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What If It All Means Something In This LIfe

Music and me are kindred karma ying yang blood and soul spirits always have been am now and forever will be throughout endless time. "McKenzie" of Massachusetts and a member of OKCupid I found to be a kindred spirit to my one time secret crush and musical inspiration Chantal Kreviazuk and her song of devotion, love, faith and endless dedication of her lover, in the smash, "In This Life" from 2003's "What If It All Means Something" of which was my musical girlfriend in the form of both a CD and MP3 and news of Chantal and an email to compliment her and let her know "In This Life" is so inspiring, I recorded "Let Me Show You" a song that perhaps only I can say where and how it is much like Chantals song long before she and anyone else could actually make a audio and lyrical connection but it's there. McKenzie at 25 and in Allston is very much physically similar to Chantal but entirely uniquely her own pretty self and perhaps, can give me reason to laugh hysterically again at the littlest things, something she loves about stand up comedy. Its a message in her OkCupid box like the dozens of unique individual thought out intros that never hint at being a sexual male pig or stuck up snobby male idiot imho. I get that from reading posts here, there and listening to good honest music like Chantals "In This Life" and sometime in your near future life, you tune into "What If It All Means Something" by Chantal Kreviazuk.

William Mahler https://mahlers.net https://reverbnation.com/williammahler 17743144121 Cape Cod, MA.

The Day That Music Really Did Die

An excellent read at the NYTimes about the devasting loss of music in a fire is why I leave you this response left in a discussion forum.

Just reading that beyond excellent full length aritcle really made me realize just how massive a job ASCAP has sampling the waves for each artist. The sheer size is almost as if I have more time to walk around the Earth once or twice in my lifetime and actually accomplish that feat than I would to listen to one thousanths of a sheer millions of the music that exists in any form, memory or out of a instrument live and every way between. As a musician myself, i am but one unseen individual drop of water gushing from Niagara Falls in an hour but I'm there. Sure that's an overstatement but I hope that gets you to thinking of exactly how precious beyond spoken and written words all that music, lost forever is and how vitally inseparable music is to everyone ever to before and for the rest of mankind to be is. Take the music away and just consider it an outright emotional, psychological and eventually physically detonated nuclear grenade from inside a persons soul and I most humbly sincerely mean that fully. Maybe it's the fact that i have a new DNA dad and my best friend is going through pace maker surgery but I am left with tears streaming down my face.

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/11/magazine/universal-fire-master-recordings.html From: William Mahler

23AndMe DNA Results, I'm Not A Mahler, I'm A Romano Part II

November 11, 2020

My ma feels like the past is going to bit her in the ass.

My father, Richard Mahler seemed happy on the phone.

My best friend and mentor of whom at 80 absorbed the whole sorted detail with the most shock on par with me.

My attorney got an earful that barely included any breath.

A potential landlord in Revere, Massachusetts listened with complete understanding as she is a professional social worker so for 1/2 hour I pitched myself from a gut punch into her perspective quiet apartment life where she works from home and her 17-year young daughter is also going to be present. No time for this is what she is probably thinking. Good god the things I can and will probably be faced with.

The Romano's are shocked, as Clem in response to me offering a 23AndMe DNA kit said "do what you got to do". His wife, Carol was completely in control never once faltering in her demeanor over the phone but a bit taken by surprise. As for my sister Allison, she's 45 and in Clems words "she's beautiful", legally blind and has type 1 diabetes. We've not spoken yet. God only knows there is probably true innocence left in this world within Allison.

Clem has Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer so do i see a contributing role once God takes him in my life? I do..but for now, we are new to each other on our collective asses from this informal unplanned bombshell phone call so for the next week as Carol said, "we are busy”.

My Mahler family has not spoken with me in years other than Richard, my "dad" and after this news, i bid adieu to all of them in voice mail for those with systems that actually work. No matter how many times or how I tried to reach out, never a response, even from my own 1/2 brothers and my niece and nephew. So it's a dead end that I long a time ago, should've left and walked away. I am almost certain that if I ever won millions in the lottery, each of them would swallow it and find me.

The only real family I have is my ma, my "dad" and my best friend, the three of us speak almost daily.

There ya have it.

23AndMe DNA Results, I'm Not A Mahler, I'm A Romano Part I

http://www.23andme.com got my ancestry totally wrong. I am 1/2 Polish as my mothers father came from Poland. 23 And me says I am not German as well as my father’s father is 100% American German. 23AndMe has me as Italian, Portuguese, English, Irish, Sardinian, Iranian, African & Asian. 23AndMe says I am related to Marie Antoinette, have Taylors, Markels, Harris’s, Edelman & Romanos in my line. 23AndMe makes my brother from the same mother as my 1/2 brother and his son is my 1st cousin. They got the health report wrong too.

