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the sonic soup jam-band takes to the stars...

the lesson is taken from the second book of vlartibees C14 v27 to 34: and so, it came to pass in the early days of the 21st century, under the rule of gordon brown, who was the successor to tony blair the left-wing son of right-wing circus performers - who hailed from sussex, which was a town noted for umbrella manufacture - umbrellas being useful in the british isles which are completely surrounded by water, whose chemical constituents are oxygen and hydrogen, which is a combustible gas, or explosive when mixed back with the oxygen, which is the substance humans most need in air, which surrounds us all the time and which we breathe, that the sonic soup jam-band did spread their awesome wings and set out across the night sky of the interweb. Spreading, as they went, their unfathomable loving care to all listeners. having broken camp at myspace.com they then proceeded to reverbnation.com, where they set up camp in preparation to invade the musical mainstream, filling it with wild and far-out ideas that had not previously been allowed due to the system's fear of the working population becoming restless. amen - here endeth the lesson.