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Life As A Mental Patient Part 18

U2 & Melissa Etheridge each in turn wrote their personal views and takes on relationships of the opposite sex and named their fan favorite songs “Mercy” shortly after “Act Of Mercy” was first ever performed and in front of a coffee house packed audience too. During early spring of 2004, while U2 was creating the grammy award winning “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb” release, the band took the time and effort to record “Miracle Drug” a blueprint rendition of my spoken word and written rant left in U2 newsgroups entitled “A Hint”, giving a huge nod to anyone disabled. Bono went on record to say “Miracle Drug” is dedicated to a personal friend confined to a wheelchair. Also that same year, both Bono and Larry Mullin took time to visit the coffee house known in Hyannis as “The Prodigal Son’ during a open microphone Wednesday evening annual weekly event. The both of them stood shoulder to shoulder with me on each side as we all stood intently listening to a local act. Honestly, nor one autograph or celebrity gazing patron acknowledged their worldwide known status. “Rip it” is a co – authored acoustic rock song that became known as an ode and dedicated to the US Army Airborne. Within five years, an energy drink of the same name became public and one of its first known supporters and supported is the Airborne of the US Army. The renaissance blues rock and roll band Blackmore’s Night honored both Janet & Christopher Morris with a instrumental released publicly in 2003 on “Ghost Of A Rose” known as “Mr. Peagrams Morris & Sword”. Why? Janet & Chris are renaissance fantasy authors and as usual, I wrote of them in Ritchie Blackmore’s and his wife singer songwriter Candice Nights public YahooGroup known as Blackmores Night back in late winter 2003. I was largely doing this in support of the underlying message of non – lethality all the while trying my best to avoid online publicity as being known as mentally ill but always facing that reality in court ordered psychiatric care, probation officers and family who seemed needlessly and tirelessly quick to point out my character flaws and mental illness. It got to the point where life became unenjoyable amongst family yet quietly and with dedication, I remained active as a husband, brother, son and uncle. Not so much as a hint came forth from anyone about my online activities and largely remains that way to this day,

Life As A Mental Patient Part 19

No doubt, in late winter 2000, Dr. Mike Maguire of Cape Cod Human Services got it right, I’ll get into more and more trouble and it could be argued I lived to do exactly as he said I would. A wrong chosen path but really? No, I could not wish my life on anyone and for a fact, there are countless others whom have faced worse. However, for a fact, the health care system on Cape Cod towards mental health patients is based on the same insane principles of Nazi Germany albeit watered down now known as "humane treatment? Really if that is so, can any of you explain why a small delicate woman whom was seen praying on top of a gurney was literally manhandled by two Cape Cod hospital security guards and thrown violently face first to the floor in front of my eyes? Gods honest truth, she not once did anything to come close to deserving that. The health care there on Cape Cod is "do as we say completely or we will hold you against your will, we are correct, you are argumentative, delusional and a serious threat to those around you" which is exactly what the nurse practitioner, mental health rep was saying to the woman seconds before she was slammed hard to the ground. that is modern day gestapo no doubt. In late winter 2017, I was at Cape Cod Hospital with the slightest questionable symptoms and horribly treated there. No shower for 7 days, in the same clothes, crapping in a bowl. That's what they did holding me in a white dirty security safety room. Another time in 2016 not one but two security guards said to me male and a patient female, both strangers to each other "Make a porno and we'll let you go tonight, if not, you will be committed". well if that isn’t illegal I dont know what is. CCH is the worst example of health care known in the state. Their satellite community mental health center in Pocasset equally relies on the porno industry, offering yet another strange and friendly older female and I the chance to make a “purno”. One young woman actually did. She left the facility for several hours to have stitches cleaned in her finger yet came back speaking of making a “lollipop” adult film while wiping off her left cheek a lipstick painted red heart off her face. She was discharged the next day, free to drive herself away as she had originally three days prior, voluntarily checked herself in for symptoms of depression. Of all the patients who were there due to drug overdoses, only one of nearly ten stayed longer than three days. For those with problems other than drug and alcohol related such as the defiant self that I am, time moved slowly and commitment lasted for weeks to months on end for some. The community center has barred me from ever becoming a patient largely due to my physical reaction to their attack on me to use medicine court ordered by injection. So, I rightfully beat on a few male workers for putting their forceful hands upon my body. I don’t look back on that in regret. If you look closely, you’ll see a near the eyeball skin scar on my face next to my nose from my glasses being punched into my face and that started my fists flying and mouth biting without relenting. It’s also those bad memories that get me to seemingly and unwarranted defensive towards any staff that dares hint at being confrontational in speech and physical action here in the Worcester Recovery Center, literally, I jump the gun and honestly, needlessly too as the behavior has been great towards everyone with the occasional tense moments between myself and my treatment team. To that I’ve not witnessed any foul language or any physical activity used against patients if not warranted by the patient’s own self-starting physicality towards staff, rare at that too.

