Rodeo Terrorists should at least pick up the odd cent if anyone felt inclined to watch our videos. So I dully clicked the relevant buttons and waited in eager anticipation that our videos would be added.

Spin forward a few days, and bingo we get confirmation that one of our videos had been accepted Vangellis (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPxHAQXRkPs), but strangely the others have all been declined....

"Thanks for submitting your videos for monetization. We have disabled monetization on the following videos because we were not able to verify that you have the appropriate commercial use rights for all included content....... Thanks YouTube Team"

mmmm strange... I'm pretty sure I remember holding the camera and shooting all the video, we definitely remember sitting in the studio with all the synths & noise making plinky plonky stuff putting the tunes together and I'm pretty sure that we also released the tracks on our record label TreacleTone (you'll find them on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc).

Surprisingly we actually put quite a bit of thought & effort into making a video (ignoring production value & quality) , The Little Skateboard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjYvxVgXWpg took over 4 days of shooting & editing so its a little galling to be barred from being able to exploit it.

Anyway we duly fill in YouTubes copyright claim form, but do we hear a dicky bird back from them? Nope.....

(until today) yup all approved, the man must be listening....