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Stand Up For Heroes 2020 & Much More Part 2/2

"Long Walk Home" hit home today, a stranger amongst my own hometown and sitting with a stranger, "Robin" seemingly he faked his death rather than face the world as a stroke victim but let's just believe he's looking like RIP Robin Williams, a long walk home.

"See You In My Dreams". That's the song Patti got up close to Bruce's microphone and together they countered each others words in unison and solo during the chorus making this a interpersonal love song that speaks fluently as a more than coherent resignation to the eventual day when both of them are in Rock & Roll Heaven with the troops of whom the whole hour long special is for.

As for you the troops, my step brother a Persian Gulf War Army Airborne Ranger / MP / Intelligence / Armor veteran, as myself not there but honorably discharged from the National Guard serving stateside and out in June 1988, to my uncle whom died in Vietnam, to my stepfather a officer on a tin can in the Pacific during peace time to my best friend and mentor a Army medic that suited up as a Jewish American in a Nazi SS uniform to go undercover to Argentina looking for Hitler and Nazis, (he massacred them with his bare hands so the story goes), to you the soldiers who are here in the states, I thank you for your efforts to keep me and everyone else relatively at peace here in the States and let this be known thanks to the troops, America can be at odds with each other at bloody odds with each other instead of executed for not being Communist enough here in what would be The United Union Of Amerika.

A shout out goes to my ex in-laws, business partners and mentors Janet & Christopher Morris, their one on one mentor former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency Ray S. Cline and everyone who dared to create art and music. IF not for you, there'd would have been no dead center bullseye sixteen years and two week ahead of time first hand complete buried in book and music knowledge of the greatest American tragedy since the Revolution of America's independence, September 11, 2001. Honestly are Janet, Chris and I purposely to feel we three are the only ones that had to say the least an inkling of knowledge in summer 1984? We did and I am convinced we are not alone but yet I am to this day not knowing of anyone who really did. Isolation will do that to you be it by Gods design or your own. "Long Walk Home" indeed Bruce.

William K. Mahler Cape Cod, MA. https://reverbnation.com/williammahler https://mahlers.net

Three Cape Codders Neck Deep In The 16 Year Prelude To September 11, 2001

I ask everybody from the September 11, 2001 areas of New York, Washington DC & Pennsylvania this question: For the record: I helped an author write a bullseye book all about September 11, 2001 and it was publicly released worldwide August 23, 1984 "The 40 Minute War" in addition as a musician, I am the sole creator of "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" a cryptic 2 week in advance bullseye about September 11, 2001 and internationally released August 29, 2001. and for the record, George W Bush got his "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" from me and my business partners and now ex-inlaws as of 2008 but at the time in 1984 our document "Weapons Of Mass Protection" In my humble opinion, September 11, 2001 could have been completely avoided but nobody listened. What could you possibly want to do with an infomaniac such as I, who feels as if I let down the entire nation but walks with his head even keeled at all times always looking back with a sense of accomplishment yet knowing it was light years apparently from being enough. What could I possibly do to let my soul at ease and move on from the failures me and my ex-in-laws live with. Both of them are CiA backed and trained since 1989. Do I completely turn you off? I'm not for the weak minded whatsoever and I actually love myself about this, it's the only way I can legitimately survive. With that gut punch in your mind now, how do you feel? How do I possibly appeal to you?

U2 & Melissa Etheridge "Act Of Mercy"

Leave it totally to the karma of the internet and at the least sheer coincidence, maybe not.

May of 2004 I wrote a piece entitled "A HINT" about being disabled and empowerment. Left in www.googlegroups.com in alt.music.u2 and alt.fan.u2 I had little expectation for anything other than fans reading what on the streets such talk would mean an audience but also condemnation from the powers that be or so it seems. I had already released back during the tale end of 2003 a new song "Act Of Mercy' about paying the dues of a life of mistakes but also loving a complete stranger before jail. The song could easily be taken from both sides, man and woman but is sang from a male, me. Well, much to my clear calm attention, outside the deck to the Prodigal Son of Ocean Street, Hyannis, I stood one summer night 2004 and none other than (among the crowd) walked up but Bono and Larry Mullijn. No one snapped to attention or glanced at them anymore than passing strangers but I knew instantly who Bono & Larry were as I greeted them both at the side door. Larry, Bono and I stood shoulder to touching shoulder for the better part of 15 minutes in the sardine in a can packed closet sized coffee house, front and center row while on a tiny stage a full band played original music. God's honest truth no one batted an eye or looked at either of them as stars but more like one of the locals whom could be anybody. That's the surprising thing about it.

