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People Of The Earth, For The Ones Who Had A Notion Part 1/3

At first, what I'm leaving you may seem entirely out of place and almost off topic, understandably so.

But let me tell you, I've got my relationship troubles. Beginning with family members who leave heartless orders and conditions that even you wouldn't deserve. "take your medicine or i'll have nothing to do with you". Surely you have come across that. that whole mentality I have lived with since 2000, despite any counter behavior to suggest their words are baseless. Its tough, I've got one hand behind my back in everything, although you might not believe it from what you'll read. I'm telling you, some of what I've recently got headlong into would've been long time ago, publicly settled including, the root reason why Bin Laden chose jets, profoundly I say that. This life of mine, might seem, over the top larger than yours from what I'm saying but I'm telling you, I am totally equally important as you are and from my standpoint, at times I feel, worthless beyond measure.

So with that said,

Here's my recent blog post.

If taken as an understatement from this, I understand. There are only 2 vocalists to have done unto me as no one else has entirely so totally influential, than anyone ever to exist through all recorded music history wide. Bruce Springsteen & Freddie Mercury, none other than those two solely themselves.

For me to say, I love them practically give my life for them, almost unconditionally, considering the shit they kept me out of, literally, the legal stuff that at age 16 could've possibly got my head cut off legally in other countries, is no boasting. I can sing exactly, note for note everything they do with almost relative ease and that is largely by constant, endless, hours upon hours long listening, studying, as if the music was alive, being entirely made up by me for them and at times with them. I believe totally, you've done the same exact thing, its imagination at its purest form, AMEN.

So, looking at a photo of a man, although I'm hereto, I'd have been easily swayed to consider otherwise even as a married adult LOL with the notion of being Freddies exclusive. That nobody ever got out of me whatsoever lifetime and now you know it.

With that said, I'm leaving you with words of my blog, from this morning, in hopes if anything, if you do relate, please inform me, for me to say, I desperately need to know you your lives, your words, considering, via phone and text, hardly anyone volunteers anything to me, as if in society its a borderline crime to speak anymore is the cold hard truth. Maybe it's Trump, no doubt post 091101. I hope Biden is strong enough to inject freedom of speech back into America.

People Of The Earth, For The Ones Who Had A Notion Part 2/3

Last night.

I lay in bed well past midnight. Janet approached. I'm the only one person physically in the room. My mind, spasms. Janet said "he's having spasms". OkCupid. There is a Kristina who could easily also be Kylie Jenner. Krinstina, in my mind, nudging my mind, a pleasant polarizing nudge, consistently. Rest, non tense, closing, yet leaving room to be acutely attentive and aware. Biting, at the base of you know, the one place a man should not be bit. I've not felt that since probably earlier this century. Janet implies "she bit you". Janet upon viewing my mind with Kristina said "that's what we're afraid of". Janet, afraid of me being with Kylie Jenner? Thats taken seriously with a chuckle. But, to be with Bruce Jenner in my life personally? Can't argue I've got distaste for him but respect him. That's who Kylie is connected to. Kylie Jenner, biting me last night? Its who I saw in this imagination, purely imagination. But I know I'm talking soul. One if not the most sought after woman in the USA, most beautiful, influential young mothers in the USA and she approaches with ease inside my head? I can see the possibility of her launching a lawsuit literally for saying that. But its the damn truth. She soothed me, she got me to relax my mind, not Janet, Kylie aka Kristina. For a while there, I was near unconscious in a alert state of mind. To actually feel my heart, let a woman get to me to feel my heart, pump, live with untold emotion, not even my music does that to me when I make it. It's as if I am physically ignorant to myself regarding anything than the occasional chuckle and the all too familiar cries, tears, whimpers, it's pain and I'm absolutely lucky I don't feel the sheer unhinged pain that everyone felt due to Janet, Chris and I. Why anyone hasn't simply put a bullet through my head yet or I've not hung myself is only Gods knowledge. Who do I want in my mind, my soul, my personal life intimately? I've gone on record to say, for me to be with anyone in New York is a suicide mission, nothing short of that. But, who else? Traveling from Florida to Boston by bus, winter 2005-6, within less than 100 yards maybe of crossing into New York from New Jersey, torrential rain flooded the windshield and stayed relentlessly that way until that same bus crossed into Connecticut. This is utterly and entirely New York talking to me and nobody but me alone on a nearly full bus, Trust me there is not one living person on the planet that will ever make a dent into my mind to question why it was raining that day. To say New York was grieving with and for me is hopefully the Gods honest truth. To say it was New Yorks way of saying, we don't want you on our soil, we are washing our state while you are here, you we blame and are evil, is absolutely my thoughts on the subject. May seem a bit of a stretch and if you do think that, maybe you can't comprehend truth. Is this bragging? God I hope not

