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V.o.A. is Skope Magazine Artist 2 Watch

Skope: How does it feel to be chosen as an “A2W” artist for March 2010?

Voice Of Addiction: We are excited about the continued support Skope has shown us, we previously had been added to their music player. We really dig what they are doing for the music scene.

Skope: What are you currently working on in your musical endeavours?

Voice Of Addiction: Voice Of Addiction is primarily a live band, playing over 100 shows in 2009 alone, and we are on pace to beat last year so far in 2010. We also just finished a couple more songs, and are now playing them live. These will be on the upcoming album.

Skope: If you have any videos on Myspace or Youtube that we can show readers please include the URL?

Voice Of Addiction: www.youtube.com/voiceofaddiction – We are currently working on a DVD including our costume set on Halloween of Operation Ivy’s “Energy” album. I will be throwing clips up as the editing is being finished.

Skope: What is your favorite time of day to create music?

Voice Of Addiction: When the inspiration hits, you just gotta grab the guitar or whatever and write everything down. I have even woken up in my sleep before with an idea, and hammered it out on the guitar before heading back to bed.

Skope: What is coming up for you and where can readers learn more about you?

Voice Of Addiction: When we aren’t on the road we have been working with boutique Chicago studio “Stranded on a Planet” with our producer Scott Fritz on our 4th release “Reduce Reuse Resist” We plan to release this late summer early fall. Check out our websites at www.VoiceOfAddiction.com, myspace.com/voiceofaddiction, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Voice-Of-Addiction/62711667207?ref=ts, www.twitter.com/voarockers

Rock Gator Radio

We just had "Got Your Number" from the album "Re-evolution" added to Rock Gator radio check it out http://www.live365.com/topjimmy68