Warped Tour'11? Travis Barker new drummer? M. Atkins has fever for more cowbell?

ANARKI performs at Warped Tour'11? Travis Barker our new drummer? Martin Atkins has a fever for more ANARKI cowbell? Read all about here! HAIL TO YOU ANARKISTS! This is it, wow, the first official ANARKI Blog of 2011. Lots of new and exciting things coming your way. But today, we're just going to mention a few. First up, our good friend and one of the original ANARKISTS of the world, Martin Atkins, has remixed our song you know and love titled "APATHY". You should know Martin from such things as being the drummer for John Lydon's post-Sex Pistols band, Public Image Ltd (PiL), and some of his other musical work like Brian Brain, Pigface, Ministry, Killing Joke, NiN, RevCo, The Damage Manual, Rx, Anything Invisible Records / Underground Inc. & also has written some awesome books about the music biz (toursmart.tstouring.com), articles for the Suicide Girls website (suicidegirls.com), & more... It was a treat to see Martin dance around the studio with a gigantic cowbell! The man is insane, especially when he started stretching out old Pigface session tapes and stretching / screaching them over our song. What beautiful chaos. You can check out the song here: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_7619004 and tell us what you think! Also, rumor has it that Emily's Gone Mad, right here from San Antonio, will be visiting Martin soon for something wonderful. Keep up with them to find out more. Second up is Travis Barker. Like Slash did a few months ago, Travis is looking to give one undiscovered artist the unprecedented opportunity to record. Presented by Guitar Center, it will be a 3-song EP produced by Travis at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles, plus he'll be performing on the single, giving away $10,000 for new gear, & provide song distribution. What do you anarkists think? Should we work with Travis? check out more information here: http://yournextrecord.com/ and give us your feedback. Lastly is Warped Tour'11! If ANARKI performs, would you show up in support? We have an opportunity to sign up and submit ourselves to be considered for the tour. Do we dare? Do you double dare?? Your thoughts? Be sure to come out and celebrate our 1 year live anniversary show on Saturday, March 19th at Clicks Billards LIVE @ Evers & 410 (San Antonio). We're sharing the stage with some great bands called Hearts Fail, Young Machines, & Ex-Cathedrals. It will also be our bassist Mike Mess's debut show! Check him out and his hott-mess-ness, but don't stand too close if he slaps his friends like he slaps his bass. Check out here for more details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=106859802726040 There's also a secret rumor going around that ANARKI will be opening for The Skatenigs at The White Rabbit (San Antonio) on Wednesday, March 23rd. The band says it, the promoter says it, we say it, it must be true... You should be there to witness the energy. Nothing will be safe with-in a three mile radius. Daniel Sky ANARKI

28 Demos in 28 Days

We will be visiting a number of studios later this year in preparation of recording our first debut full length album. In the meantime, I was asked to write 28 songs during the 28 days of February. Below is a list of those demos written so far. What have you done so far this month? Feb01 - Like You, Like Me Feb02 - Forgotten Hero Feb03 - Give What You Get Feb04 - Unintitled Feb05 - STFU Feb06 - FML Feb07 - Rights of Pain Feb08 - Only Me Feb09 - H8 Feb10 - Forward & Back Feb11 - The Void of You Feb12 - Make It Right Feb13 - The Broken more to come soon, keep checking back.