My ma told me today that Richard Mahler is my father in name only for a blood test back circa 1967 proved he's not my biological father. They kept it secret til today November 9, 2020. My real father is a 79 year old man by the last name of Romano living in Fall River, MA. close by. My 1/2 sister is 45 years old and legally blind but beautiful according to Clement Romano my DNA dad.

The shock has been getting me to talk non stop with complete strangers today, non stop.

Who I thought was my full brother is my 1/2 brother, his son is partly my nephew and my first cousin as his sister is partly my niece and first cousin.

The entire Mahler line is not my line at all.

I'm utterly dumbfounded and saddened.

I feel as if I just got whacked by a baseball bat with a swing from a major league home run hitter both psychologically and emotionally. I'm cast adrift in a mess of what the f**! and complete surprise. 23AndMe.Com a DNA matching company insists i am not a Mahler by DNA at all whatsoever. I am an Italian with the DNA paternal last name of Romano. My DNA father has Parkinson's, prostate cancer, my 1/2 sister is 45 years old, legally blind and has type 1 diabetes. Her ma Carol is floored and had nothing to do with Clement during the 1960's as my ma was with him exclusively prior to meeting my "adopted" father, Richard Mahler. Everything about me that I grew to know and love is completely false of my supposed German/English heritage. Gustav Mahler? Not a chance. I learned there are two Taylors in my family, a Markel in California, a Harris in the Midwest and all are 4th cousins. Meghan Markel, Kamala Harris and Roger Taylor is a stretch but that's not all. Although my ma is polish, I am directly related to Marie Antionette and the current Queen of England’s husband by so many generations, I could marry a royal and get away with it. I feel helplessly cast adrift, not knowing anything at all whatsoever other than what you read here. My mouth has been non stop on the phone with complete strangers about the subject, nearly 95% of the talk all from my compensating mind out my mouth. I'm floored absolutely floored. If this is what floored feels like my head is numb. I can't cry, I can't laugh, I cant sing, I can't do anything but barely deal with this. To put the cherry on top, ASCAP at my request cut ties with me officially today and inside this week I'll be a full-fledged member of BMI, a company extremely friendly with ReverbNation and Reverbs 5+ million artists including Queen unlike the complete opposite ASCAP.

Crowd Reviews

Love it!

“On "Any Day" Now this is cool. I feel like I'm listening to AM radio in 1947. There was a bar/game room when I was a kid, and we're talking 1977 here. Anyway, there was a bar where a guy who sounded a lot like this, would come in and play for drinks, change and joints. The dude was probably, at the time, in his mid- 50's. So yeah, this is absolutely a throwback. Work like this isn't even made anymore. 10/10. The instruments are well played and the sound is clear. I like the way the artist flows with the beat. The vocals are well on point and the theme is well presented.”


What I believed ASCAP to be doing for me since 2003 was actually collecting $$$.

Actually watching what I have no power over, how my music gets from point A to B to C to D. 7.5 billion people on Earth circa fall 2016 and with less than 10 downloads of "Words Called Love" known to happen from now defunct Mahlers.Com back in summer 2004 and with less than 10 streams of "Words Called Love" via ReverbNation and, I say again, 7.5 billion people, there I was performing four seconds of the piano intro, nothing else and a complete stranger in plain view of me yells out "Words Called Love" How that happen and where's ASCAP?

"Regardless" another song recorded and released for 3 months summer 2004 and approx. 1 1/2 years later 1000 miles from my home and studio, at a bus station I performed only less than 5 seconds of the intro, all harmonica nothing else and two people both told me the title "Regardless"

Where's ASCAP.

Bruce Springsteen samples my song "Freedom" released to his newsgroup in GoogleGroups.Com on 9/19/01 as well as soc.culture.usa and alt.music.queen and in 2005 Bruce releases a very twin copy of my harmonica solo in his grammy nominated "Devils & Dust" No credit to me whatsoever and ASCAP refused to do anything at all. IMHO, I am a well placed mini nuke when it comes to attention it seems.

Should I leave ASCAP?


ASCAP flat out told me ASCAP doesn't do anything with the best indie company on the net, ReverbNation and I'm not leaving Reverb but it appears BMI does.

How say you?