People Of The Earth, For The Ones Who Had A Notion, Part 3/3

Kylie aka Kristina? Ah yea, a soul stirring woman any man would consider dying for including me. But was she directly in New York? Is she a direct survivor? Nope. Do I deserve, certainly a survivor would be outright abused by God to put me in her romantic life. You understand the things I'm conceiving. At least Bruce, entirely innocent of 091101 is gifted the ability I don't deserve. It's plainly why despite who and what Janet, Chris and I are to this nation, why Bruce is incalculably the go to creative force to tell it like it is. As far back as 1981 when friend and neighbor John Rivoli introduced me to his Springsteen collection, with "The River" slated to be released. I grasped who Bruce was and knew his work spoke. "Something In The Nighr" he lived that. "Factory" if his dad didn't, his close friends dad did. "Badlands" maybe he wasn't in the actual land of badlands, eventually no doubt he's been there. Considering his turmoil at the time, "Badlands" speaks complete justifiable truth for him and for anyone. "For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside, that it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive' Holy !!!!, descriptive beyond my reckoning as an artist. "Adam Raised A Cain" his version of actually himself standing in the rain as his dad stood in the doorway, both with the same hot blood in their veins. Um, personally speaks complete truth to my relationship with my father inside and out like no other I know. So, yoiu begin to perceive from a mere few examples his profound ways of truth speak. Now I know for certain why he's my only choice to tell this story. No other has been really considered. In the UK, the biggest band since the Beatles, Queen, they barely scratched the surface with two songs, "We Believe" & "Through The Night" but their new material creative days are reportedly long done and gone, truly a travesty. Adam Lambert in my opinion, other than myself along with Brian, Roger and Spike Edney can no doubt come up with music almost if not more profound as "Bohemian Rhapsody". I'm serious. Bruce is equally on par yet entirely, perhaps the closest he's come to writing material on par with Queen, is maybe, "Radio Nowhere". Bruce is a life story teller personifed, aptly and in detail giving the listener a visionary account of a persons life. Queen? There are exceptions, the completely precognitive, prescient 1974 song of HIV/AIDS "The Prophets Song" is as serious a song you'll ever hear from anyone. No one to my knowledge of music had at the time approached the thought of HIV/AIDS and Brian May writes, perhaps cryptically but clearly of the subject. So now you know, how I learned to make "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)", created and recorded in front of a audience, the Prodigal Son coffee house, August 29, 2001. But I'm letting you in one when my song first came from my lips in front of John Rivoli, 1982 just on the border of his driveway along with "Got Me World Wide' the only time from then until August 29, 2001 it came from me and literally for every nano note and second the same. In a sense, that's what sector cell terrorists do and I'm that type of musician as well. From all this, I'm debating as to whether or not, you perhaps believe of me to have an oversized ego.


