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Songs in Need!

I was reading Allie Lynd's page where she said: "I'm a songwriter with songs in need of good homes...." and I was thinking (quit laughing - it happens!)

What if we chipped in and got oh, say, Sarah MacLaughlin to do a video spot.

No, really, she could hold one of my sad songs on her lap and softly whisper how abused and neglected its author had left it and how for only a few dollars a month it could be sung and fed and watered (probably with real tears)

We could have some of the friskier songs playing happily at her feet with the drummer parts thumping happily away!

The steel guitar could be the whiny little songs and the bass the bigger dogs. I think of the dobro as the Rotweiler instrument anyway!

Just a thought - or maybe its low blood sugar?

Janet Snow/songwriter
Janet Snow/songwriter  (over 6 years ago)

Whatever the reason for your blog.........I think it's funny! And thank you for looking at my "pets".

Janet Snow

Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter  (about 6 years ago)

Hi Don, sweet piece you wrote here, brought a smile to my face. This is a little bit between the 2 of us (and those who take the trouble to read your lovely blog), finding a good home for our music is the difficult thing to do. I wrote most of my songs for my sweet Annet who went to the Lord in 2004. We've had great times together, I never wrote so easily as for her, doctors said it must have added years to her life. Need more proof that music heals? I'm 61, since 2004 I've been working hard to get my material recorded and only in 2009 I found reverbnation, that made things easier. Last year I finally found another musician, Nick McGrath, (bass) who's helping me to keep my music alive. Now the 2 of us are looking for a Home for our music, here in holland we get little or no response, but all the more from the USA. When I started posting my songs here on RN I didn't think to much of them, but it is surprising to see how many people can relate to them. Thanks for stopping by on my page, it's people like you, wonderful artists themselves, who keep me going. Thanks for being there!

Oregon Leather Work
Oregon Leather Work  (almost 6 years ago)

Too funny, yet true, Don.

Back in the Studio

Well this year has been great for creating new music and getting in touch with some of the older stuff! Returning to some of the older ways of doing things as well. For instance - Went back to recording on two inch tape with foundation tracks done "live from floor"! It just has an altogether better feel to it and is so much more FUN! The organization and quality of the players has to be top notch and does take an effort to find engineers that can still do "Tape" but all in all I treasure the experience. I am going to do an additional Reverb Page so that I can share the development as it goes on and if anyone has questions - please - I love talking about this! Thaks to all of you for your encouragement and support! Don