Of "Outshining The Sun" Part I


I write to you today in hopes that you will peruse and write of my 27 song 2 ½ hour digital release “Outshining The Sun” online at https://mahlers.net and https://reverbnation.com/williammahler “Outshining The Sun” is currently being distributed to every major online retailer spanning the entire globe including Spotify, Deezer and Ultimate China and a couple dozens more too.

Originally, I was born 1967 in Weymouth but moved to Eastham early 1968 and remained a Cape Codder for most of my entire life, residing in all towns Yarmouth, Hyannis, Dennis & Mashpee as well as Sandwich for a spell too.

“Outshining The Sun” was primarily created, performed and recorded in downtown Hyannis between 2001 – 2004. On Ocean Street & Breakwater Shores Drive, in my apartment off of Sea Street Ext. and at the famed Prodigal Son coffee house (where Ocean Street Café is in Hyannis now). Mostly done within one to two takes and usually with a live audience. It’s raw, gritty and compassionate about the surroundings and people the album as a whole is about.

Daniel Langlais of Harwich and Audrey Lee Randall – Kelly of West Yarmouth contributed on three of the songs, guitars and vocals, otherwise it’s all me, harmonica, piano, drums and vocals, sometimes a-Capella. Er for I cannot write about this without giving credit to my ex-wife Leonda Emmerich who served as my best friend and idea person, main supporter while this music was made. In fact, in the song “Excuse Me” recorded at one am on Ocean Street, she is heard yelling “watch out for that car” as I was inches from being run over on the side of the street. She was responsible for many a photograph and mending a bruised ego or two during the whole four year span as my wife, confidant and best friend. She fell in love with a one time teenage boyfriend of the 1980’s and we divorced by March 2008, effectively ending a rocky 17 year marriage.

The music is a testament to modern times, working by myself mostly, alone from writing, recording, editing, mixing, all production and media relations including countless posts into the Usenet known as Google Groups and email via YahooGroups (soon to be dysfunctional, Yahoo is shuttering the infamous site come December 15th of this year).

I’ve covered two beloved acts, Queen & Warren Zevon and both songs, Queens dramatically and radically re-arranged “Spread Your Wings” from 1977 and Warrens “Keep Me In Your Heart For A While” made its debut on his final release “The Wind” the last song on the opus, shortly before he passed from cancer, RIP.

Of "Outshining The Sun" Part II

“Prelude To September 11, 2001 – Leonda (I’m Coming Home)” if you can believe, created and released two weeks before 9/11/01 is a cryptic song about the nations worst tragedy. The family owned company I was a volunteer for since its inception summer 1984, M2 Technologies Inc. became a focal point of the Bush administration with the presidents use of the term “weapons of mass destruction” from our three person document “weapons of mass protection” penned summer j1984 and in the possession of the terrorist leaders, culled from our websites, both now defunct, Mahlers.Com and M2Tech.US. M2 Technologies Inc and its presence is along side Janet & Christopher Morris in Facebook. Their suspense thriller “The 40 Minute War” of which I was a party to in July 1984 became a near direct bullseye sixteen years later, for it dealt with a runaway jet commandeered by twenty Saudi Arabian Islamic State terrorists hell bent on destroying Washington DC. Had the 5th jet on 9/11/01 actually made it to the skies, “The 40 Minute War” would be the mostly accurate prediction to US history, over a decade prior. My song, is a testament to premonitionary mind sets and is all about being the lucky one to come home during September 11, 2001. One night two years later while eating dinner with my wife at Friendlys of Hyannis, the song was broadcast via satellite but performed by my all time favorite drummer from Europe, Roger Taylor, solo from his full time job in legendary band, Queen. His rendition stayed true to mine, with a unknown singer and a drum beat to the a-Capella song. The dozen or so people in the establishment ate as one man recognized me and asked me what I thought of the rendition. I was beyond elated.

“Merry Christmas To You” is dedicated to the 347,000 lives lost during the biggest tsunami since the dinosaurs ruled the Earth, BC, created at home in South Yarmouth, less than 12 hours before the December 25th southeast Asian 9.5 earthquake. The song at its end moves like waves with the words “storm warning” coming from my Hohner Blues G harmonica along the sung words “these waves are crashing down and all I remember is, lying on the ground”. Also for the lives lost at sea off the coast of Rhode Island, a fishing vessel and all it’s crew sank Christmas Eve 2004.

“No Highway” was as I was told by Virginia media after the arrest of the two snipers responsible for dozens of murders at gas stations, is all about the two of them, as if it were speaking to them to give up and “No Highway” was created with collaborator guitarist Daniel Langlais and I in front of a live audience, Prodigal Son October 2002.

