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Letter To You: A Cape Cod Connection To Pre September 11, 2001 Part 1/3

"Letter To You" by Bruce Springsteen

Neath a crown of mongrel trees I pulled that bothersome thread Got down on my knees Grabbed my pen and bowed my head Tried to summon all that my heart finds true And send it in my letter to you Things I found out through hard times and good I wrote 'em all out in ink and blood Dug deep in my soul and signed my name true And sent it in my letter to you In my letter to you I took all my fears and doubts In my letter to you All the hard things I found out In my letter to you All that I've found true And I sent it in my letter to you I took all the sunshine and rain All my happiness and all my pain The dark evening stars And the morning sky of blue And I sent it in my letter to you And I sent it in my letter to you In my letter to you I took all my fears and doubts In my letter to you All the hard things that I found out In my letter to you All that I found true And I sent it in my letter to you I sent it in my letter to you

"Letter To You: A Cape Cod Connection To September 11, 2001"

The song "Letter To You" has become my theme song, my anthem since yesterday. Here's why.

I've written to many a national newspaper and television today since yesterday.

Please, accept this, as "warped" as this may seem, I care for this community, for no doubt, his music speaks. To a new year for all of us.

A Cape Cod Connection To Pre-September 11, 2001 Hi

Leaving you this is probably for the greater good, but know, I've approached Bruce Springsteen through his publicity company, Shorefire Media earlier today.


This is for you in hopes you on my behalf will allow Bruce Springsteen to read this. To say anything of the following, it's sensitive to the point of in my opinion, to this day classified intelligence of September 11, 2001. It undeniably directly involves loved ones and myself, forever binding us as to three people who had direct first hand input into the madness that became September 11, 2001.

So why tell Bruce? If anyone on this planet speaks to me, he does, no one but him, musically and no doubt as a person I've only come to know through true accounts. At best, this presents a challenge to speak of a real account to him, and I ask you to give him this okay? What is my goal, to get a story told by none other than himself, he of whom in my humble opinion is probably the only person capable of grasping this into a story.

BMI & ReverbNation,

Letter To You: A Cape Cod Connection To Pre September 11, 2001 Part 2/3

I can understand and accept the success of "Merry Christmas To You" and without going into the details only to say, I paid for the attention.

Over the holidays I recorded no less than 150 cover songs, vocal and harmonica. Just over 100 are now on my Reverb artist page. Let me say for the record, they are not my original material. No plans to charge for the music are made by me at all. BMI will not allow me to register them too. I did this because I needed to do something good for my fellow citizens and friends worldwide, please accept that and let me have the songs, all covers on your servers. To say the least, to have to take them down would be a travesty.

I'm also going on record to let you know in the coming weeks there will be a video made, nearly unrelated to my musical career but from my perspective, entirely intertwined. To grab your attention, if anything will. This video will involve the identity of someone I know and have known all my life. This person is directly responsible for of all things, putting the idea of using jets against America on 9/11/01 to the attention of the #1 terrorist. Both my aunt and uncle in law were in the middle east before the madness began and effectively put it in Bin Ladens head. Does that tell you something? Very few, if only maybe a dozen worldwide including me know this persons identity. But if you look at my page, in the photos, there is a book cover and unmistakably that cover, speaks droves of information that of my opinion is demanded to be known. The book got the CIA's attention and it was released summer 1984. I hope you can accept that, after all it's your servers. For the record, that person is my ex-wifes direct blood relation, her mothers sister. As for me, I've got a prescient, precognitive song "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" from two full weeks ahead of 09/11/01 that is accepted worldwide as the only piece of music to speak in advance of the tragedy. It weighs on me as the biggest ticket of my entire life, for better or worse. It's on your servers.

So with that said, as over the top, unexpected and perhaps hard to believe as that is, now you know. Be prepared for anything.