Universal Health Care

The seemingly monster size discrepancy between for example "Blue Cross Blue Shield" insurance and "Medicaid" and the ever huge medical costs as we understand now and the perception a near even across the board universal health care system is seamless in its reality, together or entirely different, really how it's perception is seen publicly. With virtually zero prescription coverage from any government or private paid insurance company used by millions, the company Good RX for example dramatically lowers the price of prescriptions without insurance almost to pennies on the dollar in most cases. Not seen on Cape Cod that I'm aware of is the 2010 Fort Worth systems approach to prescription cost, charge and payment. For five dollars freely given by the hospital to me, I without seeing the $5 received a filled prescription from the hospital pharmacy and that pharmacy i restate is from the same building as the financial office who in my humble opinion was wasting time and effort for calling it paying for medicine when the same hospital merely shifted money, not payment at all. A on the average $3 prescription for Medicaid patients, $10 for Common Health care, state sponsored step up but a arm of Medicaid for those who earn over the poverty line but unable to get private insurance. My 80 year young best friend pays in full for Blue Cross but also pays after the "donut hole" an additional $350 for insulin. Until Trump did dramatically lower insulin costs to $35 for seniors, he uneasily faced the rest of his able bodied life of working over 25 hours a week. He's diabetic, type 2 and recently had a aortic valve replacement and last month pace maker put in yet he by his love the business choice, works over 25 hours a week. At least now, the sense of urgency and worry is all but removed due to the fair priced cost. The $700 ambulance ride, in total covering less than 150 yards across the Cape Cod Hospital parking lot is over the top outrageous and believe me, I think back and wonder if that bill would look great on my wall, framed. The $35 emergency room bill for two Tylenol pills that another patient wrote of also is a clear example of fraud, or is it. Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives freely to the poor, hospitals and insurance companies, private and public are modern day Robin Hoods en mass. But, to that less than minimum wage earning, life risk taking ambulance driver, no doubt, an easy $18 an hour after all taxes and insurance is taken out is long overdue. There's a fine line between fair and balanced and the known ignorance and inhumanity shown from the investors down to the weekly wage earner. No doubt universal health care has a plan to address wage discrepancy, but as of this writing, I have not read it. Socialism in its pure unharmed form does work. It's outside forces that lay it to easy ruin. Is the current situation really that bad? It's going to be awhile but ultimately our Canadian allies will continue to pave the way as to how America could truly afford universal health care, long overdue..

Fantasy Meets Reality Part 1/2

Back from 1984 til I got online and to this day I tought non lethality. The subject became huge in all areas of Queen fans before, during and after "The Cosmos Rocks" 2008 and the song "We Believe". Written in part of the hope for peace, but if you ask me, a huge nod went to non lethality. Also on that album was "Through The Night" loosely interpreted from my composition "All Through The Night" given to Roger Taylor while "The Cosmos Rocks" was being written.

If ever in the medical field, especially psychology & psychiatry, please take into account, my money maker, M2 Technologies Inc. The two people involved are extensively known as non-lethal technologists among other ventures and my former in-laws. This morning I wrote of the below to a support group involving mental illness and also gave this to both www.mindfreedom.org and www.madinamerica.com a massive grass roots campaign promoting ethical psychiatry.

