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SEPTEMBER 2013----

OK. I’m supposed to muse and wax poetic every once in awhile. The last 2 weeks were grinding, sleepless travels…. And yet, I LOVED every minute of it! I must admit that, during the lull between performances it’s so easy to get bored and lonely. Working on new songs and recording some demo stuff on the ol’ MacBook works well enough, but there are times for a BREAK!

While in Kansas I was able to get out for a round of golf, which wasn’t too bad. During my solo rounds of golf I like to think a bit about years-gone-by. I have fond memories of the MANY rounds of golf I played with my brother Steve. I still like to chat with him between shots – I know he’s there in Spirit. These past few months since my Dad died I’ve also thought a lot about how, as a kid I would “caddy” for him when he play his once-a-month-or-so round of golf. I use the term “caddy” loosely, since it was more of an effort on his part to connect with his youngest son. My job was to pull the bag cart and not talk during his back-swing ☺ Since I was the youngest of the 4 boys and came along a bit later in life for my folks (my next older brother is 5 years older), dad was pretty much "little leagued and boy scout-ed out." Much of my learning to play baseball fell to my older brothers (my brother Steve would actually come to some of my games and serve as base-coach…) and scouting was left to some of the younger dads.

Anyway, back to my Dad and golf. These last couple of years when I’d go to visit him he’d say that he’d like to go along with me and just sit in the cart. I’d always say, “Sure Dad! We’ll do that!” As spring rolled around this year I told my wife that THIS YEAR I was going to get Dad and head over to Minerva Lake Golf Course, which was the neighborhood golf course when I was a kid. Dad died in early March, and I never got to take him out.

Musically things are starting to really move, and it’s GREAT! It’s been 2 years since “Best That I Can” released and folks still seem to be digging it!

Seems like it’s time for another release, but the road has kept me busy. We’re exploring the idea of a “Best Of “ CD which would include songs from all 7 of my albums along with a new song or 2 just for kicks. Let me know what you’d like to hear on the “BEST OF” CD – So far some of the requests have included: O’Reilly (Celtic Core – LIVE! 1998) Blind Boy’s Dream- (Hotel deVille 2003) Just Because, I Love You- (The Fool Fell 1993) Russian Submariner’s Lament- (Where’s My Conscience 2003) Angel Child- (Manchester Mornings 2005) You’re Like Monday Morning- (Best That I Can 2011) Count On Me- (Angel and the Folksinger 1996)

WOW! At this rate we might end up with a DOUBLE DISC!

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before. But I’m VERY grateful to have Bernie Wehman on board handling “Artist Rep” duties! Bernie’s got the drive and the personality, and he’s an all-around great guy! Here’s hoping he keeps me on the road, busy and making folks happy!

Chat soon! Keep in touch! PEACE!


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How Much is ENOUGH?!

WOW! Things have begun to get busier and busier! For someone who's life depends on "business" this is a GOOD THING, right!? These past few months have whizzed by so quickly, I wonder where Summer has gone! Every year I plan to take a week, or at least a weekend to have my kids and/or grandkids down to the house for a few days, then "The Road" calls and... next thing I know ... we're going into September!!! UGH! I've never been too good at organizing my time, especially given the fact that my career involves what "normal" folks would refer to as "split shift" work. There are days where I'll perform a mid-day gig, go home and nap (or watch Bonanza re-runs) then go out to an evening show. I'm getting the hang of it, though! At least this week can TRULY be a "family week!" Thursday I'll be driving my youngest daughter back to her 3rd year at college (1st at a new school), then this weekend I'm performing a benefit concert in Pickerington, Ohio at my deceased brother, Steve's former parish. Sunday is the Memorial Golf Outing in his honor. I'll get to spend time with my son and one of my sons-in-law... Each time I start feeling grumpy about having to get back to "work," I'm reminded of that old adage from - I believe, Kris Kristofferson. When asked if he was bothered by folks always bugging him because of his notoriety, he said, "I don't complain. If I complained I think it'd be like a boxer coming back to his corner after the first round of a fight and saying, 'Hey! That guy's trying to HIT ME!'" :-) Please check out my performance schedule and stop by and say "Hi!" sometime! Thanks! Peace! Dave

Busy, Happy to be Working!

If I'm not on the road there's an itchiness that starts happening with me - my feet and my BUTT! The butt is because I'm sitting too much and my feet because they have a hankerin' to hit the road! Last weekend found me back in my 2nd home- Nashville Tennessee for the 11th Annual Nashville Indie Songwriters' Fest. I love reconnecting with folks who I haven't seen in awhile, playing some tunes, sharing new songs and even chatting with young songwriters who might need a bit of advice. After my last official set at the fest I was invited to a West End venue to perform an extended set. I was so happy that folks really dug my music! It's truly humbling to have folks compare me to the likes of Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and John Prine. One "industry-type" told me that Nashville needs more singers with my style of music! From her lips to God's ear! :-) So, it's a 4 day break for me to play a couple Cinci area "small gigs" then a 4 day vacation with some old friends of mine to play some golf, poker, euchre - smoke some cigars and play some poker (they even want me to play a mini-concert for them!) then it's off on the Western US Tour! More photos and reconnecting with friends and fans in Nevada, Utah and Oregon! For those who'll be searching for me - I'll be back in Nashville in July! Keep in touch! Peace! dave PS- Please check out and "LIKE" the Fb page! www.facebook.com/dave.hawkins.singer.songwriter

