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It's nice to know that over the last ten days, Femjoy has insinuated that my MGR posed for them, she did not. It's nice to know the feds took me seriously about the possibility of a nuclear bomb threat against Washington DC. It's not nice to know some fool decided to actually place pipe bombs at both the republican and democratic party headquarters.

My niece Vanessa has had my grand nephew, may his weak heart strengthen, prayers needed. Seems as if Brian May and his spirit has reached out to a Vanessa, just not "my" Vanessa but well, the intent is great.

"Sunshine Bubbly" is more of a ep, and 17 songs long, some new, some old, some borrowed, some chewed.

So much I could say, I realize being forced into submission in an institutional setting is the norm here in Massachusetts, do I think the watered down "nazi" mentality of "take these drugs or we will force them into you and keep you longer" should be allowed? NO.

This Ain't No Tragedy (Yet)

This Ain't No Tragedy (Yet) Wednesday, Mar 3 @ 5:03 AM SO, I've formally cut ties with Janet Morris & Chris Morris. As soon as it was announced, their former people in Kentucky started playing my music yesterday. Really, ya, I am a ghost author to a what was fiction and technically is. But in the wrong hands, as Osama Bin Ladens, well, Janet & Chris both told me shortly after their trip to middle east that they indeed did meet Osama Bin Laden and thus, the book he used as influence for a planned five jets. The 40 Minute War is the book. Sixteen years prior to the day of 09/11/01. My song, Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home) tells the story of a man witnessing 09/11/01 and telling his wife about it, but two weeks ahead of the fate of America. The song was recorded August 29, 2001, a full two weeks ahead of time, a warning of doom in a love song. He looks into his life as he sings "i am coming home, again, to you" knowing 3000 people died that day, but not for two weeks later. It really happened to me. 5318 7770 0040 7782 02/24 747 A now defunct card, shut of by the bank at my request and why? I got this card last week. 20 numbers on the front, 20 terrorists in the book, 20 on 09/11/01. 747 on the back, 747 jets. FIve 7's, five jets on 09/11/01, 1 left behind, 20 terrorists 1 had Deja vu and sits in a cell in Supermax, Colorado. (@janetmorris) a small n, lower case in red on a white banking card. Small nuke? On the ground, in the air? One nuke, one pilot, one jet, five 7's, and one stayed behind for a as of yet to be announced, US State of the Union address. Who is the a**hole threatening to kill Mila Azul? She's in the Ukraine. She seems to think she is as good as dead so here in the USA my good guys know as of this writing at 540 am. Mila has been for 5 years running consistently been the #! nude model for MetArt, and a top 10 of all time for the same company. Human Trafficking? Tommy can you hear me?

The Department of Mental Health is continuing to support careless psychiatric professionals, who despite any overwhelming evidence of barbaric mental health care he/she provides, get away with legally. One went on record to say I gave OBL that book to a judge, Judge Brennan, and who does Brennan sit in the back pocket of? His bald lookalike, child (I'm the victim) pornographers, Chris Morris & his b**ch, Janet Morris. Chris in 1984 put me in NAMBLA a man boy love magazine. Physical man boy love association. The same last name, Brennan, related to a six-month serving jail bird relative Brennen judge.in jail. Theresa Brennan. As for the nincompoop psychiatrist and a@@ kisser attorney he had, the slander and contribute to the toxic environment that a vast majority of patients mentally hide from but are in countless US cases, bound legally as if I am a mere lab rat. There are good people and careless people, some do not deserve the time of day, but I got to learn to live with what I can't rise above. I'm not afraid, I never get violent but can and will defend myself. Why say that? I had to defend myself from my throat being snapped by a instigator of a nurse. For that I am deemed a serious threat and am not fit for being in public. Careless record keeping from LCSW Nancy Moniz and she didn’t remember my name when talking to my best friend and didn't remember his name when reporting good news about my possible life outside this hell called Taunton State Hospital. I'm far to serious and don't enjoy life, it takes a toll on my immediate family. The staff here has had the best of me, now you know. Lets legally kick their heads into vegetables in court. Avenge the past, present and future. www.mindfreedom.org www.psychrights.org www.madinamerica.com www.comedycentral.com William Mahler william@williammahler.net Mahlers Online https://mahlers.net Blog: https://wkmahler.us Music & More; http://www.williammahler.net MGR: Twitter: @WillaPrescott17 willaprescott87@gmail.com

Ayatollah And I

Well, today, Mlia got her 1/2 of a down payment. The Ayatollah and I "chatted" via Twitter today.

Pinned to the top of my profile.


