We've refined our studio setup; and are continuing to make improvements to our sound and quality of music for you, the dedicated fan. Thank you for listening!!! \m/


We've been gone a while; but we've just invested a lot into the new studio- can't wait for you all to hear the results!

PJSV Blog 10

Thanks for listening! If you're reading this; then you'll want to check out our video player and hear some new ideas we're working on! Other than that; just sit tight we're getting close! Thanks for reading! Aaron PJSV 2012

PJSV Blog 9

If you're reading this; listen to Confession- our newest; heaviest track created using some of the latest cutting edge technology. I want to thank all our fans for listening; personally- it's truly a big reason why I play and created Projekt Sven anyway; as a Metal outlet to this gone world...

PJSV Blog 8

Thanks to anyone who has listened or been with us; we treasure your input on this musical endeavor we trek upon. It's been over a year since our last blog! That's too long! We've released several new awesome songs; including Fate! (finally) Also; we're proud to say that we are going to continue to push the envelope, please-stay tuned! Aron PJSV

PJSV Blog 7

I want to celebrate another anniversary of Projekt Sven! We've been in the game for a while now; and we're proud to say we've been thinning the herd for years now! #2 locally - in the top thousand nationally; we aren't the best-but we shame the posers! I want to say thanks to all the amazing artists who make this site possible, and to everyone who listened to my music! We're still strong and still going-keep listening!

PJSV Blog 6

Welcome to the official PROJEKT SVEN website! Whenever we make new songs; they come HERE first! Also, on a side note "Fate" will be released soon. Not to mention a secret NEW song in the works! AND; We are also looking to collaborate with any Metal vocalists/guitarists/drummers and ESPECIALLY BASSISTS!! Also wanting to try something new with any Rap/Rock artists!! So keep listening for ONE OF A KIND music and new tracks from PROJEKT SVEN!!!

PJSV Blog5

Welcome to our RN Profile! I want to note that "Fate" will no longer be released to due artistic differences. Also, we will be re-recording the vocals for tracks like Debt,Sacrifice Creations,Anomaly and Finitude. Also I will be creating the FULL SONG "Replacement". There is already a demo of it on our page. As far as NEW SONGS go I will be releasing a catchy tune I wrote years ago and never made it to the studio; "Return" is a step-like song with intricate backwards chords and an up-step tempo; I'll be performing most if not all vocals on that track. Also we've got some Keyboard experimentation going on here so KEEP LISTENING!! -Aaron PJSV

Projekt Sven Blog 4

Welcome to our Reverb Profile! I want to note our new label representation from REPUTATION Labels! They based out of London UK and they promote some very great and very new unsigned bands!! Listen for Projekt Sven on the Radio Podcasts from them! A new song named "Fate" will be uploaded soon! Keep listening!

Projekt Sven Blog 3

Welcome to our Reverb Profile! I want to note all of the amazing musicians that congregate on this site! It's truly some of the best music I've ever heard-and thanks to everyone who is our fan! It's because of you we can say we're NUMBER ONE! Keep listening and drop some comments! We'll have some a new song up soon! Complete with the sick riffs,sweeps and vokills you've all come to expect from PJSV! -Aaron H of Projekt Sven