Been Down This Road Before

There is one person, a personal friend of mine, barely if remotely known to the public, vastly private, of whom is a collaborator of mine, our song "Freedom" became a focal point to Bruce's "Devils & Dust". Audrey, is the only living person to move me to an absolute uncontrollable, body quaking, tear flood flowing reaction due to her song "Been Down This Road Before" and it took two years after 09/11/01 to actually occur. Not one single solitary person in any capacity has gotten that reaction out of me lifetime whatsoever. I'm not exaggerating. Why we will never be a romantic couple, is largely and privately known to both of us.

The Sole Reason Why September 11, 2001 Happened The Way It Did Part 1/2

"The 40 Minute War" once a work of fiction I learned of by future in-laws and authors Janet & Christopher Morris, is about a jet hijacked by twenty Islamic state Saudi Terrorists with a bomb destroying Washington DC, released August 23, 1984. This book single handedly delivered in person to Bin Laden himself by Janet & Chris Morris in the middle east not too long after US forces tried to kill him in Africa, is undeniably the sole reason why Bin Laden used four of the five planned jets on September 11, 2001. The lunacy was backed entirely by their mentor, former deputy director of the CIA Ray S. Cline. Do you believe what I'm trying to wrap your attention around? I'm not here to play games or lie or decieve you whatsoever. This is the reason why 09/11/01 happened the way it did. It by far is not my favorite book for good reasons but is clearly the sole focus of my attention regarding literature since 1984 above and beyond anyone elses and no doubt you can read freely an excerpt at www.goodreads.com

I worked exclusively with my then wife's aunt and uncle. Those two are CIA trained and backed writers amongst other things. both of them went to the middle east with a book about what became the focal point of Bin Ladens use of jets against America.."the 40 minute war" About 20 Islamic terrorists hijacking a jet with a bomb and trashing DC. So of the four Bin laden used, one as the book depicts, with a bomb, became flight 93. As those two let me in on everything including where online the 19 terrorist's were the night before and morning of 091101 The leaders of the hijackers were at my website and my ex-in-laws for weeks leading up to 091101 I learned by CNN and my logs that's how i am connected to this, i am also saying regrettably, i read their entire online real time chat 09/10/01 into the next morning all night long, i am also the sole singer songwriter of the probably most important song of this century, i humbly say for it, created with a audience, two weeks ahead of 091101 is entirely about that day. This got Bushs personal direct to me attention at my place of work and via home phone previously. It also got him to ask me on Christmas Day as to whether or not nuclear weapons were involved, while I was focused on the biggest quake since the dinosaurs, Christmas 2004.

The Sole Reason Why September 11, 2001 Happened The Way It Did Part 2/2

The night before I released a song about that tsunami, precognitive, "Merry Christmas To You". So I'm working on that and he chimed in to only ask that question to which I said "no sir there was not". To say I said that about the tsunamis is something I ask myself. Summer 2003 I was in his personal attention via phone and at where i was employed on the Cape and largely why i am not a criminal. The facts undisputed entirely online by my hand since before 091101 and now subject to international investigation against my ex in-laws and the CIA since two days ago January 1, 2021 To say i am nervous is an understatement i write, if you hate me, i completely understand but its been my mission to let people know, especially New Yorkers.

Ya, I do understand why you can say this is off topic and I humbly argue, I had to show you this, I had to tell you what I understand and have been quietly almost secretly knowing exactly who and why September 11, 2001 happened. So now, you understand the brutal in your face reason why I believe Bruce knows of these people through the Seeger family and myself? It's why his solo in 2005 "Devils And Dust" almost note for note matches my 2001 solo in "Freedom". It's why his song "Magic" the live versions sound quite similar to my co-authors guitar work in our 2002 song "No Highway". I'm humbled but also understandably so, feel he hasn't met me cause no doubt in countless eyes, I am a conspirator and quite dangerous considering the reach the middle east has gotten to Janet, Chris & my now ex-wife has experienced. I do not wish any harm upon his good name and my name is not good. Bruce and I have never met and can you blame me for not knowing why? I hope someday it happens. He's the sole man I hope to uncap my emotional artistic self upon entirely his to do as he can unconditionally. Would you dare doubt the work he could come up with? Its why I plead to you help me make it happen okay?