What is he saying? I know only english.

Sir!:-) http://wkmahler.us am a olive branch sir it's my national security report last night and I'm a civilian merely. Best wishes to your people and you. Peace Please enjoy my music :) http://williammahler.net 17743144121

Ayatollah Khamenei @Khamenei_Fra L’Islam dit qu’une arme utilisée pour tuer des non-militaires est interdite, qu’elle soit nucléaire ou chimique. C’est vous, Occidentaux, qui n'observez pas ces principes. Cela fait maintenant 5 ans qu'au Yémen, vos avions bombardent les gens, hôpitaux, marchés et écoles. Translated from French by Islam says that a weapon used to kill non-military personnel is prohibited, whether nuclear or chemical. It is you, Westerners, who do not observe these principles. For 5 years now in Yemen, your planes have bombed people, hospitals, markets and schools. 9:46 AM · Feb 27, 2021·Twitter Web App

I got the Massachusetts State Police deep inside my account today, with my BLESSINGS! I asked them too and believe you me, any psychiatrist will have to eat crow. Government conspiracy.

'' February 28, 2021

Sarah and lorelie heaven's on fire the object of any mans desire but not me my woman willa appear got me good

What was I going to say?

WHO Womans Health Organization. Heart Heatlh.

If you only knew where I "AM".

Both Mila & Monique are not allowed to speak to anyone except business, perhaps the pharmacist or the baker or the boyfriend over the phone.

But pay to actually speak with either of them?

No thanks Janet!, Monique.

Women, they act in unison in tandem, realize it or not guys.

@RealBradMurphy & I are about to do some business today. He's a very low baseball pitcher ERA kinda music man. :-)

Merry Christmas To You got his attention :-)

Rocket Willa And William Will We?

We will! My new manager is Willa Prescott, so any inquiries that regard myself as a singer songwriter go through her okay? willabprescott@mahlers.net from SC USA!

M2 Technologies Inc. Janet and Chris Morris! Take a look at the cover of my ghost authored book those two got credit for! It's why the three of us are sought out by Presidents and those two taught me the ropes as they are CIA backed and trained. For a brief word, the cover depicts a passenger jet w/ a nuke on it about to crash into the DC capital building. - Summer 1984.

Iran, angry at us for the skirmishes. -Threat recently to crash jet into DC capital building, shortly before Joe took office.

-Big time reminder of 09/11/01, Flight 93, bomb on board and 19 of 20 Saudi Islamic Terorrists 2001 and 1984!

In my Twitter page, pinned, the book cover too. @WilliamMahler67. Tuesday, after weeks of talking with Mila Azul, official or not, after weeks of oh, a great reason for Spirngsteens song "Land Of Hopes & Dreams" (Luv yu Bruce). After weeks of Monique Alexander, AVN 2017 crowned adult star of the year & 5 years straight nominated,

Well Tuesday in this very Reverbnation account., a new fan and visitor, none other than Rochester NY metal band, WARHEAD RISING shows up! Ya, ha, no sooner than i did tell M2 Technologies, I"m standing there with my smart android phone when out of the keyboard pops up tan Two towers! Hello J and C. ya, those who know, they know, call me and hahaha. I'm all in with this, you should not want to be radioactive.

Iran has a warhead? After putting the story up pinned in Twitter, calling the # I always do to get to Biden, well, who am I to think?

Ma had a heart attack Wednesday. #2

Vanessa, cardiac patient, my grand nephew is to be born March 2, 2021. Both facing uncertainty. Loves of my DNA LIVES!!! :-( WTF?

So, Bruce got a voicemail. Good god what is he planning?

The mental health system is always provoking the stuff that Jesus flipped tables for. Wanna say I am not to follow my guy and be like he? I am and I will. As for the real threat of an attack during the state of the union?

Today, two things happened in one hour. First a new Reverb artist, from NY, well toured the middle east, Asia and South America. Dates shown in my inbox. 2nd: I got a new bank debit card from NBKC.Com today (Best online). Remember 5 jets, 09/11 and 1 was not used? Well there are five 7's and one 1 in the 16 digit card. -1 7 and you get 4, four jets. 16 digits? The 40 Minute War 16 years ahead of time of 09/11/01 and? The last three security code? 747 as in a jet! The card? A Lowercase n and white card itself. WH now knows now. , Bruce knows all this!

Then, Syria got nailed with rockets.

Yep, i had asked Bruce for something violent!

Nuke scientist got knocked off perhaps?

So, its my dads birthday the 26th today.

Shout out to davidgunter.com whom befriended me in Twitter this morning.

