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For those who have listened to "The Shapie Tapes" & Enjoy them, I sincerely apperciate all the gratitude and support. It takes a shit load of grinding to get out there and get people listening, not to mention my concept is something different than what's out there. So people telling friends, coming to shows, sharing the work, I sincerely apperciate that. The new concept, of us, is the Doo Wop Movement. The Doo Wop Movement are those people who are tired of hearing the same old, and think what should be on the radio, is soul & passion. It should be something that you can stand behind, music should always be more than ourselves, bigger than something. A realization of the bigger picture. That's where I'm going to go find that, and I want to take everyone who wants to come, along. Join me, or don't, it's all the same, but the people that listen and give my music a chance. No words I can say, & those people who believe in me. I won't let you down.

Thank you,

Joe aka Second Hand King

P.S. I'm always fishing for complements/things you think can be improved so please, let me know what you think about the music!!

Written - "Understanding The Program"






I was once born, I was someone to become. I was once alive, but now I survive without lungs Or a brain, or a heart, or a cure The lure, was something so unpure That it couldn't feel, be real, or know Life itself, as a reason -- unwilling to grow That is me, UPC number one sixteen The product of dreams, I recreate things You've envisioned, repositioned, made by means My wealth is socially heavy, I'm saved for kings And you, certainly carry the weight of the world Ever since you died, you hate the fate of a pearl Locked inside the oyster, well, shine much more bright! Become a color of a very certain white! Blind me with a light! Life is a demon! You pollute by breathing! You pray for a god, but that god has no meaning! And now you run, become, and are done with demand You are apart of the program Leave behind all that has given you pain Run back to the home, you sought after the rain Dear lady life... She has given you no tools Love, my friend, was only a product of fools...

And if you could find, a reason for today Maybe then the sun would shine a different way

Program Complete.

Written - "Paying Attention to the Grasshopper"

You are the leader.. The believer.. The Preacher... The Teacher.. The Master..

but then you questioned life...

When you asked... I said... I couldn't tell you, I couldn't understand, nor could I comprehend/ what was real, what was fake, how it ends, or begins// Where they go, I don't know, and I couldn't tell you where/ if there's a place in the air that we share, no one's there.. What I know is not much, just a touch of some things That every demon has a meaning, I fight them for a dream// but there is no street lights on this road we have traveled/ no map with a direction, just the wind, which we battle// In the wind, a grasshopper sits upon the palm of your hand/ You said "You must catch him", not a question, a demand// I thought I was damned when I wiffed, and missed, I was pissed/ The grasshoper still stood at the end of your wrist// But ... now I know exactly where the grasshoper goes// After the jump, he always falls below... Every time after the fall, the grasshoper, he now stands right back in the palm of your hand// Another test, catch him? this time, I just might.. caught him in my hands in the palm wrapped tight.. It was easy I thought because I saw the light/ remembered your words, and because he always jumped right...

So next time you ask about life I'll probably answer it always jumps right...

Grasshopper to a king

Written - "The Wizard Lays an Egg"

Once Upon in Space, Where Time has No Place... There Was a Wizard, Who Held Such a Unique Taste... He Would Create, Anything He Couldn't Face... He Would Hate, Anything That He Couldn't Waste... They Call Him Great, Those Who Know Not How To Relate.. Those Who Look For Great, In The Darkest Layers of Space... "So This Is How We Die", he says as he Looks At The Star's Fate... "To Leave Less Than You Behind, My Birth Must Have Been Late"... "These Tricks and Toils, They All Leave Me Gasping For Air" ... "I Don't Want To Die Here, Some Call It Hope, I Call It Despair" ... Then He Looks Behind His Soul and Waves His Stick.. To The World Below, When The Wand Glows He Feels Sick Lights Flash, The World Gasps At The What Falls From Black... Like An Asteroid, That Tumbles Farther And Father Back... Down To Surface, To A Town, With The Slogan "Life Is Perfect".. Where No one is Happy, And To Them Life Is Worthless... But In a Marvel, The Town Surrounds & Looked At The Sight... To See What Had Fallen From The Skies On The Darkest Night... An Egg, That Lays Just Beyond The Lower Depths... Then Cracks Open, There Releases, The Wizard's Last Breath...

