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/Welcome to Aliver Hall/ Tracks Now Available on ReverbNation

Well, folks, we've finally gotten around to posting all the tracks from our debut album—/Welcome to Aliver Hall/—here on ReverbNation. You can download 'em, spread 'em around, whatever. The lyrics are there too, so you can really get into it. So do it! Now!

New EP Tracks Now Available

So this is the Aliver Hall blog posting area on ReverbNation, but rather than calling too much attention to the fact that this is our first post I'll just say that you should check out the tunes we've just posted, which comprise the EP we recently recorded over at Lightning Rock Recording Studio in Munroe Falls, Ohio. Clint Covey, the owner/engineer, did an excellent job, and is highly recommended. Anyway, for several years now I've thought that the best way to get music out to people is to make it available free, so you'll notice that the tracks we recorded for the EP are available for download here as well as streaming. Download 'em, spread 'em around to your friends. That's just what we want you to do, so have at it.