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Walkin' Into Weedsdale is #69 on the Spicoli Meter!

HAIL HAIL! All The Kids In The Pool!

SEX FARM is #24 in the Outer Moldive Islands

SEX FARM is #24 on the Infantile Contemporary Jazz Crossover charts in the Outer Moldive Islands.

SEX FARM is #324 in Lower Northwest Uruguay

This just in via kerosene-powered satellite link: SEX FARM is #324.

sex farm climbs to 24 IN gUAM

SEX FARM has climbed to 24 on GUAM'S Adult Contemporary Obscurity chart.


SEX FARM is #39 in Japan. Call Derek Smalls STAT.

Post Nuclear Trash
Post Nuclear Trash  (about 8 years ago)

PNT: Your blog R-O-C-K-S!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-31-10 Post Nuclear Trash Blog

Nothing much to report today, but we're Still Hittin' On One, and Sex Farm is #5 in Japan.