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Hell Bent & Whiskey Bound

I know we don't visit hear much but we thought we would drop by and give a holler ... so ... DRINK UP!!!

Hello Sacramento!!! Dry County Drinkers Have Arrived...

If you haven't heard, The Drinkers have arrived!!! And we are here to pump more life into the healthy Nor-Cal, Delta-Bay, North West scene with some get up and get drunk Alt.Country/Rockabilly/Honky-Punk!! We have some great shows lined up: 4/19 The Press Club with Lindsay Cook and Walking Spanish! 4/24 we will be in Penngrove's Black Cat Bar with Ham On That Sofa (members of 5am and The Sofa Kings)! 4/30 we will be lighting up The Fire Escape in Citrus Heights with Col. Jimmy and The Blackfish, Beer Junkies and Sub-Phobias! 5/30 kickin' it in the beer garden at the WalknRock (feat. Sammy Hagar & Heart) 6/3rd in Petaluma @ Gale's Central Club with The Connies! 6/18 we will be gettin rowdy in the North West as we play Seattle's Blue Moon Tavern with Austin Kitty Limits! As you see, we are a busy bunch of degenerates that love to get around... hopefully see you at one of our shows or one of your shows!!! We love the scene!!! Check us out on MySpace & Facebook as well ... just type in Dry County Drinkers ... we are the only one in the book!!!