So If You Find Love, I'd Hold Onto It And Never Let It Go... Because What Falls From The Sky, You Will Never Know... And If You Think Love Comes From The Sky, This I Tell... Only Thing A Wizard Leaves Behind Is An Empty Shell...

Written Piece - "A Great Cities Great Men"

On Passing By, I'd Say This To You... On Not Following Those, I Say This to You...

That every time I see a road painted in gold, it's sold To those whose hearts have grown old, they fold Their souls to a mountain, a great city's great men Where do I begin? Maybe at the end...

You look for a reason to believe in what's behind door number 3 For some word for breathing, far from meaning, more what you see Or what you want to see, is only what you get... Forget, it all, Regret, it all, but never show the cards as you check The fool, the cool, to me seem so closely related I hesitated to even search for what had decimated The fool, like the cool, always look for a hand To save their soul, but then as you do, look where you stand A bottomless pit, and with only a mirror to face Your thoughts, reflection soon becomes a waste Could it be that feeling that every man searches for Love, friendship, happiness, is that all that? we need more? Could it be -- that those who search for a belief Have only birthed misery, and are in constant search of relief Like constipation, too much cheese, too much meat Overconfidence must mean a group of men to defeat As they are already beat, but I tell myself again What you think of me, is your own, I care only for friends But I look towards the great city, and all that I spy Are those in the marketplace, who try, to pass as I... Or them, the great men of the great city Who are great in every asset, even when shitty The great men of the great city, always will see Life as a object and take it away from you and me Although they are followed, they look for the key To control the sun from the moon, the sun can never be It shows everything that could not bare to hold The one thing wild in this world they cannot control

And there the fool spoke, if only it could find It's mind, but it's been there all the time In prison, appearances withstand a lack of freedom If you listen, a box, can fulfill a lifetime of dreamin' and I look for some kind of answer to a curse There is none, and sometimes you just have to feel the hurt That's real, unlike the great men of the great city Who only know life as lonely and love as pity

I know as hard as I try Where there is not love, one should always -- Pass by

Life Is a Horse Race

Your damn right.

AAO Records
AAO Records  (almost 7 years ago)

Life is a horse race...And I'm lengths ahead...

On The Sea

You learn how to dive.

You learn how to create an atmosphere of whatever and whomever you want to be and that's where I am. I'm right near the water in the ocean, it's nice. The sun is there once and awhile, but the moon comes out more often than not. Never liked the moon but I should appreciate the light it gives - no matter how real or fake.

Always in my darkest hours I look for the sun, as if it can tell me - or show me, what exactly what path and when. But I always find the moon. I can't hate the moon, it's just too far away from the sun.

And when it all comes down to it, the difference is never night and day, but night to day.

And I learned how to dive.

But how quickly am I to meet the sea?

First Blog

Here's my first blog, if you comment on more, I will post more. In fact this will most likely not be my first blog because... I want to spend time on it and this has no time or effort included. In fact I set this up, mainly because that blank spot was pissing me off. So let us all comment on that blank spot on our lives that is pissing us off and smear some meaningless shit all over it's worthless face.


"Tenacious" Tom Crow
"Tenacious" Tom Crow  (about 7 years ago)

I like this blog. It makes sense. Reverbnation kept telling me that when I post a show, My page will be more complete. So I posted a private show in my barn. 10 minutes before it was to start. Now I can't get rid of it. lol!!! (at least there's no blank spot)

Skeletor  (over 6 years ago)

I feel the same way. I want to write something but then again.... lol. nice writtens though and in the great words of a U.S. Governor, "I'll be back".