Letter To You: A Cape Cod Connection To Pre September 11, 2001 Part 3/3

For the record, I'm not a happy man. Probably why family is distant and scattered and no doubt why I am single. Today I tried getting into the party of the New Years, KISS in Dubai. All that sat on my mind is this whole sorted seriousness that seemingly is left largely unknown to the general public. What do I stand to gain? Fame? Movie? Maybe, but all I hope to gain is acceptance of the truth, no longer keeping a secret to myself, telling people who deserve the full truth, who else but the people who did not deserve to lose life September 11, 2001. I feel bound to owe this to you, nothing less than the truth, however delicate it leaves us. Once in the open, maybe I'll find solace and ease of soul, maybe not but I feel a personal wreck being involved in all this. I gather only Bush felt more personally responsible, and is why I look up to him. As for my ex-in-laws, I"m left largely in the dark to as their real emotions but know if they ever sought to object, they've never once spoke up to this day leaving me to feel as if they trust me. Undeniably,

Bruce speaks to me, for me unlike anyone on this planet. If you haven't read the bombshell I left in another post here, "Protection".. For me to fantasize of uncapping my emotional self on his creative human approach, is reasonable I suppose. Who better than Bruce? If anything, only a release about all that done none other than by me, would be better but I feel this is way too much for my simple self to handle. No doubt for Bruce and you to realize the sheer magnitude of what I've got to say, the story I don't see in the press, that should be. I'm no thrill seeker, but damn, the truth needs to be unforgivably, undeniably, full brutally unchecked truth, naked to those who most deserve it. Can anyone of you say you knew in full anything about 9/11/01? I can and so can my ex-lin-laws. To be brief, those two backed by the CIA single handedly and with some help put the very idea of using jets against America into Bin Ladens head. Hard to believe? It's nothing short of the headline grabbing truth. I was there, with them but not in the middle east like those two. We knew a book we all spoke of in summer 1984 had the potential to be exactly as it became. 20 Saudi & Pakistani Islamic state terrorists hijack a jet with a bomb and trash DC. That book, went to the middle east, that book became the center point of Bin Ladens insanity. Flight 93 is that book. My song two weeks in advance of 09/11/01 is the entire annunciated day in full. Cryptic but to say the least, I'm stuck with this for life, I can't say it's right I can't say my friends Janet & Chris are right. To say we are hunted is an understatement. This brief story you read here is exactly what Bush was and who he was learning from in my opinion. Every word coming from us, as civilians, as I am to this day was in the CIA's reports long time ahead. Did you know that? NO you did not now you do. Do you want answers? I hope you do. You're getting in a video, a testimonial I'm making by myself entirely. The book I speak of is known as "The 40 Minute War" by Janet & Chris Morris and the cursed highlights are at www.goodreads.com Bruce, I'm downloading the November 22, 2005 show and why? Because you speak for me in ways that I can't thank you enough for. Bruce, whether you go on record to even acknowledge my presence or not, is it to much for me to think you haven't heard of me? I've been hinting at this story in rec.music.artists.springsteen of GoogleGroups.Com and GreasyLake.Org long before 09/11/01. Is it too much for me to assume you did? I reside to believe you have. I only hope you can make sense to me to speak to me. Of all people, maybe you can get through to me, personally, your music has.

An Open Letter To Bruce Springsteen

Open letter to Bruce...

Bruce, I swear "baby baby, I'm so alone, baby baby I'm coming home" absolutely tears me down and rocks my world. Best describes why I sent a mp3 of the song to "Chivona" miles away from me this wet Christmas morning. I've listened to the entire album here on Christmas Day, MY Christmas Day spent listening alone to "Letter To You" does that tell you something? I trashed this release upon first listen entirely but now I humbly and sheepishly take that back. Easily the best 2020 Rock release destined for at least single and album of the year honors nomination at multiple awards. This masterpiece, entirely soars on the voice and emotional depth of Bruce, the band effortlessly ties it all together, complimenting as a whole an otherwise sorely needed booster in my life. Thank you Bruce for of all words you used, "I'm coming home" in both "Ghosts" & "One Minute Your Here", words that are by coincidence at the least, are also of my catalog, "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)". God only knows I'd be rather not emotionally charged by other music, once again, on a tough holiday to face alone, Bruce you showered me in Rock & Roll spirit, I love you man.

But not to spoil it for you, pay attention to one other newcomer with a background that is not foreign to you, son of the late Edward Van Halen, Wolfgang of Wolfgang WVH of whom would be totally dominant competition in this years Grammy awards as the next king of guitar rock due to his emotional delivery in homage of the late great Edward, "Distance" Look for his self everything done full length release eligible for all top honors in 2021, early 2021, January. It may be very well worth your rock and roll soul to give this kid a listen, I'm speaking with humble authority, he really does his dad over the top justice with entirely a unique sound of his own, 90's rock meets 2020.