It's my main focus to become a holistic care provider in a few short years.


The person of interest, mainly for psychiatry is also my business partner. Together, we spoke of a book, a bullseye of 09/11/01 sixteen years in advance of the terrrible national tragedy. She is so engrossed in her work, barely anytime in person is made for immediate family save for her husband also my business partner. Leonda Emmerich, now my former wife is this persons sole living blood relative next to her husband. Both individuals traveled on behalf of the CIA to Russia & Middle East.

Read this, and remember, those voices you hear, could be the government after all. In fact, anyone that studies audio may be aware of new technology that puts sound from entertainment where only you can hear it without physical aids such as airpods or headphones and that sound is not heard by your immediate neighbor in the same room unless the receiver is programmed to do so.

I give you this, at long last a glimpse to the end of your suffering.

Subject: Fantasy Meets Reality By Ellen C. Chahey Posted Oct 12, 2018 at 7:56 AM Updated Oct 12, 2018 at 7:57 AM She could be a character in a novel, but instead she writes them. Janet Morris of Centerville, born and raised in the town of Barnstable and a product of its public schools, has some 40 science fiction and fantasy books to her credit, many co-written with her husband Chris, as well as some historical fiction.

But for all their highly acclaimed works of imagination, she and Chris also have plumbed the depths of the very real world: military strategy through the use of non-lethal weapons. As the research director and senior fellow at the United States Global Strategy Council (USGSC) from 1989 to 1994, Janet Morris wrote several white papers about the use of non-lethal weapons such as psychological and digital warfare.

“Weapons of mass protection,” she called such strategies, “rather than chucking bigger and bigger rocks at each other.” In 1991, she visited Moscow, “where I saw Russian technology that no one in the West had ever seen before,” such as infrasound transmissions.

Fantasy Meets Reality Part 2/2

“The real cost of [conventional] war is the cost of rebuilding after it’s over,” Morris observed. So now she and Chris have their own tech company, which works with the US federal government and military on non-lethal weapons and long-term strategic planning.

The challenge in modern warfare, as Morris sees it, is “the containment of barbarism – but nobody wants to admit to being a barbarian.”

Naturally, Morris’s fiction explores the themes of conflict and power. And some it is eerily prescient. One of her novels written with Chris, “The 40-Minute War,” begins as Islamic terrorists hijack a plane and crash it into the White House – and it was written in 1984.

She said that her favorite of her novels is “I, the Sun,” a biographical novel about the Hittite king Suppiluliuma I, who reigned around 1350 B.C. “I took a crash course in Hittite before I wrote it,” she said of her preparation for the 1983 novel, and added of the king that “I learned more from him than from my whole time in Washington.”

She also reveres the Greek poet Homer, author of “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”. A bas-relief of him hangs in the Morris home.

Among her fantasy writings, she favors her “Sacred Band of Stepsons” saga of nine books (again, some co-written with her husband, 1985 to 2012). The stories explore sexuality (“Plato had suggested gay troops because if they loved each other they wouldn’t run away,” she said), including multisexuality and pansexuality. She also presents the presence of wizards and magicians as “true because that’s how people saw it.”

By the way, magic is a theme in Morris’s own life. She keeps one of those Magic 8-Balls on her desk, and said, “It’s guided every business decision I’ve ever made.”

Of writing itself, Morris said that it’s the characters that drive her work: “My characters talk to me. As long as they keep talking, you keep writing.” She credited a teacher, Robert Ellis, with giving her a “toolbox of writing skills,” and a friend, Martha Seeger (daughter-in-law of folk singer Pete), with connecting her with the agent who made her first sale.

As one more influence on her writing, she gave a shout-out to William Shakespeare: “You need a word, you make it up.”

The couple have more collaborations, too. Chris leads a rock band in which Janet plays the electric bass. And they share a love of horses, especially an almost extinct type of Morgan. “We’re trying to help save the breed,” she said. To that end, they have a farm in upstate New York where they breed Thoroughbreds, several of whom have won national and world championships. “Horses are my absolute joy. Magic. There’s nothing like exchanging breath with a horse.”

