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2013 Folk Artist of the Year!

Life has a mysterious way of amazing me. Just when I think my last project" Amazed" had run it's course, you know not a lot of sales or activity I am notified that I was nominated out of Florida in the Folk artist category for artist of the year. Humbled and surprised I thought that was pretty cool. When the phone rang and the group of my peers had voted me as Folk artist of the year by a landslide, beating a Grammy award winning artist...well..I was completely tickled pink! What this means for my music or the cause for which I do the music (Orphans) remains to be seen. But what a beautiful surprise from a project that was birthed out of a lot of pain. All I can say is thank you! GOD is an awesome GOD!

I need your votes!!!!!!!!

Hey all my wonderful fans out there....I need your help! I need votes for the fans choice awards on the independent country music association website. Please go to www.icmanet.com/fans.php and vote for me! You can vote once a day until June 30th......you all are great and I hope you'll help me out! Blessings to all!!!!!

Nominated for Independent Country folk artist of the year!

Life has some strange twists and turns. I was notified that I was nominated for Folk artist of the year! Thru the Independent Country Music Association.....sweet...you can go on their site na vote for me if you wish...can vote every day until June 30th...it's sort of a long shot but so was the recognition! Blessings and thanks!

Kathe Knight (aka Kathe Beaver) Vocals/Piano or Full Band
Kathe Knight (aka Kathe Beaver) Vocals/Piano or Full Band  (almost 4 years ago)

All the best! I believe in your sincerity and wish there were more opportunities that pull singer/songwriters like you to the forefront. 'Have tried for what seems like forever with no fame or fortune..., but then again, it is only love that lasts forever, and I do have THAT! Always putting family first may not have been the popular thing to do, but it is and has always been the "treasure" of my heart. "Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, for where your TREASURE is, there will your HEART be also." Blessings always, Lynn. --Kathe

Hard to say

I have been in a season of Tsunami's with family, friends and health. It will make for some great Lyrics one day but right now..my sails have been taken down...I am trying to know which way to go in life...no gigs, no band at this time...Just angst...a writers dream Right? Anyway...I am writing a book. It is easier somehow than music for me right now...thats my check in...hope you all are finding your way in your lives with more ease than I am...on a positive note...we did fund the drilling of two more water wells in 2012....so a total of 11 wells to date! So yea...the music has helped alot of kids over the years. www.drlynnandtheorphans.com you can help us...please do Peace Love Dr Lynn

A new day dawning

I grew up in a time of rules being bent and boundaries being crossed. There was alot of anger and alot of disrespect. Out of that came songwriters that changed a generation, but mostly they just changed me. I was accompanied on my young journey with the likes of Joni Mitchell and Prince. I listened to everyone from Carol King to Martina McBride and John Berry. I fell in love with words and I fell in love with music. I have not been hanging out here in a long time. I grew discouraged with the new way of trying to get fans. People don't even listen to one another, they just "Fan" one another to get their numbers up. As an artist I don't understand that. But today is a new day and I am still a wordy girl. I have written over 193 songs in the last year. Some of them need to go away of course, but a few need to be birthed. So I am trying to find my way to that. Hopefully they will see the light of day and I can let them fly. Songs need wings ya know?

Music in the air

Spring has hit early and music is floating across the newly dug garden. There is something amazing about music and gardening. Notes drifting across the setting of flowers and trees and meadows. My happy place. Whats your happy place?

When the road is long

Music in this day and age is a strange business. There is really very few artists who make any money at it...Most of us just write and record and get some nice comments and sell a few CD's and that's about it...I find it very discouraging actually because I do it for the money to help orphans in the Sudan...so far those poor starving children aren't getting much more than a prayer...Just keep pluggin away I guess...

Orphan Cry

Song I wrote to bring the plight of the orphan into the heart of every music fan. www.musicfororphansproject.com If you wish to help me help them

Victoria Woodworth
Victoria Woodworth  (almost 5 years ago)

God bless you my dearest!XO

Writing new stuff

In this season of Winter I find my best songs come as I write best when I am sort of blue...Jan, Feb, March...GOD must have given us winter so we would reflect and grow deep.

Happy New Year

After an evening with friends solving the problems of the world...I celebrate this morning sitting with my husband and my critter..thankful that love resides here. I pray blessings to you and your loved ones too! Happy New Year, May 2012 make all your dreams come true!