Bruce, amen to you, if you didnt fill my life with rock repeatedly since 1983 keeping me out of legal trouble when spending countless hours imitating, singing along and eventually becoming a musician myself, no doubt my life would have come to a dramatic abrupt ending without your positivity. You helped me survive, I am always paying it forward.

With mutual admiration, love and respect,

William Keith Mahler https://mahlers.net https://reverbnation.com/williammahler

Q&A With Singer - Songwriter & Intelligence Pro William Mahler P 1/6

My self summary:

The week of September 11, 2001, my room mate laying next to me in his own bed, shared just the two of us, he was by all definition, with sandals, robe, long white beard and mustache, long to his waist fluffy white hair and elder age, none other than God. I asked God who is my best friend for better and worse. I closed my eyes, opened a new to me huge bible and randomly placed my index finger on my own brothers name. "Troy" is tattooed on my left hand fingers, put there one week after he passed June 2011. If you are interested in knowing me beyond this profile, I humbly suggest asking me about life as a life long Cape Cod resident, long time married man, single since March 2008, international musician, "hand me down" homegrown CIA in-law and business partner trained intelligence informant involving all 20 hijackers and life from 1984 leading up to that insane day in history and being a court ordered mental health patient, a world frequently abused and neglected while publicly heralded humane by and largely the free press. I'll gladly talk with you. You may find my story 26 pages and growing online. "Sci Fi Fantasy Intertwined With Pre & Post September 11, 2001" (An Excerpt) in GoogleGroups, "alt.politics.org.cia" https://groups.google.com/g/alt.politics.org.cia/c/lUqWWRvh41I Also in full as "Life As A Mental Health Patient" at: https://mahlers.net

Q&A With Singer - Songwriter & Intelligence Pro William Mahler P 2/6

This is the saddest song ever written:

Musicality, prescience & precognition defined is: "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" a cryptic bullseye both in words and annunciation, serious, sad, somber and melancholy, created and recorded in 16 bit two channel stereo for the first time ever in front of a coffee house sized audience, Wednesday, August 29, 2001. I am the man totally responsible for the song, singer - songwriter and sole copyright owner, represented by BMI. Online everywhere and also at the unanimously best independent artist full service provider in the free world. https://www.reverbnation.com/williammahler/song/32148638-prelude-to-september-11-2001-leonda

My favorite sci-fi / fantasy story

"The 40 Minute War" by my life long friend, mentor and ex-in-law Janet Morris & her husband Christopher Morris. Janet & I spoke about the thriller prior to its August 1984 public world wide release, a real sixteen year ahead of time bullseye about the greatest American tragedy of all time, September 11, 2001. 20 Middle Eastern terrorists, a passenger jet and Washington DC as their target. Familiar? The book is largely why the CIA hired my then in-laws, mentors and fellow authors, 1989-1994. The three of us became known as M2 Technologies Inc. a non-lethal creative intelligence technology consulting privately owned business, #1 nationwide shortly after 09/11/01. It's been largely and widely believed the book is why central DC was spared.

The greatest day of my life so far:

Little league playoff game, I pitched the ultimate no hitter, 81 pitches all strikes, 27 outs, nine complete innings and hit a 2 run inside the park home run. A neck and neck runner up? Divorce day come finalized, March 2008.

If money were no concern, this is what I would be doing

In my own recording studio donating music for UNICEF.Org, MindFreedom.Org, Cancer.Org, MSPCA.Org, and the unsuspecting listening world wide audience.

I'm really good at

Boasting how bad you'll lose in Rummy 500 only to eat crow most of my time.

My golden rule

You got to treat yourself like #1

A time I felt "at one" with nature

Out at Crystal Lake in West Barnstable upon wading out to knee deep several yards from shore with only my birthday suit on in the quiet pre dawn summer night. Secondly, while working on estate property as a landscaper eating an attached to the tree Macintosh apple. Thirdly while almost running over a totally at ease skunk with my bicycle in the dead of night. As a child, anywhere in Eastham of Cape Cod and on the coast of Marshfield to Green Harbor was filled with wonderment and a socially huge sense of well being and personal security almost 100% of my youth. Blessed.

