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A nice review.


An edelouz review

Check out this review of the e.p. http://innerearmedia.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/review-endelouz-endelouz-ep/

Alex Chilton is our Big Star

ALEX CHILTON IS OUR BIG STAR! A tribute to Alex Chilton songs from all 3 Big Star albums 7pm friday March 19th @ jjs bohemia. FREE!

I know if you have seen us lately we have been playing alot of Big Star. So now you can imagine how sad it makes us that Alex is gone. He was the perfect unfamaous rock star and I personally looked up to him for his style and his ability to keep telling the truth whether or not anyone was going to listen. Big Star proves that nothing great will go undiscovered. His music has really affected me. If I have felt empty or lonely or hopeless there was Alex and Big Star. I know when I used to live in Memphis and drive down Poplar or Madison I would wonder what it was like when Chris and Alex road down the same streets together. I would listen to there music and try to figure out if there was some lesson I could take from there story. I guess what they really taught me is that you can't count on popular opinion you just have to be as honest with your work as you can and in the long run it will matter.

So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. MATTHEW 10:26

Bad Connection on WaterWorks Entertainment sampler volume 2 and beyond!

Bad Connections will be featured on WaterWorks 2nd sampler cd. We are very happy to work with WaterWorks again and we look forward to doing more with them in the future. Also we are very happy about the succes of Bad Connections on Garageband.com it has already been voted: Track of the Day on 6Dec2009 in Blues Rock Track Of The Week on 4Jan2010 in Blues Rock Best Beat in Blues Rock, week of 25Jan2010 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009. We look forward to where this track will take us in the future.