Holidays and Helping

Keeping up with blogging obviously isn't my strong suit. For the couple of folks who check out my blog, I apologize for the gaps! :-) Since returning from the Western US Tour I've been sticking close to home. I've been working on some new songs and tweaking the set list for both the smaller shows and with the band. Resurrecting songs from my earlier CDs has been fun, and I'm hoping fans are enjoying them as much as I'm enjoying giving the songs new life! My friend and fellow musician Pat Ewing called me just before Thanksgiving with a great idea for a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims. 8 bands performed at the new Southgate House Revival in Newport Kentucky. We had a nice turnout and made some bucks for the folks in the New York area! Two weeks ago I traveled with Peg Buchanan (fiddle) and Stan Ginn (percussion) as CELTIC CORE to perform at McGinley's Golden Ace in Indianapolis. An intimate, family pub that's been in business for 80 years. The show was also a Sandy Fundraiser. We were happy to be a part of this, and the Golden Ace raised $1000 for the cause! Through the Holidays I'll be staying close to home, and performing some home-town gigs. After January 1st it's back to Nashville for some performing there and planning the Spring West Coast Tour. Along with everyone here at Dave Hawkins/SBH Music I'd like to wish you and yours the happiness of the Season, Good Times and Safe Journeys. PEACE! Dave

Western US Tour

I realize my recent schedule hasn't included my 3-per-week trips to the gym... but I'm pretty sure that airlines have definitely made space SMALLER to add a body or two to each flight! My flight from Cincinnati to Las Vegas (through Minneapolis/St. Paul) was like sardines in a can! WOW! I arrived in Las Vegas on October 6th and was lucky enough to have a couple days off to relax before performances. My good friend of 41 years and Tour Manager, Dave Gerow is an EXCELLENT golfer and, I'm SURE has helped me shave a few strokes off my game. I was back at Freakin' Frog on Wednesday for a lovely show with a nice crowd. It's always fun to meet new folks and add new fans. Photos from the road are being added as we speak! Starting when I get back home, I'll be ramping up with my bi-monthly "From a Songwriter's Studio". Right now these are showing up on my personal Facebook page, but we'll add them to www.facebook.com/dave.hawkins.singer.songwriter Thanks for staying in touch! dave

We're All Pluggin' Along!

It's been really nice to be home for a couple/three weeks or so. I've been staying fairly close to home- doing one day "run-outs" and 2 or 3 day regional "tours." With fall/winter coming on and me being out West for 2 1/2 weeks in October that means I've got more than a few chores around the house! It's hard to bring myself to "winterize" the pond, put away deck chairs, etc., when it's 80º and sunny! Last weekend I had LOADS of fun at the Lithopolis Honey Festival just outside of Columbus Ohio. They're always happy to see me (or ACT like they are :-) and even with the rainstorms of the night before, they had a good crowd. Around that show I stopped into 3 senior citizen centers around the Columbus area. Emeritus has 4 centers in: Groveport, Grove City, Westerville and Gahanna. One of them is my Dad's "home," and he sat right up front with a smile on his face through the whole show! Afterwards I sat with him back in his room and we visited for a good while. Dad shared with me that, when I was younger, but still living at home he and my Mom would sit on the couch and listen to me while I was up in my room rehearsing.... I NEVER knew that! Well, I'm sure I won't get ANY argument from all sides when I say, "This election can't come soon enough!" I'll only allow that BOTH conventions were quite interesting in their own way. I have good friends who are diametrically opposed to my politics and I to theirs. Because of that, whenever we're chatting we have a "safe word" which is, "OK" and we know to go no further! To me, that's what makes America, America. I personally refuse to resort to calling someone names, or questioning their patriotism just because I don't agree with their views. All I ask is that I'm afforded the same courtesy! OK, that's about as "Soap-boxey" as I'm going to get right now. Hope y'all are enjoying the late-summer, early fall. PLEASE feel free to sign up for Enews, and check out the new Fb Page: www.facebook.com/dave.hawkins.singer.songwriter Keep in touch! Peace! dave


I pulled into Nashville yesterday afternoon and the ol' xB is just about 50 miles shy of the 200K mark. It seems appropriate to hit that milestone in one of my favorite towns, and a second home! The Bluebird Cafe' was PACKED last night and what an appreciative crowd it was! Over on the Facebook page I'll be posting some pics. One very interesting picture is of a group of teen-aged boys who planted themselves outside the Bluebird (they have an outside speaker) and watched and listened to the ENTIRE SHOW! I guess there IS some hope for the younger generation! :-) Today and tomorrow it's some meetings then every day for the rest of the week it's FUN-TIME performing around Nashville! Keep in touch! PEACE! dave

LOCAL - ROAD - Nearing 200G!

It's good to be playing local! Looking forward to being around Cincinnati for a couple weeks! Tomorrow I'll be at the grand opening for the newest College Hill business! Silk Road Fabrics. Terry Owen is a good friend and she's also another one of my "Community Heroes!" www.silkroadcincinnati.com -- Tomorrow night I'm popping into Molly Malone's Cincinnati to perform with Celtic Core -- www.mollymalonescincinnati.com -- In a couple weeks I'll be back down to my 2nd home; Nashville performing at The Bluebird Cafe' on August 12 and then sitting in at various songwriters-in-the-rounds and at the West Nashville Farmers' Market on Saturday the 18th. We'll wait to see,,, but the "Dave-mobile" is at 198,000+ we'll see if we hit the big 200,000 during the Nashville trip! Stay tuned. Keep in touch! See y'all on the road! PEACE! dave

YOU let ME know!

So, I can spend a bunch of time doing BAD poetry, or fill you in on what I'm doing every minute of the day, yadda, yadda. YOU guys let ME know what you'd like this blog to be. Chat soon! PEACE! dave