Q&A With Singer - Songwriter & Intelligence Pro William Mahler P 3/6

The last movie I saw

Did you experience "A Star Is Born" with Bradley Cooper & Lady Ga Ga? Tear jerker, made me reflect upon my own life. 11/24/2020. I enjoyed a fellow Mahler performance in "The Wretched" and Disney's reboot of "Mulan". "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Sasha Baron Cohen imho, would've made a better Freddie Mercury). A long time ago, "Forrest Gump", "The Hobbit" & "Lord Of The Ring" Trilogies, all "Star Wars", war flicks, anything Adam Sandler or Robin Williams. All "Friday The 13th", "Nightmare On Elm Street", "Halloween". "Star Trek", "Ol Yeller", Disney classics.

The song I listen to when I want to remember a certain moment in time

Anything from my own repertoire, Americana, Country - Blues - Folk - Rock, unrehearsed demos good enough to call finished, a 27 song digital release with covers of Queen & Warren Zevon for good measure, William Mahler "Outshining The Sun" available everywhere music is sold and streams freely online. https://reverbnation.com/williammahler and https://mahlers.net

My go-to restaurant

The little out of the way mom and pop place such as Jerry's Seafood in West Yarmouth, MA. by Parkers River or Golden Sails Chinese on West Main Street in Hyannis or my Ma's kitchen.Best meal you've cooked?

Too many to list but a clear standout is a good grilled New York strip steak marinated in Italian dressing. A close runner up is a 25 pound turkey at 200 degrees for 20 hours in a convection oven. The juicy meat fell off the bone by itself. Third is a pan fried broiler finished 3 egg, 1/2 football sized omelet.

Q&A With Singer - Songwriter & Intelligence Pro William Mahler P 4/6

Favorite LGBTQIA+ icon Melissa Etheridge personally and professionally reached out to me more than once and I consider her a friend. Her original music reaches anyone beyond her lifestyle choice and personally spoke for me when even I couldn't come up with the right words "It's Only Me" from "Skin". Freddie Mercury, alas, is the best runaway example of living life to it's fullest under extreme near death times. During the Innuendo sessions, he battled full blown HIV/AIDS and was weeks away from Heaven yet he managed to record his finest vocals of his entire career. Very few singers of rock can reach Freddie's octaves (I can) and again, Freddie was undeniably near death. Queen 1991 "Innuendo". This was the greatest moment in sports Jason Veritek, catcher of the Boston Red Sox, in what would've been a season without playoffs, single handedly sparks the Red Sox into a long streak of wins when Alex Rodriguez of the damn Yankees arrogantly and slowly makes his way towards home plate only for Jason to launch his glove into Alex's face and promptly beat him into submission, The rest is 2004 World Series Red Sox championship history. Stephen Sondheim or Andrew Lloyd Webber? Please, I'll take my man with the same last name as me, Gustav Mahler before Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Debussy, Bernstein, Sondheim or Webber and any so called classical composer ever known to or will exist, Mahler is the total example of precognition through music and I share his unique talents in his lesser known roots of Americana, Blue Grass, Country Rock, Rock, Folk & blues. Cats or dogs? Maine Coon Cat or Yellow Lab I hope to be with. Both really.