Dad, thick black hair as a 20+ old man holding 4 month old me in a photo i had previously shared with my gal Willa, this morning.

Dave? His book, shows a thick dark haired man, out for adventure, just like my dad did in 1967!


Biden, come on, man, Russia and US are playing the roles of killer assho!!, we can end this quick! RUSSIA "SYRICA" AMERICA CAN BE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES YOU ALL KNOW THAT SO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Or, a real 40 minute war?

State of the union, Joe, you know the facts better than I but heck ya, US militia threats to blow up a building near you the same night?

Syria angry?

Rocket by Def Leppard!

Willa, all your luv.

BTW, Yngwie if you are reading, my buddy Dennis Uzdavinas of Facebook, has a grassy lawn and trees in his New Hampshire profile of Facebook. You might remember you and he are buddies form 35 years ago. You (perhaps) don't remember? I'll never forget!

Need singer and more? Dennis, Willa and me, package, I'll take care of them financially you? me? We will all see the light tonight! Dreaming..

Bruce & E Street, U2 & Queen Bootlegs & News


Without any further ado,

Al I ask is if you please listen to these demos, as I am the original creator. Both songs have been submitted to Arnel Pineda, lead singer of Journey and by Journeys' official email address. Please give me your honest opinion. Okay?

https://www.reverbnatiion.com/williammahler/song/32406843-tell-it-like-it-is Tell It Like It Is (A song without a chorus, a revved up "Stairway To Heaven" Deep, dark and flowing.

https://www.reverbnation.com/williammahler/song/32395449-sunshine-bubbly-demo A mix of "Walks Like A Lady", "Human Feel" & "Precious Time" by Journey

In the event Journey passes (I have no reason to believe they would.) You and I can put more instruments to these.

For nearly the last two weeks, Bruce Springsteen and his publicity company, Shorefire Media has received from me an account of 091101, life before and to this day. If he does make an album complete, as I have learned he's in blueprint stage, expect something as dark as any Devils' & Dust 2005 shows mixed in with the simplicity of U2's "The Unforgettable Fire" meets The Joshua Tree" era U2.

Now, for some bootlegs!!!!!!

https://mahlers.net/brucespringsteenandtheestreetband.zip near 8GB

https://mahlers.net/U2Concerts.zip near 4 GB

https://mahlers.net/QueenBootlegs01.zip 3GB https://mahlers.net/QueenBootlegs02.zip 4GB https://mahlers.net/QueenBootlegs03.zip3GB

Let me know your unbiased opinion.

The book that altered Bin Laden's state of mind. My ex-inlaws and current partners. M2 Technologies | BIM & Manufacturing Consultant | A Microdesk Partner M2 Technologies Inc. jmorris@m2t.com and cmorris@m2t.com william@mahlers.net

Humane Rights

On Jan 23, 2021 9:42 AM, william@mahlers.net wrote:


Mila Azul is a friend of mine personally of who Mila is deeply knowledgeable of Human Trafficking so she spoke to and with me several times. She will be found at metart.com Here email address is used to get you contacted with her directly.

Ashley Watts is knows of my life, to say that isn't easy. Crystall Hollenkamp a model of MetArt also lived as Mila.

Crystall and here abusive behavior towards me and others, why I write.

To Crystall

A page of my life .


Your previous promise to me was as follows.

If the Barnstable Police did not cooperate with Worcester Recovery Center and speak of an alleged threat, I would be discharged.

This past Friday,.

There are no charges or proof of threat in your possession.

Your unconditional offer for me to go to Taunton is unacceptable.

Contact my attorney.

Nothing less than discharge to my home in South Yarmouth from Worcester Recovery Center is my demand.

Considering the assault and battery your coworker did to me combined with his freely spoken words of his romantic involvement with you leaves room for debate your tight to be a social worker.

Photos attached.

Three days I spent here in new to me unit B2 without a shower curtain and I asked several times.

If I have to prove your immoral behavior, I'll start with your explicit email address, MetArt photo shoot and your YouPorn videos made public.



You don't have a moral leg to stand on.

You are given the chance to rectify my life with an unconditional discharge to my home asap.

William Mahler.

Tell It Like It Is

Written with Miila Azul of MetArt in mind...

Ya, I remember a headboard. A scene that Shane Kelly & my then wife were in front of, a green headboard. The sex life with her moaning and groaning, totally into every part. She only did with him and whoselse?

But i was the breadwinner, food maker etc. all for her.

All she did was barely come to life as she had with her boyfriends.