Come fall 2004, I heard "Miracle Drug" on their new album and I may be the only one to know this, but that song moves every nano second note of it to "A HINT" written months before. Bono is on record as saying "Miracle Drug" is dedicated to a friend of his in a wheelchair somewhere in Ireland, I don't remember exactly where. Not only that but a mega popular unreleased dance song from both U2 and another artist of whom I've connected with, Melissa Etheridge each of these people have their own sides to a relationship in "Mercy" in my opinion my "Act Of Mercy".

Yet on the streets of Cape Cod, nobody knows me for anything other than a landscaper, cook, uncle and part time musician, not a word of this story made the press or my families ears.

I love it, you know it now, one of my happy stories during a time wnen even on stage or at home, I was totally alone until U2 & Melissa Etheridge took notice.

William Mahler https://mahlers.net https://reverbnation.com/williammahler

Calling All Musicians, if You Want To Tell The Story Of Your Life...

Not here to boast but consider that my digital release first hit the wave and net back circa 2001 - 2004 and has more than 1,600 streams in less than this month alone from ReverbNation, odds are, a all out full band effort of old and new should take place.

There is a newly built top tier establishment known as www.musicroomcapecod.com in the right ventrical heart of touristy mid Cape Cod of Massachusetts. So big in fact, it seems Queen is backing this eatery/pro studio, 100 seat venue around since earlier 2020 but due to Covid is yet to open for business as a eatery and performance venue.

I've got a great engineer and more in Anthony Bonelli as he is a Berklee grad who at one time shortly before Covid19 operated the most economically friendly studio in all of Cape Cod & The Islands at Mode4Music. Before time takes his Alzheimer's mind, I will approach drummer and singer Lou Cataldo legendary to Massachusetts for "Space Pussy", "The Freeze" & "Stillwater" to name a few of his dozens of all genre efforts spanning decades. So, nothing in written contract yet, just the plan of releasing a full band album, at least 20 songs for little purchase price to the consumer as it should be. 27 songs 2 1/2 hours of "Outshining The Sun" goes for no more than $9.95 everywhere and not a dime reported just massive airplay in places where I get noticed by the big leagues, from the kid in his bedroom to the media giants on par with Billboard, Rolling Stone & New York Times too.

I'd be perfectly content to have a mini disc recorder and electronic condenser microphone strategically placed in a loud warehouse or garage only to release that officially.

So, if you think you can remain sober, care to put your life story into a piece that takes aim at the completely wrong side of law enforcement and medical care...find me.

William Mahler william@mahlers.net Cape Cod, MA.

Being A Musician On Cape Cod &....

Me, performer? Honest to Gods truth, keeping musicians as a cohesive growing democratic team and sober on Cape Cod is next to impossible since I've been a fan to lead singer in many bands. There is now, officially as of this year, a bonafide www.capecodmusicroom.com complete with an eatery/studio/performance venue that has yet to open due to Covid19 smack dab in the right ventricle of the Mid Cape Cod heart of everything touristy, and it is grade A top level beyond my and any other artists wildest dreams to happen on Cape Cod,year round unlike the oldies and off the charts artists that now evaporated at the Melody Tent. With exception to Melissa Etheridge and Siobhan Magnus, there hasn't been a real rock star status act there in eons and that is talking of all genres. Music Room Cape Cod is everything even U2, Springsteen and I easily say Mammoth WVH shows up at to record and perform.

No, I don't have more than probably if I had to string total time in a row, a full month non stop every nano second from day one midnight to day 31 midnight of time on stage plain and simple, a full month non stop spanning my entire lifetime. Wow, wanna try me with a rather big band such as Journey or Queen of whom I can totally rely on to actually get the music correct? I've never had a pro band to fall back on and they fall back on me. The closest I've had is a bunch of drunk, rockcane, bitchy people who easily made it through the most covered songs of all time such as Brown Eyed Girl and "Satisfaction" or "Walk This Way" whereas with a pro coherent band, we'll be the New England Patriots of the rock and roll industry with me up front and center.

The Future King Of Guitar Rock Is Officially Here

Mr. Wolfgang Van Halen,

Great and impressive song debut in "Distance" I heard today a little while ago via www.rollingstone.com

Stay with the vocal emotion with everything you do okay? It's clearly why "Distance" is close to my memory and why I am here writing to you okay?

I'm fortunate to have a new dna match father, a step father and a newly known as an adoptive life long father and unlike your father, all are alive in good condition.

I lost my brother Troy, a huge factor in my life due to his use of drugs and alcohol back in June 2011 and lost a huge part of my life, for the better and worst of it when he died in his sleep.

