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CD is happening

Mastering date set for friday nov 6. Wish me luck. You musicians know how ling the whole process is. So I'll be glad to have a product in hand, keep the faith

gig at Specs in San Francisco

peeps, I just landed a gig in San Francisco st Spec's on Columbus across the street fro Vesuvio's. If you know anyone in San Fran please send them.Very cool place!!!

Broad Street & Irregardless gigs

I had a great gig a Broad Street Cafe last night. Christopher superbly running sound and preparing the stage area. People listening! that's new. Somehow in this area of many great, no I mean really great, musicians, the average audience here treats all music as if it's some background noise to be talked over. It's part of the ambience not something to be listened to (myself, I am occasionally guilty). I'm not just referring to my own experience performing but also as an audience member. So kudos to Broad St Cafe last night and Irregardless Cafe from last week for providing a real listening atmosphere. It was a pleasure

keeping up

I'm a little lost with reverbnation still but my usual blog is on my website www,griffanzo.com