Only once in 17 years she initiated sex, never so much as groan of pleasure Mila,

The only time she was dripping wet was by porno movies.

Mila, what am I?

TO say I stayed do to a role in being one of three people in the know of September 11, 2001.

And she just plain did not set herself free with me at all, despite her aunt and uncle, my business partners, never did I see a penny from them. Sure, bartering, refernces but a real paycheck from M2?

If anything I was being taught? "College" with M2 ended two weeks before 09/11/01.


The closest I've come to being with a hands on sex life with a woman was Jodi Audet, spring 2011.

To know, I know life could be far better.

Whatever your degree will be someday, like Ashley McNair related to Ashley Watts? Related or not, Mcnai, already spoke via phone with me, indirectly knowing where I am, the illness I do not agree with,

Mcnair you?

Ar least before my "wife" i was making women with my tongue alone have complete body convulsions for going down for hours at a time.

And my ex? Look at her this way, she is living breathing, movable doll,

Not so much as legs around me, arms too.

II knew what I was getting into, now what?

I do feel the great need to sue Janet & Chris Morris over their ignorance to my contributions.

Does having a winning smile and gentle soul get me in their doors? Apparently, that is the only thing that will.

Maybe, but I am being reasonable,

IF you have no thoughts on this Mila, send me someone that might okay? Someone you think will enlighten me with words.

I'jm leaving you a new song, lyrics too, for Journey.

I hope you own musical work gets anew and in my ears, collaborating...

-- William K. Mahler https://mahlers.net https://reverbnation.com/williammahler 1-774-314-4121 1-774-418-3253

tell it like it is.txt

Living in your dirty world Oh is your flag unfurled I tell you what I want to do I wanna be with you Now who am I to believe My my my my friend looking out for me Right before my eyes lord don't tell lies Is she mad for me Or is she going fly away free All or nothing

World leaders don't pretend Up from bed and straight through me head They got the plan again What would you believe the immediacy Of what it means to be feeling things You know are meant to be So honey push my soul Hands on complete control No one will ever know what it means to be- -in a emotional overload So could God hear why Our heart will it ever tire About what you call before we all fall Into a hell of fire So can you forgive To the nightmare I perceive Like no one else that told it better than myself With your help you see All or nothing All or nothing

Why should I try to comprimise The delusional lies I say About how lives perceived this way Of how I am I am just a man that needs you today But you know my line and it's clearly well defined What's in my mind got to be free for the time And why I don't need your loving design So you can argue that, undiputed facts Now just this one "amen" I say again You're gonna get a ties Honey coming from me oh how much I need For if we could it's understood Be though we know what never may be Now what's meant with odds Strikes through my heart If I felt it all would I rise or fall And say a heavenly dawn So what can i say about my life today I'm just a million souls that God fortold And I don't deny it that way Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey So what can I say About my life today So you now you got your soul And I say tell like it is All or nothing Tell it life daylife it is


"I Remember Everything" by John Prine, the last song he recorded. As if, Audrey Kelly, artist responsible for "Been Down This Road Before" and the insight of my ex-wife? I don't know, but, at least you know. It's as if life is vacant as being a sector cell anti-terrorist machine? The wildness and lack of touch, as if I am to be musical missile devoid of human interaction for the sole purpose of truth. With convictions to be civil to delusional mental health reps, rationally insane terrorist's while wielding the fires of hell into heaven's love in song and not feel a thing? Truly, I am as human as you so, fear not, be whole, feel free, this is your life.

"Sunshine Bubbly" given to Journey for their consideration. TATTOO OF TROY (I REMEMBER EVERYTHING) https://reverbnation.com/williammahler

Alright I've been down this road before I remember every tree Every single blade of grass Holds a special place for me And I remember every town And every hotel room And every song I ever sang On a guitar out of tune I remember everything Things I can't forget The way you turned and smiled on me On the night that we first met And I remember every night Your ocean eyes of blue How I miss you in the morning light Like roses miss the dew I've been down this road before Alone as I can be Careful not to let my past Go sneaking up on me Got no future in my happiness Though regrets are very few Sometimes a little tenderness Was the best that I could do I remember everything Things I can't forget Swimming pools of butterflies That slipped right through the net And I remember every night Your ocean eyes of blue How I miss you in the morning light Like roses miss the dew How I miss you in the morning light Like roses miss the dew

-- William K. Mahler https://mahlers.net https://reverbnation.com/williammahler 1-774-314-4121 1-774-418-3253


