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New Tune!

Added a new tune and video."Salt Of The Earth".


Uploaded an old tune from the Black Oath Sermon project titled "The Medusa Plague". What makes this tune so special? I lost the file many moons ago and the only copy was on the MySpace profile but seeing as how they dont let you DL mp3's anymore, I thought it would only exist on MySpace player unless I went to the trouble of re-recording the whole thing. Anyways...


Working on a new project with much potential.



New Video Posted

Added new video for the song "Fathoms". Video created by Mercy Blast.


Working on new tunes. To be continued...

New/Old Tunes From Side-Project.

Uploaded some old tunes from Black Oath Sermon, a project I'm involved in with vocalist Jordan Heston. Currently on hiatus.

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