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How Did I Do This?


Back on August 29, 2001,I took my Sony minidisc recorder and stereo microphone with me to open mic at the now defunct Prodigal Son coffee house. I managed to record to of my personal favorite originals.

"Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" and "Got Me Worldwide"

My imagination took over while recording prelude in front of a live audience, btw, this was the first time I ever performed the song ever.

In my mind almost at the 3 4/5 minute/second part of the song, I had seen the bust of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

I didn't think anything of it, until I played the song backwards.

It sounds as if my english in reverse is complete Arabic and at that 3 4/5th mark, in English I'm plainly heard saying "I saw Saddam' in forwared but while listening in reverse of the entire song.

Led Zeppelins classic "Stairway To Heaven" is known for back masking. The band placed the sentence "must have been a bad boy for now I am Satan" into the song only hearing it while the song is played backward. They didn't do that naturally, they physically by using tape placed that sentence in its forward motion into the songs reverse motion.

I did not do that with my song, "I saw Saddam" is there as I recorded the song during its live performance, there without any backmasking as Led Zeppelin is on the record for doing and the only band that I know of that has done that, yet I am sure others have, I don't know who.

So, how did I place my imagination into spoken word forward while the song is played in reverse?

I honestly don't know how I did that so any explainations, thoughts, comments is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

William Mahler https://mahlers.net



“Regardless” is a song that had a limited release in summer 2004 on the internet, downloaded less than 50 times worldwide in almost three months. Come early winter 2005 in Raleigh, North Carolina, as my wife Leonda sat by my side at a bus station sidewalk, two lovers told me the title of this song, “Regardless” within four second of hearing the harmonica intro. Incredible how the internet works. Joe Walsh of The Eagles reportedly tried this song with the Eagles as it has been referred to being one of their own catalog. “Regardless” is dedicated to my younger step brother, Massachusetts State Police detective, US Army Airborne Ranger Persian Gulf war veteran and grandfather to my niece, Tom Forest, from Yarmouth Port, calling Otis, MA. out in the west side of the state his home with his attorney wife Julie and their two police children, both married, Cameron and Ashley along with Ashley’s two small children.

An Open Letter To ASCAP

Hello ASCAP.

Although I was informed that ASCAP is not affiliated with the 5,000,000+ strong members of https://reverbnation.com of which imho is the leading artist and musician website and people on the internet anywhere in the free world including US, Europe, Asia, Africa & Oceania too.

In any event, my brand new release "Outshining The Sun" has registrations through Nielsen Soundscan, as a digital release and for each of the 27 songs. Already in a short two weeks, 500+ streams from https://reverbnation.com/williammahler As of today, my release is at every major distributor on the internet, including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, 7 Digital, Ultimate China, Deezer and almost 2 dozen other massive distributors. How do I make this good with ASCAP so I am actually paid for royalties other than sales that ReverbNation, in good faith has proven to pay before? Which role does ASCAP play in streaming media, downloads and sales in regards to that I've told you in this email?

Honestly, you are the biggest organized behemoth of society as if you are a massive mountain and I am but a grain of sand.

how can it be my music is instantly recognized by total strangers as far away as Raleigh, North Carolina simply by performing 3 seconds of the opening notes to "Regardless" when it originated on Cape Cod with only a handful of downloads in over a year?

How can songs like "Act Of Mercy" be covered and planned for release by Bruce Springsteen on his Tracks 2 project? I heard the song while pumping gas in Hyannis over the loudspeaker above the gas tank.

How can "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home) be covered by solo artist and drummer for Queen, Roger Taylor? Myself, my then wife and perhaps a dozen other people in a restaurant heard Rogers version of the song and I was directly asked if I knew he did that by a complete stranger. Rogers version was the first version I ever heard of any of my songs. Not too long afterwards, a local artist was at a bar covering the same song as my then wife and I walked in. How can "Regardless" be performed by The Eagles?

All that has already happened but the mountain you are has not recognized the feats of this little pebble.

How is it you ASCAP claim to have my back, earn billions of dollars yet say you don’t work with ReverbNation, a huge company known worldwide to help almost royalty free artists of every size including Bruce Springsteen, Queen, U2 and dozens more well known established acts from around the globe and of every genre?