“Regardless” is a song that had a limited release in summer 2004 on the internet, downloaded less than 50 times worldwide in almost three months. Come early winter 2005 in Raleigh, North Carolina, as my wife Leonda sat by my side at a bus station sidewalk, two lovers told me the title of this song, “Regardless” within four second of hearing the harmonica intro. Incredible how the internet works. Joe Walsh of The Eagles reportedly tried this song with the Eagles as it has been referred to being one of their own catalog. “Regardless” is dedicated to my younger step brother, Massachusetts State Police detective, US Army Airborne Ranger Persian Gulf war veteran and grandfather to my niece, Tom Forest, from Yarmouth Port, calling Otis, MA. out in the west side of the state his home with his attorney wife Julie and their two police children, both married, Cameron and Ashley along with Ashley’s two small children.

“What Do You Know” created and performed, recorded at the Prodigal Son with a live audience, the night before Johnny Cash went to heaven, speaks of Bruce Springsteen and Melissa Etheridge in a prescient way for they both made choices in their professional and personal lives within days to weeks after the song debuted on the internet that reflect the songs story partly about the both of them.

Of "Outshining The Sun" Part III

“Freedom” is a duet between collaborator Audrey Lee Randall – Kelly and I one week after 9/11/01 at the Prodigal Son coffee house with a subdued audience, in shock like the two of us on stage from the week before. The song became a hit on the internet, inspiring my idol Bruce Springsteen to create a near similar solo in his 2005 Grammy nominated song “Devils & Dust”, also nominated for best song and album of the year.

There ‘s much to listen to on this sparse, bleak and really quiet instrumental album but livens up with cuts such as “Any Day” with a chorus sang as if “Lonesome Day” by Bruce Springsteen is evident when the notes to the title are held in much the same delivery as Bruce’s classic from “The Rising”.

“Act Of Mercy”, the lead off song on “Outshining The Sun” is a harmonica and vocal piece, bordering on grandiose with bluegrass/rock roots reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen circa 1975 and his all time classic opus “Born To Run” being his vocal delivery in the master of an album. So much so, Bruce sound checked “Act Of Mercy” in 2005 and it’s reported to be part of his upcoming Tracks II box set, in a few years. I heard his rendition via satellite radio while pumping gas in Hyannis from overhead in the p.a. system by Dunkin Donuts / Speedway on the corner of Route 28 and Bearses Way, early spring 2004, months after the songs debut live performance, late summer 2003 in Hyannis. “Act Of Mercy” made its way to the creative processes of U2 & Melissa Etheridge, both releasing their adaptations of the songs subject within a years time separately with the title “Mercy”.

All this time, I’ve lived a quiet, low key life, light years removed from the star life so often believed to be of musicians, after all I’m just a plain guy.

I dabble in Real Estate, mental health and web development while earning my meat and potatoes over the years on and off as a landscaper for Mid Cape Nurseries of Yarmouth Port, MA and Turf’s Up of Bourne, one time of Sandwich. I’ve also been a culinary arts student to the Massachusetts National Guard, honorably discharge to train for Airborne Infantry of the US Army, only to receive a medical discharge, the loud music took it’s toll on my hearing,thus, unable to hear the enemy if that were to have ever occurred.

I’m not going to get into politics but I will say its more than time for a change I voted for Biden & Harris.

The Cape is forever my home and although I’m staying in Worcester, I have no plans to abandon Cape Cod forever.

I hope you give my album a fair shake with an unbiased unassuming go at the music presented. The lyrics are all at https://mahlers.net/outshiningthesunwords.htm while it streams in its entirety at https://mahlers.net and https://reverbnation.com/williammahler also found in Deezer and Spotify along with dozens others coming within days of this writing worldwide.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the music, feel free to contact me anytime.


William Mahler 1-774-314-4121 PO Box 866 West Yarmouth, MA 02673

Sad Time In Modern Journalism History

Sad time in US journalism history.

The once fair and balanced Fox News network has fallen from grace. Once entertaining and informing with Shepard Smith now Fox News is a laughing stock of broadcast news.

Every show airs in some minor difference the exact same story scrutinized to the finest ridiculous detail and to make matters worse, it is truly in favor of the worst president since Nixon, becoming Trumps dog.

Fox,News you deserved to be removed from DISH Network and you will eventually pay a heavy price for constantly supporting a man unfit to be president, your blind devotion to Trump sickens me and even worse, convinces unsuspecting honest Americans that Trump is good for this country, all in the name of money and ratings.

Good riddance


There is a good honest reason why I managed to include CNN in a song of mine known as "Rip It" created and recorded first time anywhere and with a live audience,

I turned on CNN