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Meet me Right Where I AM

Hey Music Lovers, Have you ever heard someone say Jesus will meet you right where you are? Well, it's true he will. No matter where you are no matter how messy your life is - he loves us more than we can comprehend. One the new songs on the upcoming album is titled, Meet me Right Where I AM!

A couple of updates as you've probably guessed - new music is in the works! I've had a LONG dry spell, and I mean LONG. However, the Lord has seen fit to allow me the privilege to do a little writing and singing to share his love. Going in the studio in June then booking dates this year! Yes, I said playing dates. Am I too old, too broken? I sure hope not - God is paving an amazing path unlike anything I've seen in my past musical endeavors. Pray for me as I look for band-mates and surround myself with an amazing team and crew.

Stay tuned. Joy

Slowly BUT Surely . . Here we come! It's been a LONG time coming.

Hello, Yes, I will be out there soon! First stop - we are currently looking for Management & a Musical Director (Live & Studio)

Auditions this May

Musicians interested in live & studio work please send us your music resumes. Also, describe your vocal capabilities. Thanks

Happy New Year

Hello, and Happy New Year 2014! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & Winter holiday season.

Happy Back To School!

We have had more rain in South Carolina this summer than I ever recall in my entire life! Good luck to those heading back to school this month. Peace & Blessing Peeps! Joy

Hello Peeps

Hi Peeps, Just checking in, my how time flies, I hope everyone is getting ready to enjoy the summer time fun! Be safe. Peace Everyone! J


How many people believe our dogs are our truest best friend?

Happy Easter!

Heavenly Father, Thank you for the resurrection that gives us hope and everlasting life in Christ Jesus sacrifice to wash our sins away. We are not worthy, only through Jesus we become chosen and saved. Have faith my friends!


Folks out there in music land - Just want to share this fact with you, I love Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior! But, there's more - he loves you too! Get to know him, you will be amazed. Joy

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So folks what does St. Pat's mean to you?