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Kathryn's Amen

Kathryn's Amen will be series of 4 short piano pieces. Technically, "Hiking the Meadow" was supposed to be included in the set. But as I was recording it, the song decided it wanted to channel Spyro Gyra. There is a 2nd piece I've written but still practicing arrangements. - - Paul

Song Inspiration

You just never know where song inspiration comes to you. I was noodling a bit on my synth and felt I was being watched. As it turned out, I was. Hanging on the wall in front of me there was a picture of 2 giraffes, facing forward and staring intently. I imagined they were watching me, but I'm certain they were very curious about the photographer taking their picture. Take a listen to "Whatcha Doin'?" to hear the conversation. - Paul

Wish To The Sea

I am experimenting with lyric and music styles; using different music style, jazz, blues, adult contemporary and musical lines working together to tell a story. Take a listen to "Wish To The Sea." The lead in the story takes a walkon the beach and asks Nature for a story. Orchestration follows as Nature granting the wish. The vocal returns dissappointed he did not get one. The take away, is the lead had an expectation on what he wanted to hear.