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Got Doe? How?

My life is defined by means to end. What does that mean, well to me it means being able get through daily life doing what I feel is necessary to get where I want to be. I used to believe this meant doing whatever it took to get money and that with enough money I would have the power to make my dreams come true. But this mentality is flawed, as we know with great power comes great responsibility and I'm not sure if I would have been blessed with that responsibility three years ago I would be the person musically or personally. I see stark change in some people whether it is positive or negative when money comes into the picture or leaves like a thief in the night. Now why is that, does the weight of our pocket book equal the content of our character? Do people have some secret power after they obtain montary sucess? Now I think I've seen alot sides to this particular situation; the homeboy hits a lick and we tear shit up for a week or so then about a month later, I'm buyin him drinks because the well went dry. Or the the single mother gets her tax return back, she takes her two sons shopping and blows nearly two grand on summer clothes, then by june she s back to struggling till she can pick up some extra shifts. What I'm getting at is this. We as human beings always want more for ourselves to some degree, right? We invest time and dollars into things that are so short term they only last moments and the net return is almost always negative. Just look at Tom Petters and Denny Hecker both these men had empires that came crashing down because they were not built upon truth and justice. This to me is the ultimate example of defined means to an end. The way you obtain a certain level of personal and financial gains will no doubt be your ultimate downfall or success.

Meehow  (about 8 years ago)

Alright,.....gotcha way of thinkin