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Radio 104.5 Live at 5

We are proud to say that we will be performing on radio 104.5 live at 5 on friday february 8. Be sure to spread the word and listen in.

Up and Running

Hey guys, we are now officially up and running on Facebook. We are planning on having more up to date, continual posts coming your way. As of now we have a show in October coming up fast at The Legendary Dobbs in Philadelphia. We are going back into the studio this fall and hope to have an album completed and mastered by the summer of next year!

New Songs and New Shows

We had another successful weekend in the studio. Our new album is coming along great and we expect to have it done by spring. We put up one of our new tracks, Midnight Moodswing, so you guys can get a taste of our new album. Also we just got a new show at Arlene's Grocery in NYC on December 23. So come out and enjoy the holiday with us. Thanks for the support and keep the fans coming

News with Murph

What's up everyone

We just played a sold out show at World Cafe Live with Big Blue Spruce. we are going into the studio at the end of October to work on the album. hopefully we'll have it done by next spring. There's a possibility that we're going to have some more shows coming up in New York (December) and The Note (January) in West Chester. We will keep everyone updated. keep the fans coming and join our mailing list so you can stay updated with our new shit that's going on.

Thanks for the support Murph