From all the happy moments in the "Distance' video also at Rolling Stone, there is no doubt room for dark memories and perhaps we'll all hear the blunt rock and roll emotional release when Wolfgang's full length release is rightfully on every shelf, digital and physical, every rock and roll airwave round the world and understand this, his sound is entirely his, nothing like any EVH but clearly, Eddie, Alex, Mike, David, Sammy and Valerie taught Wolfgang to survive the music world and he is the King of guitar rock in wait.

To anyone else, "Distance" is without a shadow of a doubt, going to be nominated for best rock song and most likely best rock album in 2021, it’s that plain honest rock and roll to the soul good, best rock song that I'm going to obtain with my money since 2016, I can only hope to accomplish that feat at www.musicroomcapecod.com a eatery/studio/performance venue in the heart of touristy West Yarmouth of Cape Cod, the same Cape Cod Coliseum Van Halen performed at prior to Diver Down if memory serves me correct.

Long live the future King of Rock, Mammoth WVH

William Mahler https://mahlers.net

Bruce Springsteen & I Part 1/2

Am a natural Cape Cod made musician since AM Mono radio was the majority norm.

Bruce Springsteen has been a huge factor in my life since first introduced officially during my teen years, shortly before "Nebraska" was released. I've released a 27 song 2 1/2 hour digital album recorded between 2001 - 2004 and imho, you can hear Bruce's influence entirely throughout each song including a Zevon & Queen cover. Back in September 19, 2001 Audrey Lee Kelly and I plugged in at a quiet, scared and somber coffee house and literally only knowing the key would be G and scratch lyrics, we managed to pull off 'Freedom" complete with an impromptu jam at the end. GoogleGroups.Com and rec.music.arists.springsteen among dozens of groups was made aware the same night of "Freedom", "Soul" & Audreys tear jerker, "Been Down This Road Before" so much so, the harmonica in G solo entirely mine, Bruce used to be tower two in "Devils And Dust" from my tower one in "Freedom".

October 19, 2002, a new friend and collaborator Daniel Lee Langlais and I only knew we'd be in G and had stage time at open mic at the same venue I'd been at since Audrey and I over a year prior. Dan & I managed to create a outright dark, brooding 11+ minute song known as "No Highway" one week before it became apparent the song was and is entirely about the Virginia Gas station snipers as reported by law enforcement and a few media outlets soon after their capture by the side of a highway no less. The song "No Highway" could easily be mistaken almost entirely for Bruce Springsteen complete with brief wails at the end that imho, only became reality because of the far greater songs, "Jungleland" & "Backstreets" as well as "Something In The Night"

Today, I finally got back to needing a Bruce Fix so I happily spent $9.95 on the April 28, 2008 "Magic" show in Greensboro, NC for the setlist has a great mix. To much of my complete attentive yet total jaw dropped surprise as well as astonished, the title track "Magic" was performed with a huge nod to "No Highway". So, I'm happy, to tell the truth, GreasyLake.Org yanked my legit post as if someone is scared of management, and certainly my "To Bill Lets Rock Bruce Springsteen” autograph is now more than ever, a contract of sorts even if he never once imagined back in spring of 1983 I'd cover he and he'd cover me too much less to be on the internet.

Bruce Springsteen & I Part 2/2

"Act Of Mercy" is a first time performance of mine, captured live on stage with a packed loud audience at the Prodigal Son coffee house, late summer 2003. By summer 2004, I heard Bruce cover most of it via satellite radio while pumping gas I stood there alone in Hyannis listening to his added drums, guitar and bass to the harmonica and vocals that sounded note for note as I did it originally. Shortly thereafter, word got out that Bruce sound checked a new song, a mix of "Thunder Road" & "Badlands" in 2004 during the Vote For Change tour. and it may be on Tracks II I heard and read circa 2016. Both songs amply match the flow of mine.

If so, firstly, he's got my permission, that is guaranteed, secondly, I am approachable, as he no doubt has got little to do compared to the titan sized demand for his attention, I guess it's a part of maximizing and the ability to simplify life, as easy as operating an email program, much less build one and hand it out to all.

"Letter To You" is the clear runaway favorite of America right now in places thieves and borrowers and buyers frequent and I anticipate a Grammy winning performance, contrary to my slam of the release a month ago. It speaks as any unique familiar Bruce & Co album does and entirely moves note for note. The opening track is the best I've heard as such since he showed guts with "Ain't Got You" being almost entirely a vocal piece.