Q&A With Singer - Songwriter & Intelligence Pro William Mahler P 5/6

Why work is important to me It's a complete sense of personal and professional accomplishment through trial and error. To actually help someone feel and think better of their very self. The first time I truly believed in a higher power was: A Christian church setting started when I was probably four, attending a local in Eastham with my friend Brad, my brother was too young and Brad's Dad, Fred. Christian churches stayed with me as a pre-teen attending with my neighbors an unofficial babysitters Viola & Ducky. My church is my soul, not a building or book. On my career accomplishments due to Queen and undeniably their influence? As for my creative life on and off the internet during this entire sordid mental health constant crisis, I’ve been steadily writing of previous achievements while trying to avoid what I consider to be a conflict of my personal best interests. Letting on to the powers that be know that I had been deemed mentally ill within the entertainment and intelligence world yet going on full steam ahead in accounting for every action held against me in public mental health support groups. Some of my childhood idols have clinical depression and one has even died of HIV/AIDS. I’ve worked exclusively with Queen & Paul Rodgers within their 2008 world wide release “The Cosmos Rocks” with unlisted writing credits for “Through The Night” and “We Believe”. While Queen & Paul Rodgers were in the writing stages of their 2008 full length release, my 1981 self-penned anthem “All Through The Night” became a gift and payment sent directly to Roger Taylor for all the unpaid digital music, bootleg audio and official releases I managed to obtain and do to this day. The song “We Believe” is a largely penned piece about life without war and non-lethality as a whole, also becoming an internationally performed single and European chart-topping song. Roger Taylor solo from his founding role in Queen as singer and drummer took the time to record his rendition of my self-authored, cryptic and descriptive melancholy, sad and somber pre-September 11, 2001 song “Prelude To September 11, 2001 – Leonda (I’m Coming Home)”. I’ve heard my song dissected publicly via a DJ and caller in on WMVY radio while driving on the mid Cape Cod highway shortly after September 11, 2001. Rogers version was played via satellite radio as my wife and I along with nearly a dozen locals ate at Friendly’s of Hyannis summer 2003 one early night. One man asked of my thoughts of the performance and to that I made known it was entirely a surprise to myself and from that, we all smiled and ate. Back around 1997-1998 when the Usenet, now known as GoogleGroups.Com and alt.music.queen was the popular go to for fans far and wide, a person simply known as “Tommy The Terrorist” wrote a detailed analysis of Brian May’s self-penned 1974 piece, “The Prophet’s Song”. Tommy let it be known to my amazement and eventual belief the song is entirely cryptically prescient and precognitive of the very disease that was not known to exist until circa 1980. HIV/AIDS, the disease that eventually took the life of Queen lead singer, Freddie Mercury in 1991. The response to the post was small, only a dozen or so Queen fans responding. By the stroke of luck, I reposted it to soc.culture.usa and other cultural groups of each nation. The post took off and soon it crossed over to sports, politics, food, language, computers, cross posted thousands of times. Easily the hottest topic of the year up until 2000. No one could seriously dispute the songs clear dream like story telling. Brian’s work became the basis for my approach to precognitive music, the prescient, two week in advance “Prelude To September 11, 2001 – Leonda (I’m Coming Home)”.

Q&A With Singer - Songwriter & Intelligence Pro William Mahler P 6/6

Undeniably if not for Queen, I’d not have had the sense of direction heard in my music. Within two short years after September 11, the local coffee house, “The Prodigal Son” was for a third year in a row, easily the hotspot of Hyannis sans alcohol. Whom could easily have been mistaken for a late teenage Brian May was known in the area and his guitar prowess heard during open mic night and in his band, The Carnations, the man was a gentleman. We spoke at great length all things mental health and non-lethal concepts. At one point, the same night I recorded the song 24 hours later became dedicated to the late Johnny Cash, “What Do You Know”, to my huge disbelief, well, it’s entirely possible for this story. Standing shoulder to shoulder, less than an inch from me just outside to the right of the coffee house, with our backs leaning on the glass window, a man who no doubt, for all intent purposes had been dead since November 1991, apparently was quite alive, although considerably white haired and thinner but better than his last known days, for all intent purposes, stood happily there smoking a cigarette as I did too. Parked out front on Ocean Street in front of the two of us was a mid-sized SUV. A bigger reddish browned curly haired man was easily removing a keyboard from the back. I later on learned in 2005 that man was non-other than side guitarist and back up singer to Queen & Paul Rodgers, Jamie Moses. As for the man who said “you’ve got what it takes Mahler” as I was stupidly but probably smartly leaving, none other than the living ghost of the late Freddie Mercury.

On DNA & New Revelations I recently partook both 23AndMe & CRI Genetics. From that I've learned the man I forever will call my father adopted me at birth. My mother has told me my biological father, confirmed by DNA is a man known as Romano of Massachusetts. I have a 45 year young sister named Allison. From largest to smallest, I am Italian, Portuguese, Sardinian, English, Irish, Iranian, Asian & African. I'm 4th cousins with Harris's, Markels, Edelmens and my birth mother is by a century matched to Princess Diana & the huns. So by probably approximately 7-8 generations, Prince William & Harry and I are cousins. My music can be freely streamed anywhere worldwide at digital retailers and exclusively available at https://reverbnation.com/williammahler and https://mahlers.net