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It's Been Awhile, so here it goes

Man it's been awhile since we blogged on Reverb, sorry about that fans. So heres the skibby on whats been going on First off we've been playing like crazy around our hometown of Vancouver and have shared the stage with so many great bands, we have 2 shows coming up, ones an ALL AGES FREE concert in Gastown for The Make Music Vancouver Festival next Thursday the 21st and we're playing on the corner of Cambie and Waterfront, set starts at 615. The other is on Sat the 23rd at The Gates for Trish's B-Day and just look on our FB Page to see Details of that show! OK, so now the BIG News, Bobby wrote a song that was inspired by the new Doc. Movie Bully and we went into the studio with Multi-Grammy Award winning Producer Eric Tingstad to record it, let me tell you that this thing is sounding Unreal and its probably the most moving piece he's ever written, now we need YOUR help. We want ALL our fans, friends or people that just want to get involved to send us a picture of themselves holding a caption on how Bullying makes them feel or how its affected them if they've been Bullied themselves. You can snd it to us any way you want, by Twitter, FB or email it to us at billy@cupla.ca . We are closing it off on Friday June 23rd as the Music Video goes into production on Sat. As you guessed all these Pictures will be used in the Music Video and be sent Worldwide, so if you want to be heard, heres your chance. Thank you to all of our fans, we love you all !!! Cupla

Letters Home and CD Release Party

Well only one more week before Letters Home is Released on November 26th. The reaction from the single I'm Going has been huge, it's being played all around the world and stations are contacting us everyday for it. Our fan base is growing day by day and we're truly grateful to all of you. Keep checking our sites and of course follow us on Twitter to get more updates. Catch Ya On The Flip Side Cupla