So, ya, Bruce, 'Kudos" and expect a completely all out rock and roll on par with your E Street release coming from me in under 3 years contrary to the "Nebraska" meets "Devils & Dust" album of mine everywhere known as "Outshining The Sun" by William Mahler

That fellow Bruce fans is coming from me, a quiet guy that got lucky today and yanked a prize of a live concert out of Bruce's catalog and is never ever going to forget it too. LOL

William Mahler Cape Cod, MA https://mahlers.net https://reverbnation.com/williammahler

From The Economically Challenged On The Current State Of USA Affairs Part I Of 2

Copied and pasted from musician site "Just Plain Folks" and taken out of context in response to Brian Whitneys general yet specific words of illegal aliens, the deficit and medicare for all along with taxes.

My level headed response for you.

In rebuttal of Mr. Whitneys assessment of all things economic and newcomers to the USA. Is 27 trillion that big? Is it humanly possible to say to ourselves, "consider it a lost lottery ticket that didn't win and get over it" ya it's big, but can anyone tell me why we actually owe ourselves this money when a vast majority is spent without seemingly being outright earned US tax dollars but free services on the condition it gets paid entirely but never actually will with so much as a miniscule dent in that payment to be significantly noticed anyways? Do you think twice about spending money on guitar strings even when its a choice between food and equipment that can bring you at least a sandwich and glass of milk at best even nowadays in a near deserted Sunday afternoon coffee house? Am I that out of touch with Covid and it's devastating effects? For perspective, Mr. Trump has promised federal dollars to largely pay for $1 Billion dollars to replace two vital artery connectors to the Massachusetts mainland from tourist and economic lifeline to Massachusetts Cape Cod and even with no foreseeable new taxes mentioned from anyone coming out of anywhere, where is this money coming from? IMHO, we could live with the current bridges another decade easily and more with affordable care and no doubt the new construction of two new bridges will spell economic disaster for the lower middle class and working poor for there will be local and state taxes regardless of who's in the White House beginning with gas taxes untold for decades. Massive lines of endless traffic during the off peak winter season effectively putting the water ways and airways into overdrive unlike anytime before. At least Biden is going to tax earners of 400K and more and is going to make Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Alphabet, Exxon, and former President Trump pay a huge amount vastly more than they do now and will be utterly, undeniably fair about it too. Care to say a minimum wage worker should have to pay 6% in state and even more Federally as it stands under Trump and every pres, governor since the eighties?

From The Economically Challenged On The Current State Of USA Affairs Part 2 Of 2

As for those money sucking illegal aliens you so vehemently seem to not want in this country, they are here, get over it, do you honestly know how many Americans leave here for greener pastures and there are plenty of those places outside this near dictatorship, soul crushing leadership governed not by the people but by merciless corporations, health care leaders and brainless clueless to reality political heads? Thank God I say Biden did get in, I personally believe he has a humanitarian soul as does Harris, unlike lapdog yes man Pence and the utterly delusional ever lying Trump. Trump does get personal brownie points, he literallly changed the veterans admin and lowered considerably health care costs for insulin and seniors, saving my fathers breathing living life and relaxing my insulin dependant 80 year young friends grip on near full time employement. Other than that and lowering the fed corporate tax rate, has he done anything soulful, meaningful for the working poor, no and I'll easily rebutt any weak attempt otherwise from anyone for there has been none other than a media friendly signatory once in awhile move for people of color and women, unlike the movement that fully supports to the largest degree Indian/Black VP Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. In regards to Medicare for all and its emptying the bankroll over night, it's already empty, on borrowed money and woefully lopsided. Medicaid in Mass means $3USD prescriptions for nearly everything, virtually little or no health care costs out of pocket meanwhile, those with Tufts, BlueCross/Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim and the likes are paying way over the top for prescriptions and general out of pocket health care while earning less than $50K and more than $25K easily. Totally and undeniably the insurance companies are not playing with a level field and making the lower middle income workers pay for the poor whom have under the table jobs, play the lottery and never ending drinking and drugging problems taking a huge bite out of the healthcare system that does little or next to nothing meaningful outside a court ordered three day obligatory stay in a mental hospital or two week rehab for drug toxicity on heroin, cocaine, ecstacy and alchohol dependency but outright hold prisoner for untold amounts of time those with no drug and alcohol problems who stand in question as to whether or not a person is mentally ill with a have total unconditional blind faith or else mentality delivering caulking gun for needle medicine that is by far and large unanimously causing greater harm than the little good peddled and believed as lifesaving by a trigger happy society towards the over ,misdiagnosed mass public with a tiny number of truly violent people being the media darlings causing such wasteful spending. So, as far as Medicare for all goes, whether or not it's a level economic playing field that Medicare for all can be or the stuck high up and way low see saw it is now it really makes no significant impact now or later as to how we proceed but change must take place if not economically, at the very least how we treat ourselves and the real priorities so widely missed in target,. Whitney, its easy to blast as you have, but back it up with a dose of clear reality as i have here.