How did she come to love horses?

“I bought my first horse, Coco, for $175 at age 6,” she said, “from the Ellis family in Centerville. My parents let me earn the money by reading books and then writing reports for them. My parents taught me that there’s nothing I couldn’t do, and I think that’s the root of my idea of non-lethality.”

It may sound as though Janet Morris never stops. But she and Chris have a rich resource in their Centerville home: a picture window with a water view, where, she said, “There’s nothing to think about but tides and birds.”


Find more information on Janet Morris’s books online at: www.facebook.com/JanetMorrisandChrisMorris/


On The US Presidency

- well, i'll say trump is by far the most defensive and pre-emptive president I've ever witnessed since Nixon. He has a near hate relationship with all press except for lapdogs Fox News and they are desperately trying to distance themselves from his insistence that he won the stolen election. Barr left the job because of the backlash Trump has given almost everybody that publicly disagrees with him, he is not rational to that effect. I've not seen a president backpedaling so much in my lifetime, almost 40% of the time Trump is attacking the free press and that is largely why Biden got thumbs up from the press entirely. It's Trump disgruntled care less attitude and disregard for anyone outside of being white along with not standing against racism that makes him one of the worst presidents to ever hold office. He is a fair minded businessman, I'll say that and perhaps he'd have served far better as the commerce secretary than president. I met Biden on my turf, my hometown March 2017 and there was not anyone including secret service or police near the two of us as far as my eyes could plainly see in downtown Hyannis. He wears a huge cross and is very religious a must have to hold the office of president and Trump doesn't. As far as Iran goes, America can and I'm saying on the record, totally find itself at fault if there is nuclear war in the middle east. America is equally antagonistic and warlike even amongst ourselves, George Floyd and Brianna Taylor are victims of law enforcements reckless abuse. I love and support our military but will not for a second believe it's only defensive and doesn't start fights over there. I am for Iran having nuclear power and I do not blame them one bit for doing as they have in light of crushing needless sanctions America is all too willing to launch on anyone. Same goes for North Korea too. And I am as well as anyone else in this nation may very well be supportive of any US government. - .for a fact, my father is living and breathing solely due to trumps changes at the veterans administration. for a fact, my diabetic 80 year young best friend can relax his 30 hour a week job for he only has to pay $35 for insulin instead of the $350 he was paying on top of insurance. trump has indeed done good, i won't say anything to discredit him for those two acts but overall, well, i'm not too sure clinton would have really made an impact. i've never voted based on party, i always vote for who is most likely to get the job done fairly and for that reason i stayed out of 2016 and voted for biden this time around. - in any event, these career politicians are doing great harm in not passing corona relief, both sides are to blame.

CRI Genetics Links Me To Princess Diana & The Huns


Famous People Famous People Sharing Your mtDNA Haplogroup (Mother Lineage) A haplogroup is a group of people who share a collection of inherited genes that trace maternal (mtDNA) and paternal (Y-DNA) ancestry lines back to a single common ancestor. Your maternal haplogroup is based on your mtDNA, or mitochondrial DNA, which consists of the DNA you inherited from your mother. We use mtDNA haplogroups to trace our lineage through all our maternal-line ancestors. Thus, we can trace your mother, your mother’s mother, and beyond, all the way back to Mitochondrial Eve (MT). Both males and females inherit mitochondrial DNA, therefore everyone inherits their mother’s haplogroup placement.

