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Inheritance/Black Eyed Vermillion album getting close

did a band photo shoot last night for the long awaited Black Eyed Vermillion /Inheritance release which Farmaggeddon Records is releasing in May--

New stuff in the works...

Hey -- all sorts of good stuff coming up-- music for two different plays, involving Bruce and Amanda-- La Fenice's "Sloop of the Damned", and the Austin Bike Zoo's version of "Midsummer Night's Dream"! ALSO: The long awaited collaborative album with Black Eyed Vermillion will be released in May! AND: we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign accepting preorders for our next album, "Before Death Asks You To Dance"-- that along with shows with Magos from Hungary and our friends Underscore Orkestra out of Portland OR. Whew. How did all that happen so fast?

Inheritance Re-entry

hello friends! the Inheritance had our first rehearsal in many moons this evening and it sounds great! first show: Sunday Feb 5 at Flipnotics Cafe; 9:30 PM

A body of work in progress...

We have a new CD in hand! "Kalimera" is a collection of traditional tunes from Eastern Europe, as well as from France and Israel. Is was recorded and mixed by Roy Taylor, in South Austin in the Spring of 2011. "Kalimera" is a cohesive listen, an extended mood unlike the usual rowdy Inheritance performance. It has been described as "haunting" and "trace-inducing". As we head to Balkan Dance and Music camp in Mendocino, CA, we feel it is an offering to our ancestors and the muse that inspires us. Fear not! Our original compositions won't be ignored. Tracks from sessions over the last year are in the can, and we will be recording in Los Angeles and San Francisco during our June tour and again in the fall in Austin. Our plan is to craft these into our next release by the end of 2011. Tunes such as "Down the Rabbit Hole", "Kalimera", "Tailwinds", "Mu Tlu Tanz", "In The Wake Of Wonderland", and "Le Pompelemousse/Coffee With A Clown"... to name a few...

planning for summer tour---

steps are being taken for our first tour this summer-- Southwest and West Coast run up to Mendocino to a Balkan Dance and Music camp-- applying for scholarships, launching a Kickstarter.com campaign for travel expenses, setting our CDs up for digital distribution, and booking shows and folk dances-- Already have two plum gigs in LA and SF, both Gypsy Disko parties guaranteed to be in front of large audiences-- whee!!

Exciting news! and plenty of it---

We have 16 tracks in the bag recorded with our freind and mentor Roy Taylor, and we are returning to the studio on Feb 4 & 5 to record more!--

A new promotional video to debut this week recorded and produced by Darwin Smith at Flipnotics-- our home away from home--

AND... our new website will be up by the end of the month : inheritancemusic.com--

Our West Coast tour to the Balkan Dance camp in Mendicino this summer is taking shape very nicely...