To say this angers me, bugs me and torments me is an understatement.

These facts should I as I am telling you to say the least, infuriate you, I tell you it should, they got clean away with this and no one can dispute why they shouldn't be publicly interrogated by congress on television. Trump spoke of reopening the 091101 investigation and I'm telling you here and now this is why.

"The Rising" is a work of brilliance and beauty I treasure. A in depth true account of my reality now yours is I hope you understand why I ask Bruce to consider this.

William Mahler



You Take My Breath Away Part 1/4

Brian, Roger, Freddie, John & Adam.

Thank you :-)

I hope you don't mind, I covered and recorded many a Queen song from Christmas Day forward.

You'll have to scroll for them, they are streaming and downloadable at https://reverbnation.com/williammahler

Dreamers Ball, Leaving Home Ain't Easy, The Loser In the End, White Queen (As It Began), Save Me, The Night Comes Down, I'm Going Slightly Mad, Liar, Laugh Or Cry, Funny How Love Is, Doing Alright and more to come once my voicebox is fully ready to roll again. Over 100 songs were recorded for almost 50 hours, an activity I'm clearly not in rock and roll shape for :-)

I want you to know there at my domain, https://mahlers.net/life-as-a-mental-health-patient.htm is large and yours to read. Take it on personal authority, my life as an alleged mentally ill person, while bieng involved directly to September 11, 2001 since as far back as 1984 to the morning of and since then is chronicled. The story goes onto say during that whole time, how I managed to work with you Roger and met people that at the least, represent the ghost of Freddie Mercury.

You Take My Breath Away Part 2/4

For those who sit there wondering incuriously as to what I just said. I'm saying on the record that no living member of Queen got close to me personally. The closest physical distance Roger got to me was beng in a van behind me as I drove my car on South Street of Hyannis, listening to of all things, "Fight From the Inside" or was it "I'm In Love With My Car". And for me to tell you its for their own best interest not too, is also saying in my humble opinion, the life I was living is way too dangerous for their good outstanding reputations. I'm also letting in to you a for the sake of blunt truth, a mere notion of mine. Lets just say, had Freddie lived, would he have continued with Queen? Nope. He did not want toi be a poster child for HIV/AIDS. Musically he would've felt he went with them as far as they could go perhaps. But weighing what he did to his life, HIV/AIDS and how it would look for the band, he decided to get out. He was undeniably that conscience laden. I"m going on to say, that living with HIV/AIDS gave him all the more reason to dedicate his life in a new profession, one that honors his family. For that, to entertain you, he became a physician. For me to say he is alive and gave me a physical says I'm messing with recorded history. Queen is known for outrageous and this is not any different yet admittedly a stab in their heart to say the least. I've got my reasons. The doctor whom gave me a physical, did so in 2000. Within a town world wide known as a haven for alternate lifestyle, the outer Cape Community Health Center of Provincetown, MA. my Cape Cod was the only place I could get a DOT physical to be employed by TruGreen Chemlawn. So by all accounts, at the least, this doctor does to this day, appear to be none other than Freddie's exact replica body double. What took place in downtown Hyannis after 91101 in my opinion put Brian and Rogers people squarely in my place of hometown hangout, the Prodigal Son coffee house. If he were Gillam Lee, Brians representative in Bohemian Rhapsody, well the two of us, as he played there, spoke of non lethal weaposn, the ability to do less than lethal harm, largely he sat therer and listened. At one point, telling him he looked almost exactly like a 18 year young Brian May himself. I don't honestly know what Brians children look like but its a good reasonable guess, he was related to him. It also puts me in a position to tell you, none other than Jamie Moses, guitarist with Brian during the Paul Rodgers era was front and center there in October 2003. He was bringing in a large keyboard for the same physician whom, standing less than 2 inches to my right shoulder outside the coffeee house said "You/ve got what it takes Mahler". Indeed I did, not on his calibur, but I had just got done recording and performing an original of mine probably, "What Do You Know" the night before Johnny Cash died, and dedicated to him when I learned the next day. As for Roger, he got direct from me, my 1981 penned original "All Through The Night" and why? As he might t ell you, it was because I hadn't paid a single penny for digital music after the MP3 came out and I had everything including bootlegs, still do. You know their interpretation as "Through The Night".