It is common to share a haplogroup with other individuals, and sometimes, there may be some familiar faces and names in yours. Based on the analysis of your mtDNA, we discovered that several noteworthy individuals belong to your haplogroup. These individuals include:

Princess Diana Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997), Princess Diana married Charles, Prince of Wales in 1981 and was married to him until their divorce in 1996. Their unlikely union: Charles, 13 years Diana’s senior, the reserved prince with a green thumb, and Diana, the shy young woman interested in fashion and popular culture—gained significant media attention. Diana met Charles as a child when she was playing with his younger siblings, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Princess Diana, first wife of Prince Charles, along with their children, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (b. 1982) and Prince Harry (b. 1984) were shown to belong to mtDNA haplogroup R. Diana inherited this very rare lineage of Indian origin from her great-great-great-great grandmother, Eliza Newark. Eliza was the housekeeper of a Scot named Theodore Forbes (1788-1820), who worked for the East Indie Company in the port city of Surat in the early 19th century. Together, they had three children, one of whom became the matrilineal ancestor of Princess Diana.

Diana, Princess of Wales and highly adored member of the British Royal Family, died at a young age, 36, in a 1997 car crash in Paris. She is remembered fondly as the “People’s Princess” for her humanitarian efforts.

Famous People Sharing Your Y-DNA Haplogroup (Father Lineage) A haplogroup is a group of people who share a collection of inherited genes that trace maternal (mtDNA) and paternal (Y-DNA) ancestry lines back to a single common ancestor. Your maternal haplogroup is based on your mtDNA, or mitochondrial DNA, which consists of the DNA you inherited from your mother. We use mtDNA haplogroups to trace our lineage through all our maternal-line ancestors. Thus, we can trace your mother, your mother’s mother, and beyond, all the way back to Mitochondrial Eve (MT). Both males and females inherit mitochondrial DNA, therefore everyone inherits their mother’s haplogroup placement.

It is common to share a haplogroup with other individuals, and sometimes, there may be some familiar faces and names in yours. Based on the analysis of your mtDNA, we discovered that several noteworthy individuals belong to your haplogroup. These individuals include:A haplogroup is a collection of common inherited genes that trace female (mtDNA) and male (Y-DNA) ancestry lines back to an original parent. Your Y-DNA exists outside the nucleus of your cells and is only passed down by fathers to sons. We use these haplogroups to trace our common ancestors all the way back to mitochondrial Adam (Y).

Based on the analysis of your Y-DNA, passed down to you from your father’s side, we discovered that several noteworthy individuals belonged to your haplogroup. These individuals include:

This haplogroup was found in remains from a 6th century burial site in Pannonia attributed to an elite member of the Hun in Hungary.

Precognition In Music

Brian Harold May of the band Queen probably didn't realize in 1974 his song "The Prophet's Song" was about HIV/AIDS at the time - but it is entirely and the only song up until the discovery of the incurable disease. From 1975's "A Night At The Opera" the discussion of the subject became a "cat 4 hurricane" in GoogleGroups.Com circa 1998-1999 beginning in alt.music.queen and spreading out to thousands of newsgroups.

From listening to Brian, I've done the same four times.

All I understand is primarily music and from my "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" melancholy somber ballad created and released 2 weeks ahead of the day, I'm asking you seriously, how in song of all things did I manage to sing of albeit cryptically September 11, 2001 and especially in my delivery of each note and word?

About me, my ex-in-laws Janet & Chris Morris own and operate M2 Technologies Inc., a CIA backed Non Lethal Creative Technology Consulting business, private and I have been a volunteer since Janet & I summer 1984 spoke of her bullseye book about 9/11/01 known as "The 40 Minute War" released one month later August 23, 1984. Janet's niece is my ex-wife as we wed May 1989 to March 2008. Along the way, Janet & Chris became my personal in person and online mentors as they were one on one mentored from 1989-1994 by CIA deputy director Ray S. Cline in the United States Global Strategy Council. The Morris's gave my wife and I our fist computer circa 1997 and I've been online and onboard ever since. Janet & Chris travelled to Russia and middle east and in my opinion, personally met Bin Laden and at the least the terrorist's themselves. Why do I know that? The two leaders here in America visited my domain (now defunct) weeks ahead of September 11, 2001 from Arizona. I learned from CNN one week after the tragedy. In my time, my song "No Highway" is about the Virginia gas station snipers and released one week before their capture. "Living Lies (Headed To Louisiana)" is about President Bush and of all places, the center of Hurricanes Rita & Katrina as the word "Louisiana' is only sang twice in 2003. I had a impromptu audience with the president at work in Sandwich, MA. and via phone the same summer 2003. Also, 12/24/04 at least 12 hours before the biggest earthquake since the dinosaurs on this planet, I released my 4th precognitive song "Merry Christmas To You". It's not only music but I've been in the right place at the wrong time for Pulse the hit on the LGBTQ community hours before in front of an ISIS flag in Facebook. So, with that said, the science of precognition and music, behavioral science and I go hand in hand.

