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New Song!

Im starting to think this could become a complete album, but, I wont push it. Heres a preview to whats coming!!! My sin and shame Taken on that day When You gave Your only Son for me For ashes beauty Life for death Your contrasting love never fails For You have given The opposite of me For You freely choose to Be in love with me Contrast and give Your love for my sins Your life for my death Your riches outwiegh this worldly wealth O Lord You give Light for darkness Honor for shame You freely gave You freely gave I am marked A divergence from normality I am who You have created me to be

Its Coming Along!

Ok guys, everything is coming along so great. Im amazed daily at the opportunities that God is entrusting me with. I am truly happy and cant wait for you guys to hear the ep when its done. I am hoping for april. Lets make sure that happens! Please spread the word guys!!!!