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Romaine Tenney, give it a read please


11/11 two songs to please give a listen today

Streets of London (by Ralph Mitchel) and Country at War (by SKM), for our countries forgotten war heros!

Great time at Randolph

Lets see if MontPeculiear is open Sat AM?

Fun up at Capital Grounds Coffee

interesting how the clientele and vibe changed when the older folks went to the early movies playing down the street and some younger listeners came in. Need to tweak the set list for this next time.

Thank you WDEV and George Simpson

We had a great live radio show up in VT on 96.1 Sunday, hope everyone enjoyed the tunes

Sunday on WDEV with George S.

Looks like will be playing with George Simpson again on Sunday on WDEV: http://www.wdevradio.com/index-home.asp

Check out "Jungle"

Result of sticking two Electrical Designer's in a room of classic synthesizers, co-wrote with Benny Ley in 1988, many Roland, Yamaha, Fendor, Korg and Akai classic machines, real-time onto a cassette 4-track, Tascam 246.

First Northfield, VT Indoor Market

Great vendors, nice open venue, always a good time, come on up, thank you Crystal for the invite!

Nice Fall Day up at MontP Farmers Market

Lots of positive vibes and support, thank you

Long day of Busk'en!

Great feedback, lots of love, but slow start, whats up VT?