You Take My Breath Away Part 3/4

I'm going on record to tell you I gave Jackie of the fan club nearly 10 copies of my song "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home) in hopes with $100USD she'd give them to Queen. The song was online and in the fanbase. As one night, sitting in a restaurant in Hyannis known as Friendlys, my wife and I along with a dozen or so people all heard my song as performed by Roger and an unknown singer. One man knew me, to my surprise asked me what I thought and I tell you all the same thing, "pleasantly surprised" to say the least. I can imitate Roger so it's also fair to say, perhaps, someone had done the same. Do you expect me to believe it was not Roger on drums and backing vocals? Did he do this because of the message that song speaks? "The Prophets Song" has been publicly proven to be largely about HIV/AIDS in alt.music.queen long before 2000 and it became a nuclear bomb sized explosion in the Usenet, spread out everywhere and I single handedly along with the original author made it happen. From that, my song, is equally precognitive and has been dissected on public radio for being the sole piece of musical evidence to suggest we knew fully ahead of no less than 2 weeks leading up to September 11, 2001, right down to exactly how I nailed the last two words, "to you" and those words are delivered much the same way the final minute or two of Flight 93's existence. Believe me I am evilly yet innocently proud of this song, to say not one other recorded piece of music on this planet is that well spoken is truly an achievement, only Brian, Roger, John & Freddie and now I can lay claim to with each of our works.

You Take My Breath Away Part 4/4

It's the truth, nothing but the truth. If you think i'm mad hatter bonkers well let me tell you, I told you this and I'm also telling you, I personally knew in sixteen year advance the potential for the madness that became a brutal savage reality my country faced September 11, 2001. Do you understand now, if you believe me why Queen of all things, wrote "We Believe" even if they did not entirely know the depth of my life back then? A song of peace, non lethality, means short of killing, it's what I was talking to them about in the alt.music.queen of googlegroups.com about. It's where Daniel Drebilbis was releasing surfer guitar roack at a time, that very style of play is the foundation of "The Cosmos Rocks" song itself. For me to tell you, "Daniel" had first hand accountability into Brian is not a stretch of the truth at all. But if anything, going on the idea that any member of Queen didn't know exactly the sheer magnitude of the game I was involved in, I put their lives in a world of jeopardy and knew it. Fortunately, they never got to me personally in real time. Had they done so, they would be linked to me, a as I understand, founding reason why Bin Laden himself took to the idea of using jets against America. That's the blunt hard to believe truth.

If anything, Queen has my full permission to use this in ways that hopefully will educate the world in the reality of our national nightmare. They will continue to shine a light on HIV/AIDS, world peace and by all means, as equally as I consider myself professional in my work, they are way more advanced than me in theirs. Do you understand how important this band is to me? They give me a reason for hope, to continue on, to live, to just be human when by all accounts, I should be locked up in prison for life, if not executed. For the fact the confession I leave you here is also a precursor to something I'm letting you now know. The entire September 11, 2001 tragedy is being revisited and to say the least, I'm at the helm of M2 Technologies Inc, the company involved in this. I have reached out to without question, a group of people bigger than the Beatles in the investigative world and they are quite taking this seriously. Nothing less will do and it don't nearly make me fully satisfied but to say the least, justice is going to be publicly served. Sit back and enjoy the ride. To Brian and Roger, i put you at risk and for that I can only hope you accept my humble, groveling apologies.