From starving artist to National Security Agency? Tonight, I sent them a preliminary email regarding employment.

William Mahler https://reverbnation.com/williammahler https://mahlers.net Cape Cod, MA. USA

In America, We Got It Good

Just got off the phone twice in 24 hours with Amazon. In Costa Rica, our down south foreign neighbor and ally, a 44 hour per week customer service rep for Amazon, earns in an entire month, less than $1000USD, has to live with her parents at age 21 and cannot afford a place of her own unless she works double the hours per week. It's similar in the Philippines and both are employed by a US based company that pays order fillers more per hour and week, so much more, a employee of this company inside the USA could work less than 35 hours a week in New England and earn more than the customer service rep does in Costa Rica for an entire month. Their employer is benefiting from Trump and his lopsided America first policies that do little for the lower middle income wage workers, during the ever soaring 2020 at $7.50 per hour federally. Who's the US employer? Amazon owner Bozo Bezos, Jeff, the richest US citizen next to fair and square Bill Gates of Microsoft.

We got it good plain and simple.

With Biden, expect a better minimum wage too.

William Mahler https://reverbnation.com/williammahler https://mahlers.net

Stand Up For Heroes 2020 & Much More Part 1/2

As my Freemake Video/Audio converter creates an MP4 of the hour long 2020 Stand Up For Heroes while I type, I sit here with wet cheeks and a reason to smile and be sad, a mix of emotions of my 53rd birthday today and more.

When "Letter To You" was unofficially released to the internet in full, I had it in less than 12 hours. Here's how Bruce, you get paid. First, I thought he really ate it big with "House Of A Thousand Guitars" and publicly let it be known at fansite GreasyLake.Org discussion forums as probably the worst song on the whole album, now I sit thinking from the Stand Up For Heroes performance of the one of two tracks performed, it's an autobiography of a song and for that reason he chose to play the song acoustic with Patti of whom I publicly blasted Bruce for largely ignoring throughout his career going on to say his belief is woman is to be seen, not heard and in this case, "in the kitchen". Well, its evident, after that post in GreasyLake.Org, the main stream press had not one but two full page stories targeting Bruce & Patti as a tag team duo that cannot survive without each other and through thick and thin, head over heels in love with each other as it was evident in Patti's front and center appearance at Bruce's side on the bar floor during the special.

I don't bring it up often online but in 2016 I found myself homeless and didn't like that fact but kept my head up and made the absolute best time of my life of it in shelters of Boston, Fall River, meeting people, complete strangers and it was only my fault for getting into scraps that I could've avoided. I remember my mother placing in to my hand a bottle of water and shutting her door to me, outside at least 5 miles from Hyannis where I was conceived in November 21, 1967. "Long Walk Home" is my favorite "Magic" track now more than ever and was Bruce's 2nd choice for acoustic lovely spot on performance. The whole song resonated with me gearing me up for a response I didn't see coming.

I sat there listening to Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, Jon Stewart, Tiffany Haddish and the founder of Craigslist. Robin Williams, do you know he's got a complete doppelganger whom had a stroke, uses a cane and was in a bar with me for over an hour in Hyannis years after Robins death? He sat there alone amongst us friendly strangers at the Duck Pub Inn, nursing a mixed drink at the bar with maybe 6 other people including the bartender named Brandy. When I got to acting like a nerd and said "you look exactly like Robin Williams", within 2 minutes he was finishing his drink and seconds later, he limped out with a cane as Brandy said "have a nice afternoon Robin" to that he smiled.