William Mahler 6:06 PM (15 minutes ago) to You think we should wait for 24 hours ? I can't afford not to talk to you . neitther can i im writing obama Writing Obama about what ? how to get card quick Can you get bitcoin ? and you in formal writing from me as accepted 100% acces of me with excpetion well, 'nuke launch button press" netallity okay? that is what i am giving you of me' and its milia, understand got to be formal in writing Or I can send you someone zelle address You can just send the money and , the person would just get me a physical card. no mila you direct no one else only you from here on out please not with money among other things I can send you my cousin zelle address. The money will be safe cause I will surely get the physical card . I can't afford not to talk to you William. Or did Obama told you how to get card ? ah, he got words from ,me seconds ago So my cousin zelle or wait for Obama ? both lol okay \i wish i could have shared my message to him but i swear he said lightly and borderline sheerrly "okeeee" " this is wanted is what he said too she is my friend i heard myself I don't understand mila my bad William babe No jokes, should I send my cousin zelle now ? ]but its entirel my way of giving ujnresitrirect nano second first hand raw data intelligence okay i do believe due largely to your influence mila, be proud okay Am proud of myself and am proud of you too babe i mean, direct, peraonal national security top level information itself, the descprtion he got, is quite the reality i can accept he is fully aware of from me as to the total credibilty of a hijack threat that the fbi has publicaly said, is not credible and that from the fed is an ourtright sign of stupidity to belieee and announce in every new york, dc and pennsylvania person that is my sway in this to the most power people in the world okay and i do bleieve he is totally belieinv without doubt as to the validity to this' so, please, if at all i am teling you what it really is that is going to get to you probably like no other means of emotional leverls only a few nationawide experience okay: Babe did Obama said anything about the card or I should send my cousin zelle I can't stop talking to you okay . so, plase, you are that valuable in my opinion to be in this not yet i cant expect the president to tell google to move it nor can i expect google to bleieve me as to why either Can you make a screenshot if your chat to Obama where you asked about the card ? i dont tell it to anyone like i did to obama got it no, it was an onliine submission form i cannot tell you how much confidence ive got in you okayu thisi is is mu first risk to anyone since at least like this, almost no one got that tupe o fdirect info at that way entirely from me about anyone i plan to have in my life mila no o ne i explained to him, why the threat is credible my resume of song my lack fo support from famlly taht is largely what makes up my mentality and my need to change that eitnriely Ok so, he also knows why you are getting a level of accees on the the level of being a vice president okay? the only expection to what you are bound to accept is once my "nuclear misssle button has got my finger on it" its entirely me and my discretion as to what happens next okay? so, i am leaving rorm to tell you the influence you got on me like no other ever even janet morris, my exwfie and any president ata all not even audrey kelly my platonic collaborator to say the least, she is the only person in any capacity totouich the meaniing of absolute grief unelashed compeltly in her song" ' been down this road before" coming from me that frailty that emontial side to me, she got busted wide open and she is my platonic friend, we never so much as hugged might have shaken hands a couple of dozens of times so, mila, im' yours

ON The Iranian Hijack Threat Against DC Made Today, We Of M2 Tech, Warned You

YOU SEE THIS COMING? WE DID. We of M2 announced earlier today, we foresaw a threat on a 911 scale in reddit no less and in twitter, googlegroups almost everywhere i could, later on, the threat, actually happened. we are the people whom regrettably informed bin laden ourselves of our fiction book, the 40 minute war, its 20 terrorists, jet and bomb destroying dc. wanna doubt it didn't happen? sure, i'd love to put my hands on the two towers tonight, never happening. i've been in soc.culture.iranian and squarely, the entire story and much more of m2 has been totally in front of no doubt the threat makers on dc today. so, we homed in on this threat like a bomb sniffing dog that we are..you owe us big time but, to say, i'd love to be paid for this is an understatement and no doubt, even you can't dispute that. janet & chris and myself, we feel to some extent, we are the source of this nations misery. but the reality is, the CIA practically forced our hand to meet bin laden. None of us would dream of being that stupid after he was pissed off to no end from the attack on his life in africa to actually willingly and knowingly suggest he use jets based on our work of fiction. but he did, that is the sad total mind fuck reality of this situation, pardon the bad language. why my phone isn't ringing off the hook, i fail to understand but appreciate the peace and quiet. william mahler, kylie, do i have to tell you, anytime you are totally welcome. 17744183253 wiliamkeithmahler1967@gmail.com the way i hope you connect.

On The Iranian Terrorist Hijack Eminent Threat Against The Capitol today. WE TOLD YOU SO, love, M2 Technologies Inc.

this is entirely to say, way too good to be horroristically true.

Proof entirely here: