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The "3"Rs" of Good Luck" are the primary components of the "The Good Luck Gospel". For some of us they are all that is needed to channel a whole bunch of Good Luck. BUT… some of us may have a little bit of a problem ACTIVATING these “#Rs”. It’s like you have the program but it hasn’t “booted up” in your “brain computer”. So you are basically “willing” it to happen but it AIN’T! I submit to you it is a situation wherein you are (at some level) feeling like you are “talking the talk” but NOT “walking the walk”! So...the program won’t boot up! You might say, OK, Deacon/Luckyman/Whatever; what do I do NOW? And I would say, “Be calm my brother/sister, we are NOT stuck! We simply need a little more tuning on your BRAIN COMPUTER to bring in the GOOD LUCK CHANNEL! You might feel like this is putting the cart before the horse… but RELAX (remember the 2nd “R”). Here it is. Do something that you wouldn’t normally do UNLESS YOU WERE ALREADY FEELIN’ REALLY LUCKY! ! Like hittin’ the lottery everyday! Like everybody was smilin’ at YOU! Like the sun was shinin’ just for YOU! And the birds were chirpin’ JUST FOR YOU!

Basically I am suggesting you do something magnanimous. My dictionary tells me that magnanimous means, “very GENEROUS or FORGIVING especially toward a rival or someone less powerful then oneself.”

Here is where it gets really interesting. This word is from 16th century Latin. “ Magnus” Is “GREAT” and “Animus” is….”SOUL”.

Yeah man! Do something “GREAT” from your “SOUL”!!

I suggest that if you don’t feel real good about what you are gonna do then DON’T DO IT! Don’t give away your car and stuff. Start small. I like to point people in the direction of my tip bucket. This is a GREAT place to start. If somebody wasn’t going to put any money in then putting in a buck is a definite positive step. If somebody was already going to put in a buck, well, now would be a GREAT time to put in a five spot. (Yes, I do realize this is totally self serving so please don’t bother sending me emails all about Rev. Ike and stuff.) And trust me, it ain’t all about money. Being nice to somebody that might not be up to your particular standards of coolness might be a whole lot better then throwing some money around. Also, accepting yourself for being a human being that’s just doing their best from moment to moment is real positive. Perhaps the most important thing of all is loving. Not that wimbly-wambly cryin’ on the tv stuff but learning to cherish. Learning how to tune your thoughts in this way will totally Increase Yo’ Good Luck Potential Exponentially (!!!) C’mon Now! Tune that Brain Computer to the GOOD LUCK CHANNEL! It all ties into the very first "R", REALIZE IF YOU WOKE UP BREATHIN' YOU ALREADY LUCKY! SO.... ACT LIKE IT!

The 3rd "R"

The 3rd R of the 3Rs of Good Luck and How To Increase Yo’ Good Luck Potential Exponentially!” by yours truly “The Deacon Lucky Breaks”.

Yes, finally, we are at the the final R. This is the easiest R of the 3 Rs. You remember, I’m sure, that the first R is “Recognize!” (if you woke up breathin’ you ALREADY lucky! etc etc etc…. And, of course, the 2nd R which is RELAX! (you can’t increase Yo’ Good Luck Exponentially Exponentially!” if you all bound up etc etc etc…). Ok Great! We are all on the same page then. Here it is, The 3rd R. And this is the really fun one. Ready?



My little desktop dictionary defines rejoice as “experience joy”. Yup, this is it folks. Bottom line. The Secret! When you experience joy all sorts of things occur of a positive nature. Your Body gets happy and fixes problems. Your Heart gets happy and feels mo’ betta’. Your Brain Computer works mo’ betta’. And,here’s the one that requires the quantum leap, the paradigm shift, this ones really tough, here it is: WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE JOY THE UNIVERSE/THE WORLD/THIS SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM, (this definitely INCLUDES your life), EVERYTHING GETS MO’ BETTA!!!!

