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Hard Rock Rising!

We want to thank all of our Rag Family and friends for their help and support during the contest. We finished 6th in the global voting and now our fate is in the hands of the almighty! An attitude of gratitude and a whole lotta love! -WR

Future Sight EP!!!!

We are ready to release our new EP, Future Sight later this month. Be on the lookout!!!!

Bio for Proverbs Bi-Polar & The Body Electric

The Whiskey Reverb is a cult of personalities with branches of peace and wartime.

Preparation is key and The Whiskey Reverb is prepared. Practice makes better, and The Whiskey Reverb practice. The Whiskey Reverb endorses the thought of not thinking, and The Whiskey Reverb encourages binge drinking and reefer smoke to put the mind in its "proper" place.

The Whiskey Reverb believes that although the downpressor man can predict and influence our thoughts, the downpressor man cannot anticipate our instinctive behaviors.

The Whiskey Reverb believes that the act of thinking is a separation from our creator.

The Whiskey Reverb feels far better about the purity of foolishness, than the power of wisdom. Time is a spiral. Why spend so much of it thinking the way they want you to?


CD Release parties were a HUGE Success!

Thanks to all of our fans and supporters who showed up October 29th at Broadway Joe's and October 30th at the Tudor Lounge. We sincerely appreciate the enthusiastic crowds on both nights. Special thanks go out to the following for helping to make these shows so freakin' cool: Valentino as Magic The Freeeak, Bloodthirsty Vegans, Sky Merk, Superkiller Robots, Spitfire Squadron, The Magictonez, Fathead Management, Mulgruvis Media Productions, Broadway Joe's, The Tudor Lounge, and Teddy from Nightlife Magazine.

Here's a link to buy our CD or to digitally download the MP3's...http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/whiskeyreverb

Thank You

Just wanted to sincerely thank you for visiting our site. We very much appreciate your support, we hope you like what you see and hear. TREE*ZEN1863 will drop April 20. Let us know if you would like a copy

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