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"Black and White" sells 2,000,000 copy

October 2013, ASCAP announces Bellevue Cadiallac's album "Black and White" just sold it's 2,000,000 copy.

9-16-11 Broke 15,000 Fan Mark

On Sept 16, 2011 Doug Bell and Bellevue Cadillac broke the 15,000 Fan Mark and were Ranked #6 on the Boston Singer Songwriter Charts at ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/dougbellandbellevuecadillac

Thank you everyone that helped make this happen !!!

6-30-11 Broke 14,000 Fan Mark

On June 30, 2011 Doug Bell and Bellevue Cadillac broke the 14,000 Fan Mark at ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/dougbellandbellevuecadillac

The band would like to thank you for all your support !!!

10,000 Fan Mark Passed on March 29, 2011

Doug Bell and Bellevue Cadillac passed the 10,000 Fans mark at ReverbNation Today (03-29-11) !!! http://www.reverbnation.com/dougbellandbellevuecadillac

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Monsters of Boston Rock

Monsters of Boston Rock

Posted on March 16, 2011 by Professor Doug Bell

Local legends band together for St. Patty’s Day Show.

Boston has long been known as the source of some of the biggest and best names in rock music. From Aerosmith to (Yes) NKOTB, Beantown has borne some of the most popular artists in music history.

Boston has also had a long and storied history to its Irish history. Few places outside of the Emerald Isle itself can put on a St. Patrick’s Day party like we can.

It makes sense, therefore, that some of the biggest names in Boston music should come together to perform on Boston’s unofficial hometown holiday.

On March 17, Ernie and the Automatics and members of such Boston-based beasts as Aerosmith, Bellevue Cadillac, Jon Butcher Axis, The Cars, Farrenheit, J. Geils Band and, of course, Boston will come together on the stage of Showcase Live at Patriot Place in Foxboro www.Showcaselive.com for the hometown stop of what is being called (in a [I]serious[/I] understatement) The Boston Legends Live tour.

“I think the Boston scene is still vital,” says Bellevue Cadillac front man “Professor” Doug Bell, who credits a great deal of Beantown’s impact to the diversity and intelligence of the college student-heavy population. As a past president of the Boston Blues Society, Bell decries the relative dearth of dedicated venues and audiences for such genres as Jazz and Blues. Still, he says, events like this one keep his interest (and that of the larger music-loving community) in the local scene alive.

“The legends tour came about with a phone call,” Bell recalls, describing how he helped put the show and the concurrent tour together, “outlining a kind of supergroup of great players and singers rooted in the Boston music scene who have chosen to play together all these years because we like and respect each other.”

“Isn’t surprising that the grouping of artists came together,” adds Jon Butcher, “as most of us know each other from touring or recording.”

The sense of camaraderie and mutual respect is so strong that two members of the larger Legends tour supergroup have combined forces to create a new mini-supergroup. In addition to celebrating the Boston music scene, this concert will also mark the release of a new album by Farren-Butcher, a new collaborative effort by Butcher and Charlie Farren. Though they are both still sounding great and though many fans still remember and love them, Butcher admits that he may not recognize them.

“The Boston music scene as it exists now is unrecognizable from what we remember it,” Butrcher says. “It’s changed mostly in the lack of radio and media support for local artists and bands.” With bastions like WBCN and even V66 gone, there is indeed less support for local rockers, just as Bell said of his fellow jazz and blues artists. Fortunately, Butcher notes, new technologies have helped even older artists stay “with it.”

“Thanks to social media like Facebook,” Butcher says, “maintaining contact with fans and…has never been easier.” So while there may be fewer clubs to play, the fans are more concentrated. Hopefully, they will come out for this stage-rocking reunion.

“Buy your tix now,” Bell shouts.

This came from this web page: http://www.bellevuecadillac.com/blog/2011/03/monsters-of-boston-rock/

Doug Bell in The Boston Herald, Inside Track

"Doug Bell of Bellevue Cadillac and Miss Boston 2010 Ashley Rizzo making beautiful music together at the Friends of Boston’s Homeless’ Beyond Shelter gala at House of Blues" The Boston Herald, Inside Track, Monday, April 19, 2010 http://bostonherald.com/track/inside_track/view.bg?articleid=1248253

See a photo of Doug with Ashley in his photo section on ReverbNation.