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Rock Hard PDX with Lynch Mob

Thank you to all who came out to support us,and to Avenging Angel Enter Tainment for makeing this all happen.To Rock Hard PDX for having us and all the BANDS and to Lynch Mob very cool Dudes what a show

Lynch Mob

Just been working really hard lots of fine tuning to get ready for this show.And were ready to "KICK ASS" see ya all there let's ROCK!!!

Gilby Clarke & The Guessing Game

Thank you Malibu's for having us & the promoter and everyone that has supported us all these years. you all ROCK! And to all the other cool bands what a Show!! ROCK-ON....

Jack Russell's Great White

Thank you to all that came out to support us you "ROCK". All so to MR.T for making it all happen to BOSSANOVA BALLROOM the sound personnel for making us sound so good. To jack Russell & the Band you are all so cool until next time JUST " ROCK ME"

Malibu's April /18/2015

Thank you Malibu's for having us, and to all the bands we all "Kicked ASS" met some cool new friends & thank you to the Fan's for your supporting us you ROCK!!!!

Malibu's 3/27/2015

Thank you Malibu's for having us, and to all our Fan's for your support you all ROCK! and to are new fan's and all the bands. We can't wait till the show until then for those about to ROCK we saluteYOU S4S

Tonic Lounge 2/6/2015 SHOW

I thank you everyone for your support and for coming out to this show.And for making this show fun and exciting event. GOD BLESS you all and until next time never stop ROCK-IN......

Battle of the Bands

I would like to say it kick Ass show! at the Hawthorn THEATER.And so cool to meet all of you people from the other bands.And from the bottom of my heart thank you all for coming out and supporting us with out you friends,fans and every one that help and especially Tumbler for his professional job as a killer sound man you ROCK!!!!!! Jeff S4S Band

Burning Rain the rock band

So cool to meet all the band in Portland OR at the TONIC and meeting one of my favorite guitar players Doug Aldrich all the band members were really cool it was really great show Thanks for Rocking Portland

Benefit for REX

Would just like to say had a kick ass time meeting and paying at the Cascade Bar and Grill with all the bands it was for a good cause ROCK -ON...... until we meet again