One song, not on the internet since 2016, "Words Called Love" a demo with only less than 20 downloads worldwide was instantly known by a passerby as I played the opening notes on a public piano in Copley Square of Boston in front of the Boston Public Library. Less than 4 seconds into playing the opening notes a complete stranger said the title “Words Called Love” yet out of 7 ½ billion people on the planet, there was less than twenty downloads of the song from ReverbNation in 2014 and my now defunct domain , mahlers dot com.

Yet, not one penny has come from ASCAP but a measly 51 cents at one time and now less than $20 is due me.

What are we missing, what am I doing wrong?

How do you be accountable for the music I am getting distributed worldwide through places I've listed?

What is stopping you from being associated with, affiliated with ReverbNation and how come it hasn't happened already?

I make no apology in thinking you are earning billions from little pebbles like me and we see less than bread crumbs.

Am I wrong?

Please convince me I am wrong.

Call my phone and talk to me or find me to chat with in Facebook or zoom meeting,



William Keith Mahler W. K. Mahler Music Publishing Co. ASCAP Member since 2003 1-774-314-4121 william@wkmahler.us http://wkmahler.us PO Box 866 West Yarmouth, MA. USA 02673

Merry Christmas To You

Created less than 12 hours before the Christmas day tsunami of South East Asia and about the biggest earthquake since the age of Dinosaurs. The harmonica moves as if the key of G were waves and the word “storm warning” is peformed via Hohner Blues harmonica in the key of G. The song, 3:47 in length is by Gods design, the numbers of the total number of people killed, 350,000 in less than 3 weeks. This song is dedicated to those living and lost in the entire southeast Asian region and forever always will be free for them.. Recorded at home, December 24, 2004, South Yarmouth, MA. USA.


Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)


Hey hi,

The song "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" is very much about that day, two weeks ahead of time. When heard in reverse, amidst all that Arabic sounding noise, around the 3:50'ish mark "I saw Saddam" is plainly heard. It's the annunciation of the song, the very last two words, "to you" are if you can imagine just as the flight path of Flight 93, Going up high, arcing, going side to side and finally nose dive into the earth.

My guiding light, she sets, sets me free That line is about the statue of liberty

The word "Crow" is also used to describe death.

The first time sang "I'm coming home, I've been here before" Represents the lone terrorist whom had déjà vu and backed out. The next four times "I'm coming home" is sang, the long dramatic notes of "I'm coming home" represent what everyone nationwide and almost around the world witnessed live, the second tower being hit. The others are the first tower, the pentagon and finally as described, Shanksville, the field.

It got me an audience with the president twice, once as I called Sony Media, the white house intercepted, unless you can convince me that of all people on the planet, Sony's rep also sounded identical to the president and his name was/is George. That same summer, Sandwich, MA. USA, at Dunkin Donuts, where I was employed at the time, 3rd in command, the president, George Bush drove a white box truck, blue jeans and green t-shirt, walked in, ordered a medium coffee, paid cash, left a tip and not one person batted an eye, as for me, I realized who he was but stood their silent like wtf, where is security. The video cameras had it all.

The song isn't the only factor,

My then in laws were CIA trainees under former Deputy Director Ray Cline. Cline gave President Kennedy the very surveillance photos of Cuba that started the blockade and cold war, why? Russia put nuclear missiles in reach of Miami, it would have taken less than 5 minutes to obliterate Miami.

Later on Cline in 1989, started the United States Global Strategy Council and as I married Leonda Emmerich, her mom’s sister, Janet & her husband, joined the council, serving directly to Cline, no one else between for almost 5 years. Janet and Chris Morris went on to start, M2 Technologies Inc. and that quickly became the #1 Non-Lethal Technology company nationwide after 91101. Most notably for bringing from then communist Russia, Psychological, Digital and infrasound warfare tools not seen in the USA before. Those tools can make anyone hear voices.

July 1984 Janet and I shared my bed, I was 16 she, almost 40. We discussed a book that she eventually released August 23, 1984, "The 40 Minute War" about 20 Islamic Saudi terrorists hijacking a jet and terrorizing Washington DC.

The book became reality with 4 jets 16 years later.

So, my song definitely is about 9/11/01 and if Trump gets his way, our story will become national in a very public way, and I'm mostly prepared.


William Mahler