REJOICE IS THE 3RD “R” of the “3Rs of How To Increase Yo’ Good Luck Exponentially!”

Amy McCarley
Amy McCarley  (over 6 years ago)

Rejoice. Brilliant!

Recognize you're lucky to be alive.
Relax so you can notice all the cool parts about being alive.
Rejoice: have yourself a good time experiencing life.

Seems so simple. Why doesn't everybody to this all the time Deacon Lucky?

Laurence Luckyman Beall
Laurence Luckyman Beall  (over 6 years ago)

I think it is a "Garden of Eden" thing. Awareness by its very nature can lead to being all hung up on the details at the expense of the bottom line which is joy/love. (dat damn ol' devil be in de details!)

The Second "R"

Here at the "Tabernacle of the Good Luck Gospel", yours truly, "The Deacon Lucky Breaks", thinks about this stuff to try to get it organized in such a way that makes sense. I really try not to get over-whelmed by the little explanatory tidbits. In short, I try really hard not to be anal-retentive about the details. You CANNOT "INCREASE YO' GOOD LUCK POTENTIAL EXPONENTIALLY" if you are anal-retentive!! A NICE FAT HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL could waft in on a breeze and land on your shoe and IF YOU ARE ALL BOUND UP YOU CAN'T BEND OVER TO PICK IT UP!!. You might say, "Please Lucky, get to the point". And I might say, "THIS IS THE POINT!" Don't sweat the small stuff. "Chronic Stress" will put you in an early grave. Slow down the constant "internal dialogue. Go to the bathroom when you need to. The Second "R" is RELAX! It's as simple as taking the time to smell a rose or admire the fur on a cat. The slave driver that says "you ain't on it if you feel good" needs to get demoted. Relax sister. Relax brother. Increase yo' good luck potential exponentially! The Second "R" is RELAX!!

Amy McCarley
Amy McCarley  (over 6 years ago)

Ahh! I get it: Relax. Uh huh. I've been so busy being busy I forgot to relax, the one thing most important on my to-do list. Relax. Such an important concept. Recognize, Relax, and... for a second there I was getting all tense wondering what's next. Then I remembered, ahhhhhhh. We'll see soon enough.

The First "R"

School is where you learn about the 3 Rs of 'Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic.

Church, (or perhaps philosophical discourse, etc. etc), is where you learn about "Right" and "Wrong".

BUT ONLY right here at "The Tabernacle of The Good Luck Gospel", with yours truly, "THE DEACON LUCKY BREAKS", can you learn about "The 3Rs of Good Luck and How To Increase Yo' Good Luck Potential Exponentially!"

I'm gonna whip it on you right now! The first R! Ready? (here it is)...

The first R is:


Let me say that again...


You want proof? Think about all the people that DIDN'T WAKE UP BREATHIN'!

Yes, I know those sharp ones out there are already sayin' yo' Lucky.....where is the "R"????

Good question! It's right here! "RECOGNIZE!"



Amy McCarley
Amy McCarley  (over 6 years ago)

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Yeah. Recognize. Got it. So true. Amen brother. Tell us some more. What comes after that?

The Tabernacle of the Good Luck Gospel

Yours Truly, The Deacon Lucky Breaks will make a great attempt to articulate as clearly as possible the steps to increase your good luck potential exponentially. Actually I should say; INCREASE YOUR GOOD LUCK POTENTIAL EXPONENTIALLY!!!!

First, quickly, a look at the meaning of our topic.

Tabernacle means, in this usage, a place. This blog will be the Tabernacle of the Good Luck Gospel.

Good Luck: getting what is truly good for you.

Potential: what is possible

Exponential: a really Big FAT increase

Deacon: servant

The Tabernacle of the Good Luck Gospel

Today is the start of my blog on "The Tabernacle of the Good Luck Gospel " This is not religious, but a way of tuning your brain computer!

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